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Updated December 7, 2012 - 11:22 PM EST
NATO Attacked Afghan Health Clinic
  Karzai: US, NATO Fueling Insecurity in Afghanistan
Obama's Syria Policy Is Close to 'Bush Doctrine'
  Anonymous US Officials: Syria Loaded Chemical Arms into Bombs
  As Syria's Rebels Gain in North, Battle With Kurds Heats Up
  Rebel Snipers Kill Alawites in Northern Lebanon
Netanyahu: Israel Will Keep Settlement Corridor
  Israel Threatens to Cancel Gaza Truce Over Islamic Jihad Planned Visit
  Israel Rains Fire When UN Votes Against It
  Failed 'Unity' Talks Leave No Obvious Rival for Netanyahu's Reelection
Egypt Protesters Breach Barriers, March on Palace
  Egypt's Morsi Loses More Key Aides as Position Weakens
Manning's Pretrial Hearing Focuses on Abusive Treatment
  NYT Public Editor Calls Out Paper Over Manning
Report: Pakistani Taliban on Brink of Leadership Change
The Unforgivable Failure of Congress to Rein in Drone Strikes  by Conor Friedersdorf
Ignore North Korea's Temper Tantrums  by Doug Bandow
Feinstein Amendment Doubles Down on NDAA's Assault on Constitutional Rights  by Naomi Wolf
Washington's Iranian Future  by Pepe Escobar and Nick Turse
An Answer to the Anti-Anti-War Left  by Jean Bricmont
Bradley Manning Gets No Love From The New York Times  by Eliza Gray

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Clinton Fears Efforts to 'Re-Sovietize' in Europe
US Drone Kills Three in Pakistan
Russia Fumes as US Senate Passes Measure Aimed at Human Rights
FAA Allows US Airlines to Operate in Parts of Iraq
France's Ex-Soldiers in Ivory Coast Admit Mahe Killing
Russian TV Journalist Shot Dead in North Caucasus
Panetta: Intelligence Shows 'Concerns' About Syrian Chemical Weapons
Syria Says Chemical Scare 'Pretext for Intervention'
US, Russia Set for Surprise Syria Meeting
Aid Group Hit by Car Bomb in Damascus
German Cabinet OKs Patriot Missiles to Defend Turkey
Syria Criticizes NATO Move on Patriot Missiles
10 Killed, 22 Wounded in Random Iraq Violence
Baghdad, Kurds Said to Reach Security Agreement
Kurdistan Spokesman Rules Out Conflict Between Peshmerga Forces and Federal Army
US Military to Monitor North Korean Rocket Launching
Chef Offers New Tidbit on North Korean Leader
Afghan Spy Chief Asadullah Khalid Wounded in Kabul Raid
Indian Officials Accused of Kashmir Rights Abuses
Former Thai Prime Minister to Be Charged With Murder Over Violent Suppression of 2010 Protests
Northern Ireland
Protestant Militants Target Northern Ireland Party
Northern Ireland Flag Protests: Loyalty No Excuse for Violence, Says Police Chief
Sister of London Bomb Plotters Jailed for Possessing Copies of Al-Qaeda Magazine
Norwegian Court Strikes Down Terror Charges Against Islamist Cleric, Reduces Prison Time
Bosnia US Embassy Gunman Mevlid Jasarevic Jailed for 18 Years
Emboldened Hamas Leader to Visit Gaza for First Time in 45 Years
34 Parties to Contest Israeli Election
Germany Condemns Israel's Settlement Building Plan
Israel Bars Academic From Berlin Diplomatic Event
NY Shul Rabbis Backtrack on Support for Palestinian UN Bid
Hamas Seeks Lawsuit Against Senior IDF Officer
Resignations Continue in Egypt as Tanks Deploy Around Presidential Palace
Morsi Defends Actions, Calls for National Dialogue Meeting
South Sudan Govt Critic Shot Dead: Friends
South Sudan: Another Journalist Killed
South Sudan Should Probe Journalist's Murder, Group Says
Congolese Protest Against Their Weak Army
Military Plane Crashes in South Africa
Human Rights Panel: Police Arbitrarily Detained Protesters in Mexico City on Inauguration Day
Chile Tells World Court Its Maritime Border With Peru Has Been Settled for Years
The War at Home
Former Militant Independence Leader Returns to Puerto Rico to Finish Out Prison Sentence
General Austin Nominated to Lead CentCom
Million Days Lost to Diarrhea Spur Military's Cure Search
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