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Updated September 16, 2012 - 11:20 PM EDT
Libyan Official Warned US '3 Days Before Attack'
  US Struggles to Send Troops, Spies, Drones to Libya
  Protests Sweep Islamic World, Fueled by Anti-US Anger
  US Closes Embassy After Sudan Rejects Request to Send Marines
  Libyan President: 'Foreigners' Involved in US Consulate Attack
  US Is Preparing for a Long Siege of Arab Unrest
  Al-Qaeda in Yemen Urges Muslims to Kill US Diplomats Over Film
US Leads Unprecedented War Games Near Iran
  Iran Favors Negotiations, Ready to Eliminate Nuclear Ambiguities
Afghan Policemen Kill 6 NATO Troops
  NATO Air Strike Kills 8 Afghan Women
  Insurgents in Deadly Attack in Afghanistan Wore US Army Uniforms
Feds Interrogate Anti-Muslim Filmmaker
  Movie Producer Was Federal Informant, Arrested for PCP, Meth
White House: Pentagon Cuts 'Deeply Destructive'
Pakistan President Asks US to End Drone Strikes
Pressure Put on Manning to Implicate Assange
Reinforcing Washington's Asia-Pacific Hegemony  by Joseph Gerson
How Obama Ignored Congress, and Misled America, on War in Libya  by Conor Friedersdorf
Obama, the Courts, and Congress Are All Responsible for the Latest Gitmo Death  by Andy Worthington
TSA Report Pulls Punches on Privacy  by Kelley Vlahos
US Media Angrily Marvels at Lack of Muslim Gratitude  by Glenn Greenwald
Netanyahu, Not Iran, Is an Existential Threat to Israel  by M.J. Rosenberg

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Memories of 1982 Massacre in Palestinian Refugee Camps Kept Alive
A Warning From History: How a Massacre Is Remembered
The Forgotten Massacre at Sabra and Chatila
10 PKK Members Killed in Clashes in Turkey
Louisiana Police: Wife Stages Shooting to Avoid Deployment
Nine Soldiers Among 37 Killed in Syria Clashes and Shelling
New Syria Envoy Warns Country's Civil War Is Threat to World Peace, Says He Still Has No Plan
Agony of the Syrian Expatriates Who Wait in Fear
Netanyahu Says Containment Policy for Iran Won't Work Because of 'Fanatical' Leadership
Panetta: Setting Iran Red Lines Would Paint Us Into a Corner
Has Britain's War on Drugs Led to More Executions in Iran?
All-Female Bloc Runs in Palestinian Elections
IDF Vehicle Stoned in Wadi Ara; Possible Link to Anti-Islam Film
UN Goodwill Ambassader Calls on Iraq to Supply Syrian Refugees; 5 Iraqis Killed in Attacks
Iraqi Christians Seek Hope From Lebanon Papal Visit
Ex-Minister Slams Iraq PM for Tolerating Graft
Soldier From UK Grenadier Guards Dies in Afghanistan
UK Military Says No Plan to Cut Short Prince Harry's Afghan Deployment After Taliban Attack
Five More Fall Prey to Violence in Karachi
Boy Killed, 10 Injured in Mysterious Blast
'Father of Pakistani Nuclear Program' Says Was Ordered to Leak Secrets by Benazir Bhutto
China Struggles to Channel Anger as Anti-Japan Protests Resume
China's Presumed Next Leader Reappears in Public
Prominent Myanmar Activist Cancels Trip to US
Venezuela, Bolivia Reject US Report That Accuses Them of Failing in Drug War
Mexican Deputy-Elect Shot to Death in Northern Sonora State
No Running Mate for Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Despite Cancer Uncertainty
The War at Home
In FBI Sting, Teen Charged With Trying to Blow Up Chicago Bar
Air Force Preps Trillion-Dollar Jet Tests Despite Pentagon Concerns
Weekend Reviews
Defending the Indefensible
The Map to Power
Four New Novels Address Iraq and Afghanistan From the Soldier's Perspective
Why Were We in Vietnam?
Anti-US Firestorm
Panetta Says Pentagon Pre-Positioning Forces for Additional Unrest
At Least Eight Killed in Day of Violent Protests Over Anti-Islam Film
Israeli Foreign Ministry Officials Say US Ignored Arab Radicalization
US Push to Put Diplomats in Danger Zones Challenges Security
US Orders Family, Non-Essential Staff to Leave Tunis, Khartoum Embassies
British Embassies in Line of Fire as Anger Engulfs Muslim World
Libyan Official: Al-Qaeda Hand in Embassy Attack
Attack by Fringe Group Highlights the Problem of Libya's Militias
Libya Identifies 50 Involved in US Attack: Official
President Obama Pays Tribute to Americans Killed in Libya
Egypt Clears Protesters From US Embassy Area
Egypt Intelligence Warns of Attacks on Israel, US Embassies
US Did Tech Deals With Egypt and Libya While Embassies Burned
Dozens of Militants Attack Peacekeeper Headquarters in Sinai, Three Wounded
Lebanese Army Guards US Fast Food Chains for Fear of Riots
Pope: Multi-Faith Lebanon Should Be Model for Middle East
Protests Continue
Sudan: 2 Protesters Killed Outside US Embassy
Embassy Attack in Tunis Killed Four
Tunisia's Ruling Islamist Party Condemns US Embassy Attack
Violent Protests Spread to Australia on Fifth Day of Upheaval Over Anti-Islam Film
Ethiopia's Ruling Party Names New Leader
Gambian President Suspends Executions
Tens of Thousands March Against Putin in Russia's Capital Amid Kremlin Crackdown on Dissent
Police Officer, 5 Rebels Killed in Gunbattle in Russia's Restive Caucasus Province
Suspended Russian MP Warns of Bloodshed Without Reform
Americans Still Dying
Brownsville (TX) Pilot Killed in Chopper Crash on Last Week of Afghan Tour
Kenyan-Born Army Pilot (TX) Killed in Chopper Crash in Afghanistan
Family Remembers Fallen Dubois County (IN) Marine
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