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Updated October 3, 2012 - 11:24 PM EDT
Turkey Retaliates for Deadly Syrian Shelling
Court OKs Indefinite Detention of US Citizens
US Preparing Potential Targets Over Libya Attack
  US Had Early Indications Libya Attack Tied to Organized Militants
  Jihadists Decry Western Meddling in Post-Gadhafi Governance
Intel Program Wasted Billions, Abused Liberties
Pentagon 'Finds Funding' for US Units in Iraq
  Iraq Tells Turkey to Stop Cross-Border Raids
Iran Leader Says US Sanctions Hit Currency
  Iran MP: 60%-Enriched Uranium Production to Start if Talks Fail
The Beginning of Afghan 'Insider Attack' Units?
US Official: Military Action Needed in Mali
Pro-Western President Loses in Georgia
US Navy Can Turn Your Smartphone Into a Spy
Israeli Cabinet Infighting Continues to Escalate
Civilians Struggle to Check Pakistan Army's Power
Gunmen Kill 46 Students in Nigeria Hostel
British Soldiers Are Dying in Afghanistan to Win the War of Whitehall  by Simon Jenkins
The True Reason US Fears Iranian Nukes: They Can Deter US Attacks  by Glenn Greenwald
War-Power Abuse Makes Iran Conflict More Likely  by Thomas Hedges
Whatever Happened to Civil Liberties?  by Jack Hunter
The Deeply Disturbing Israel Court Ruling on Rachel Corrie  by Cindy Corrie
Of Bombs and (Would-Be) Bombers  by Peter Jenkins

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Electronic Monitoring by Justice Dept. on the Rise Under Obama
Libya Says FBI Team Heading to Benghazi
DHS 'Fusion Centers': Pools of Ineptitude and Civil Liberties Intrusions
Hundreds of Thousands of War Vets Still Waiting for Health Benefits
Troops Kill 12 Kurdish Fighters in Turkey
Fast and Furious Guns Used in Teen Birthday Party Massacre
No Syria Solution in Sight at UN General Assembly
Petraeus Suspected Foreign Fighters in Iraq Might Turn to Syria
Iraq Official Says Country Searched Syria-Bound Iranian Plane for Weapons
As Civil War Rages Across Syria, Assad's Own Community May Pose New Challenge for Regime
Destruction of Ancient Aleppo Alarms Antiquities Experts
Syrian State TV Lashes Out at Hamas Leader
Polls, Not War, Solution for Syria: Iran
Report: Another Flotilla Headed to Gaza
Anti-Christian Graffiti Sprayed on Jerusalem Monastery
Yemen Forces Kill Three Qaeda Leaders in Bomb Factory Raid
Army and Police Hit by String of Attacks in Benghazi
White House Has No Comment on House GOPers' Assertions That Libyan Mission Requested Security Prior to 9/11/12 Attack
Northern Africa
Liberals Struggling to Prevent Islamist Domination in Writing of Egypt's New Constitution
Algerian Human Rights Activist Beaten, Arrested in South of Country, Second Arrest in a Week
Somalia: Kenyan Army Says It Now Controls Kismayo
Radical Islamists Execute Man Before Crowd of 600 in Northern Mali
Ivory Coast Pro-Laurent Gbagbo General on Trial
Wary of Israel, US Says Iran Fired on Its Own Planes
No 'Rational' Country Would Challenge the US With a Nuclear Program, Says Iran's FM
Purported Saddam Aide: Iraq's Invasion Helped Iran
Israel to Ask Europe for Tougher Iran Sanctions
EU Hosting Concrete Talks on Further Iran Sanctions
Iranians Attack French Embassy Over Prophet Film
Mitt Romney Says He Would Indict Ahmadinejad for Genocide Incitement
Eight Iraqis Killed as Iraq Calls on Turkey to Leave Northern Territory
Iraq Signs Deal to Modernize Major Port in Basra
Nationwide Protests in Pakistan Over Reporter's Murder
235 Refugee Families From Balochistan Return to Afghanistan This Week
Manila, Muslim Rebels Start Peace Talks, Deal Seen Close
Myanmar Shan Refugees Struggle at Thai Border
Maldives MP Stabbed to Death Outside His Home
US Embassy Car Was Likely Targeted in Mexico Attack on CIA Officers
Venezuela Defense Minister Claims Chavez Opponent Would Dismantle Armed Forces
Prime Minister of Curacao Claims a Coup Attempt
With Honduras Escalating Murder Rate, Some Say Coffins Are Now Political Swag
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