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Updated September 27, 2012 - 11:20 PM EDT
Clinton Admits Libya Attack Was al-Qaeda
US Military Designated Assange ‘Enemy of State’
After Obama's 'Snub,' Bibi to Meet With Clinton
  Netanyahu to UN: Nuclear Iran Is the Same as 'A Nuclear al-Qaeda'
  Abbas Condemns 'Racist' Israeli 'Ethnic Cleansing' in Palestine
Ahmadinejad Slams Israel's ‘Continued Threats’
  How to Go to War With Iran: Provoke an Attack
  Veterans for Peace Meets With Ahmadinejad
Gloomy News, Prognosis Out of Afghanistan
  In US Soldier's Death, a Window Into Afghan Insider Killings
Syria Rebel Faction Claims 300 Killed Wednesday
  Egypt's Mursi Opposes Invasion of Syria
  Report: Syrian 'Rebel Commander' Defects Back to Military
  West Complicit in Syria 'Massacres': Rebel Leader
US Assumes Pakistan Gives 'Tacit Consent' for Drone Strikes
Putin Urges Unity Against Violent Regime Changes
Top UK Military Chiefs Go Cold on Nuclear Deterrent
Latin American Leaders Question US War on Drugs at UN
Reuters and Ahmadinejad: Anatomy of a Dangerous Misquote  by JP Sottile
A Decade Ago a Boy Was Sent to Guantánamo; Send Him Home  by Jo Griffin
Drones: The View From the Wreckage  by James Jeffrey
What's So Special About Special Ops?  by William S. Lind
Defusing Israel's 'Detonator' Strategy  by Patrick Tyler
Why Obama Will Be Re-elected  by David Henderson

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Abu Hamza: UK High Court Halts Extradition to the US
Assange Could Be in London Embassy for Ten Years, Warns Ecuadorian Minister
Assange to UN: 'Time for the US to Cease Its Persecution of WikiLeaks'
NYPD Rescues Iranian Diplomat From Angry Mob
Guantanamo Not a Campaign Issue This Time
Suicide Bomber Kills 2 NATO Soldiers in Logar
Soldiers Learn Insurgent Tricks for Afghanistan
Obama Adviser: Afghanistan Insider Attacks Are Sign of 'Taliban Desperation'
ICC Urged to Give Afghanistan Associate Membership
Zawahiri in Video Says bin Laden Was Blind in One Eye
Bomb Kills 2 Soldier, Injures 14 in North Waziristan
Senior Pakistan Geology Official Shot Dead in Balochistan
Dozen More Killed as Violence Rages on in Karachi
Balochistan Govt. Urged to Evolve Strategy on Targeted Killings
Maldives Court Orders 'Island Arrest' for Ousted President
Former President's Supporters Denounce Maldives Travel Ban
Okinawa Governor's Plea to Stop Osprey Deployment Denied
Japan Won't Compromise With China on Claim to Islands
France's Hollande Calls for Mali Intervention, Clinton Says Nation Can't Fight Islamists Alone
Kenyan Navy Hits Somali Port Ahead of Main Offensive
South Sudan and Sudan Agree on 9 Issues, but Not on Border or Contested Area of Abyei
Equatorial Guinea Sues France Over Corruption Inquiry
Merkel Urges Tolerance Toward Muslims, Says Islam Is Now a Part of Germany
The Dark Side of Drones: Big Brother in Germany's Skies
Lib Dem Conference: Party 'Cannot Go It Alone' Over Trident
Greek Schoolchildren Find Hundreds of Civil-War Hand Grenades on Construction Site
Bosnian Forensic Experts Search Mass Grave
Aussie General Finds Himself in Psych Ward as a War Casualty
Mexican Troops in Shootout With Gang Near Church; 11 Die
The War at Home
Obama, Romney Differ on US Exceptionalism
US Army General Charged With Sex Assaults, Adultery; Had Been Sent Home From Afghanistan
The Last Battle: Efforts to Provide Mental Health Care for War Veterans Falling Short
Are Iran's Nuclear Sabotage Fears Justified?
Iran Tests Warship-Busting Missiles
AP Interview: Ahmadinejad Pushes New World Order
US Boycotts Ahmadinejad's Speech, Canadians Walk Out
Iranian Authorities Jail Ahmadinejad's Press Adviser
EU Considers Sanctions Against Iranian Banks, Energy Sector
Rebels Make Gains in Blunting Syrian Air Attacks
Explosions Rock Army HQ in Damascus
Hezbollah Increases Support for Syrian Regime, US and Lebanese Officials Say
A Lebanese Man, One of 11 Lebanese Kidnapped in Syria in May, Returns Home
Libya Militia Leader Plays Down Shift to Military Command
Libyan President: Benghazi Attack Was a 'Preplanned Act of Terrorism'
GOP Lawmakers Demand Details of Deadly Attack on US Consulate in Libya
Families of Libya's Missing Lead Backlash Against Militias
Libya's Congress Gives New PM Ultimatum to Name Government
Police Chief and Young Girl Among 14 Killed in Iraq
No Turkish Trains Arrive in Syria, Iraq for Months
Iraq Archives Chief Moves to Seal Saddam-Era Files
Iraq Says Shell Denies Oil Talks With Kurdistan
Mursi Demands Palestinian Rights, Says Israeli Settlement Building Is Shameful
Netanyahu Pledges Fitting Response to Ahmadinejad Speech
Mursi Tells UN: Insults to Muhammad 'Unacceptable'
Egypt: No Need to Amend Treaty With Israel
Middle East
Bahrain Activist Given Jail Sentence
Saudi Arabia Embarks on Massive Projects in Mecca and Medina
US Officials Opening Up on Cyberwarfare
2 More Banks Report Problems With Websites After Industry Group Warns of Cyberattacks
In Cyberattacks, Hacking Humans Is Highly Effective Way to Access Systems
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