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Updated October 23, 2012 - 11:29 PM EDT
NYPD Paid Informant to 'Bait' Muslims
In Foreign Policy Debate, Candidates Agree
  Romney Calls Obama's Bluff on Ending the War in Iraq
US Troops Kill Four Children in Afghan East
  Britain to Double Number of Drones Operating in Afghanistan
Syria Violence Spills Over Into Jordan, Lebanon
  UN May Deploy Troops During Syria Ceasefire
  Syria: Sanctions Harming Children, Sick People
Carter: Netanyahu Abandoned Two-State Solution
  Turkey Dismisses Reports of Israeli Rapprochement
  Israelis on Gaza-Bound Ship Placed Under House Arrest
  Former Israeli Spymaster: We Need to Talk to Iran
France Sends Drones for Mali Invasion
Russia Condemns US for Human Rights Record
'Annex' Hit in Libya Terror Attack Was CIA Post, Officials Say
Yemeni al-Qaeda Leader Denies Being Slain in Airstrike
50th Anniv. of Cuban Missile Crisis Offers Lessons for Iran
Finally an Opportunity for a Real Campaign Conversation on Iran  by Farideh Farhi
McGovern: He Never Sold His Soul  by Chris Hedges
Is Syria's Regime Spreading Turbulence as a Survival Tactic?  by Simon Tisdall
In Lebanon, Everyone Loses  by Mark LeVine
The 9/11 Trial: Torturing Justice  by Andy Worthington
Israeli-Palestinian Relations After Oslo  by Daoud Kuttab

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You Need to Have a Dream, Veteran US Civil Rights Activist Tells Obama After Visiting West Bank
Muslim Brotherhood Official Resigns in Protest Over Mursi Letter to Peres
Instability Grips Libya a Year After Gadhafi's Fall
Former CIA Officer in Leaks Case Expected to Plead Guilty to a Single Charge
In Warming Arctic, US Faces New Security Concerns
Israeli Airstrikes Target Gaza on Eve of Qatari Emir's Landmark Visit
Gaza Militants Killed in Strikes
'Price Tag' Attack Sets Palestinian Taxi Ablaze
Olmert Keeps Mum on Comeback Plans
Israel Refuses Permits for Gifted Students Who Won US-Funded Scholarships to West Bank
Pakistani Troops Kill Child in Shelling of North Waziristan
After Malala, Now Hina Khan on TTP's Hit List
Australian Soldier Killed in Afghan Blast
Army's Giant Spy Blimp Plan for Afghanistan Set Adrift
Russians Seek Fate of Soldiers Still Missing From Afghan War
South Korean Activists Send Leaflets to North
Japan's Okinawa Assembly Protests Rape by 2 US Sailors
As Myanmar Political Reforms Unfold, Formerly Cowed Farmers Seek Redress for Lost Land
Tibetan Man in His 50s Sets Himself on Fire to Protest Chinese Rule, Rights Group Says
Curfew in Northeast Nigeria City After Killings, Bombings; 3 Others Killed Overnight in Attack
Nigeria Senator Denies Claims of Working With Boko Haram
Germany Could Assist in Mali Training Mission
Uganda May Stop Mediating in Congo Over UN Accusations
South Africa Police Say Blast Near Johannesburg Jail Kills 3 Prisoners, Seriously Injures 4
Somali Pirate Attacks Show Sharp Fall
Guinea-Bissau Says Coup Plotter Came From Portugal
Jordanian Soldier Killed in Clash With Syria-Bound Militants
Lebanon and Jordan Act on Syria-Related Violence
Lebanese Army Warns Against Score-Settling
2 Killed in Overnight Clashes in Lebanon
Palestinian Gunman Killed in Beirut Fighting
Hezbollah Associates Accuse Israel of Role in Beirut Bombing
Iran's Political Infighting Erupts in Full View
Iran President Ahmadinejad Barred From Visiting Prison
Five Killed in Iraq Attacks; Maliki Fires Another Foe in March to Power
Iraq Ambassador Wants US to Pressure Exxon on Kurdistan
Kurdistani MP: Iraq Arms Deals With Russia and the Czech Republic Are Worrisome
Middle East
Six Killed in Yemen Weapons Depot Blast
Thousands of Tunisians Protest Political Violence They Say Puts Nascent Democracy at Risk
Watchdog Says 76 Journalists Imprisoned in Turkey
Headscarf Debate Highlights Russian Muslims' Grievances
Russian Anti-Putin Activist 'Admits Riot Plot'
Russia Sends Pussy Riot Women to Camps East of Moscow
Clashes as Kosovo Opposition Protests Over Serbia Talks
Three British Muslims Accused of Rucksack Bomb Plot
Fianna Fail Accuses Irish Government of Neglecting Northern Ireland Peace Process
Soldiers' Arrest Marks Shift in Guatemala's Justice System Amid Civil War Legacy
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The Enemy Is Among Us

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