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Updated November 5, 2012 - 11:24 PM EST
Syria Rebels Claim to Kill 50 Troops by Car Bomb
  Bomb Hits Syrian Hotel as Rebels Meet in Qatar
  Syrian Rebels Capture Oilfield Near Iraq Border
Sr. Obama Adviser Leads Secret Talks With Iran
  Misquote: Iran Denies Suspending Uranium Enrichment
  Israeli Security Officials Rejected Netanyahu Order to Attack Iran in 2010
Abbas Retreats From Right of Return Comments
British Have Invaded Nine Out of Ten Countries
Billions More Needed to Refurbish US Nukes
Counterterror Czar: Yemen Drone War 'Model' for Expansion
Gun-Battle in Tripoli as Militias Accuse Rivals of Going 'Rogue'
Obama and Civil Liberties: The Prospect of Four More Years  by Anthony Gregory
Osprey Outrage on Okinawa  by Seamus Murphy
Yunus Rahmatullah: The US and UK Caught Committing a Crime Together  by Clive Stafford Smith
The Urge to Bomb Iran  by Jeremiah Goulka & Tom Engelhardt
People Have Changed: A Legacy of the US War in Iraq  by Cathy Breen
Obama and Romney Both Terrible on Israel  by Noam Sheizaf

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US Cities Become Hubs of Mexican Drug Cartels
Marine Corps Sending Training Force to UAE
Thousands Protest in Tokyo Against US Ospreys
In Turkey, Syria Poses a New Test for Erdogan's Authority
Puerto Rico Prepares for Historic Poll on Statehood
Hearing Begins for Suspect in Afghanistan Massacre
Stay on the Alert, IDF Chief of Staff Tells Troops on Syrian Border
Syria Mediator Wants UN Resolution Based on Geneva Deal
Red Cross Reaches Hundreds of Civilians Trapped in Parts of Syrian City of Homs
Russia's Lavrov in Cairo for Diplomatic Flurry
Iran Sets Up New Naval Base to Reinforce Control Over Disputed Islands
Iran Parliament Calls for Interrogating Ahmadinejad
Land Mine Left Over From Iran-Iraq War Explodes, Killing 6 and Injuring 1 in Western Iran
Hezbollah Under Fire, but Lebanon Hold Is Tight
France Will Stand Against Instability in Lebanon
Mosul Focus of Iraq Violence
Iraqi Governor Held After Qaeda Jailbreak
Iraq's Sunni VP Receives 3rd Death Sentence
Middle East
Car Bomb Kills Child, Wounds 18 in Southeast Turkey
Bahrain Extends Detention of Rights Activist Held Over March
Egypt: Coptic Christian Church Chooses Pope Who Rejects Politics
Kenya Policeman Killed, 11 Injured in Church Attack
Mali Religious Group Under Pressure to Break With al-Qaeda
Somalia Announces 'New' Government
Sudanese Rebels Deny Recruiting Child Soldiers
Ivory Coast: Fighters Sneak in Ghana Refugee Camps
Colombian Leader Suspected of Death Squad Ties
Mexican Army Arrests Lieutenant to 'Chapo Guzman' Who Allegedly Ordered Activist's Killing
Palestinian UN Bid Will Bring Instability, Says Netanyahu
Netanyahu Skeptical of Abbas Hint of No Return for Refugees
Livni Joins Olmert's Attack on Netanyahu Over Criticism of Abbas
Abbas Interview Aimed to Interfere With Israeli Elections, Lieberman Charges
Olmert: PM Strengthening Hamas to Deceive Israelis
Officer Questions Haredi Battalions' Commitment
ADL Criticizes Arab Press for Portraying Obama, Romney as 'in Israel's Pocket'
Iron Dome Battery Upgraded
Tunisian Party to Sue Israel Over Hit on Abu-Jihad
'Green on Blue' Attacks Lead to Afghan Security Changes
Italian PM on Surprise Afghanistan Visit
Italian PM: We Will Not Desert Afghanistan
Suspected Communist Rebels Kill 4 Soldiers in Philippines in Latest Flare Up of Insurgency
PTI Only Needs Pakistan's Youth, Not Big Politicians: Imran Khan
Japan to Develop Missile-Detecting Drone
China's Communists Endorse Bo Xilai's Expulsion
Thousands of Nationalists March in Moscow
British Soldier Killed in Cyprus Resort Stabbing, Three Held
Two Released After Being Held in North Ireland Prison Officer's Murder
The War at Home
US Air Force Struggles With Aging Fleet
Pentagon Unit Pushed Email Voting for Troops Despite Security Concerns
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