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Updated November 4, 2012 - 11:08 PM EST
Israel: Syria Tanks Enter Golan Heights DMZ
  Rebels Attack Syrian Airbase Ahead of Opposition Conference in Qatar
  Execution Video Highlights Divides Among Syria's Rebels
Netanyahu Slams Abbas Over Two-State Solution
  Israel Ambiguous Over Air Strike on Sudan
  Israeli Ministry of Tourism Map Annexes Over 60% of the West Bank
Misquote: Iran Denies Suspending Enrichment
Now US Navy Is Arming Drone Boats
Two Afghan Intel Officials Missing in the US
Mali Islamists Willing to Cut al-Qaeda Ties
Men Flee Northern Nigerian City After Military's Massacre
Pakistani Taliban Influence Spreading Across Karachi
In Former Gadhafi Stronghold, a Sign of Deepening Divide
The Indefinite Detention of the Progressive Voter  by Sam Husseini
Romney's Defense Budget Is Unrealistic  by Winslow T. Wheeler
Nuclear Talks With Iran: Prospects  by Peter Jenkins
Revisiting the Iraq Debacle  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Beyond Allies and Adversaries  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Romney's Other 47% Problem  by Benjamin H. Friedman

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Europe's Separatists Gaining Ground, Adding to Continent's Strains
Security Officials in Libya Challenge CIA Account
Uganda to Withdraw Troops From All UN-Backed Missions
US National Archives Blocks Searches for 'WikiLeaks'
Both Sides of Mali Crisis in Burkina Faso Talks
Russian Election Chief: US Elections Are Undemocratic
Taliban Suicide Bomber Kills Six in Pakistan
Supreme Court Orders 'Operation' in Karachi
ANP Leader Killed in Buner Suicide Blast
No End in Sight to Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws
Pakistani Woman Activist Attacked by Unidentified Gunmen in Islamabad
Gays in Pakistan Move Cautiously to Gain Acceptance
Roadside Bomb Blast Kills Afghan District Police Chief
As Foreigners Go, Afghan City Is Feeling Abandoned
Ex Neo-Nazi: Joining Taliban – Terrible Mistake
China's Xi Jinping Would Be Force for US to Contend With
Indonesia Police Kill Terror Suspect in Raid
EU Chief Barroso Offers New Development Aid to Myanmar
Security Forces Kill 14 Kidnappers in Nigeria
Nigeria Risks Losing 19 States to Boko Haram Terrorism: Gen. Olanrewaju
Suicide Bombers Hit Somali Capital, Three Dead: Witnesses
EU Gives $200 Million for Security, Education in Turbulent Somalia
'UN Peacekeeping Force Says Sudan Blocks Team From Investigating Death of 10 Darfur Civilians
Niger Aid Group: Kidnappers Kill 1, Release 5
The War at Home
Airport Security Checks Are Vulnerable to Fake Boarding Passes, Experts Warn
GOP Senators Want New Select Committee to Investigate Benghazi Attack
Despite Setbacks for Siding With Syrian Regime, Hezbollah's Hold in Lebanon Is Tight
US Move to De-Recognize Syrian Opposition Group Baffles Allies
Peres Praises Abbas for 'Brave' New Statements on Peace
Likud's Kahlon Decides Not to Run in Upcoming Israeli Elections
Tunnel Clampdown Set to Bury Gaza Economy
Israeli Army Opens West Bank Barrier for Animals
Haaretz Endorses Obama, Calling Him 'Good for Israel'
Gunmen Kill Three of Egypt's Security Forces in Sinai
Israel's Defense Minister Rejects Comments by a Senior Aide About Ties With Egypt
Activists Rally to End Prison Torture in Egypt
Eight Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Turkmen Lobby to Get Provincial Status for Two Districts
Welsh Woman Helps Hunt for Kidnapped 'Baghdad Four'
Middle East
Iran Builds World's First VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Man Who Insulted the King of Bahrain on Twitter Sentenced to Six Months in Jail
Weapons Found in Biscuit Boxes in Yemen
Kuwait Warns Against Unlicensed Protest Planned for Sunday
Federalism Backers Rally in Benghazi
Erdogan Hails 'Revolution' in Turkish Politics
Americans Still Dying
Former Marine, Texas Soldier Killed in Insider Attack Leaves Behind Two Children, Pregnant Wife
Murrieta (CA) Soldier Killed in Afghan Green-On-Blue Attack Leaves Behind Baby Son
Marine From Richfield Springs (NY) Killed in Afghanistan
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