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Updated October 31, 2012 - 11:21 PM EDT
Netanyahu: War on Iran Would Be Good for Arabs
  Israeli DM: Iran Has Pulled Back From Nuclear Bomb Goal
  Sudan: The New Battlefield in Iran and Israel's Covert Conflict
  Major US-UK Tiff Over Legality of Iran Strike
Israel Reckons With Unraveling Gaza Policy
  Israel's Lapid Conditions Any Coalition Govt. on Peace Process
US Working to Set Up Syrian Opposition Council
  Syrian Rebels Confirm Killing Air Force General
  Fighting in Refugee Camp as Syria's War Resumes
Another Attack: Afghan Cops Kill 2 UK Troops
  What Will the Afghanistan War Legacy Be?
Report: Corruption in Iraq At All-Time High
  Inspector General: Large-Scale Money Laundering Continues in Iraq
US-Backed Regime in Bahrain Bans All Protests
US Intel Budgets Totaled $75 Billion in 2012
Ex-Envoy Accuses US of Agitating China-Japan Tensions
US-Backed African Troops Could Invade Mali 'Within Weeks'
Why Are American Troops Still Stationed in Europe?  by Doug Bandow
Survival and Dignity in an Afghan Winter  by Kathy Kelly
Another Torture Victim on Trial at Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington
Ignoring American Decline  by Ira Chernus and Nick Turse
For the Sake of Conquest  by Bruce Fein
Mitt Romney's Military Myopia  by Lawrence Martin

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UK Iraq Inquiry: Peers Worried Over 'Considerable Delay' to Report's Release
Drones Set to Share Sky With Domestic Air Traffic
Pakistan Militant Group Founder Offers US Aid for Hurricane Victims
Pro-Assad Page Says Syria, Iran Engineered Hurricane
Pentagon Starts Criminal Probe of Contractor
Syria Activists Report 23 Dead in Damascus Suburb
Syrian Regime Attacks Strategic Northern City
Iran Criticizes Iraq's Search of Syria-Bound Plane
8 Syrian Rebels Arrested in Lebanon
Abductor of Lebanese Pilgrims in Syria Killed by Kurdish Rebels
Qatar Accuses Syrian Government of Genocide After Failed Truce
Lieberman Says Israel Will Never Leave the Golan
'Apartheid State' Claim Sets Off Firestorm in Israel
Kadima Hires New Campaign Strategist
Two Israeli Policemen Indicted for Beating Arab Youth
EU Activists Seek Ban on Trade With Israeli Settlers
Five Killed in Iraq, Including al-Qaeda Leaders
Iraqi Shi'ites Dread Fall of Assad
Middle East
Protesters Storm Libya Congress After Prime Minister Presents Government
Egyptians in Hajj Divided Over Islam in Politics
2 Killed in Mine Blast in Eastern Turkey
1 Killed, 3 Injured in Tunisian Clashes Between Police, Islamist Protesters
Kuwait Opposition Activist Held for Ruler Insults
Family: Mali Military Killed 8 Tuareg Civilians
EU Considers Sending 200 Troops to Train Mali Army
Another Somali Journalist Killed, 18th This Year
Popular Somali Poet Killed by Gunmen
Sudan Dismisses Israeli Concerns on Arms Supplies
Trouble in Paradise as Radical Islam Grows in Zanzibar
Armed Robbers Kill 20 in Nigeria North
Rwandan Opposition Leader Victoire Ingabire Found Guilty of Treason
Iran Urges Recognition of Its Nuclear Rights
Iran Begins 2-Day Military Exercises Near Iraq Border
Iran Bans Export of 50 Goods as Sanctions Bite
Iran Naval Visit Reflects Strong Ties: Sudan Military
Taliban Hits Region Seen as 'Safest' for Afghans
Afghan Election Date Is Set for 2014
Senators Urge Tougher Line Against Taliban
Hundreds Turn Out to Watch Coffins of British Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Carried Down the 'Highway for Heroes'
In Speech Organized by Beijing, Ex-Diplomat Calls Islands Dispute With Japan a 'Time Bomb'
China Powerless to Prevent Rising Tide of Tibetan Self-Immolations
Drones Violate Sovereignty, Pakistan Tells UN
Why Army Operation in North Waziristan Is So Risky
Ethnic Violence in Indonesia Leaves 10 Dead
India Maoist Rebels to Stop Brutal Execution Methods
Fear, Mistrust Grip Myanmar's Volatile Rakhine Region
Vietnam Jails Two Dissident Songwriters
Serbian General Opens Appeal With Libya Warning for Britain and France
Clinton Says EU/NATO Entry Way to Stability in Bosnia
Russia Caucasus: Imam Shot Dead in Derbent, Dagestan
German Police Arrest Man Suspected in Deadly 2003 Casablanca Bombings
Poland Denies Explosives Found in Wreck That Killed President
EU Will Lose Turkey if It Hasn't Joined by 2023: Erdogan
Bolivian Journalist Fernando Vidal Set Alight on the Air
Spanish Judge Indicts 6 Chileans, 1 American for 1976 Slaying of Spanish UN Diplomat
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