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Updated December 24, 2012 - 11:01 PM EST
Afghan Policewoman Kills US Adviser
  Taliban Open to Power Sharing in Afghanistan
  Navy SEAL Dies of Apparent Suicide While Deployed in Afghanistan
Scores Killed as Airstrike Slams Syrian Bakery
  Russian Military Presence Could Complicate US Invasion of Syria
  Aleppo's Fledgling Government Reflects a Society Shaped by War
House Letter: Close PLO, Defund UN
  Israeli Army Accused of Being Trigger-Happy
CIA Boss Slams Torture in bin Laden Film
Massive Protests in Anbar as Iraqis Denounce Arrests
South Korea Hypes Mythical N. Korean Threat to US
Egypt Charter Passes 2nd Round: Opposition Claims Fraud
In Defense of Chuck Hagel, as the Washington Post Declares War  by Michael Cohen
The Wrong Way to Defend Chuck Hagel From Neoconservative Smears  by Alex Kane
For Whom the Syrian Bell Tolls  by Pepe Escobar
Bring My Son, and Everyone Else's, Home From Afghanistan  by David Freed

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Hagel Draws Criticism From Senators
Netanyahu Endorses Kerry as 'Supporter of Israel'
Uruguay Postpones Vote on 'State as Dealer' Approach to Drugs – but Not for Long
Amnesty International: Armed Intervention in Mali Risks Worsening the Crisis
Mali Islamists Destroy Timbuktu Mausoleums
Lawmakers, State Officials Tangle Over Libya Raid
In Afghanistan, a Hard Holiday Season for US Troops
In Afghan Taliban Birthplace, US Troops Step Back
Afghan Currency Market Does Not Finance Taliban: Market Leaders
Afghan Students Leave Home to Find a Safe Place to Go to School
Afghanistan Condemns Torture of Pakistani Nationals
Three Polish Soldiers Wounded in Afghanistan
Kabul Market Blaze Destroys Hundreds of Shops
Pakistan's Army Chief Makes Afghan Peace 'Top Priority'
Eight People Killed in Karachi Violence

India Police Kill Journalist at Manipur Protest

Monks Vent Anger at Self-Immolation
Rebel Faction in Ethiopia Says It Wants Peace Talks
Troops From Somalia's Semi-Autonomous Puntland Region Rescue Hostages From Hijacked Ship
UN Says South Sudan Threatens Its Peacekeeping Mission
Central African Republic Rebels Take Another Town After Previous Pledge to Halt Advance
Sudan's Bashir to Give First Speech Since Surgery Last Month
Hugo Chavez Allies Rule Out New Election
Iraqiya MP: Cases Against FM's Bodyguards Fabricated
US Delivers Two Support Ships to Iraq: Embassy
Syrian Christians Fear Bleak Future After Assad
Syrian Rebels Say Capture Military Base, Seize Weapons
Iran Warns Against 'Arms Race' as NATO Prepares to Deploy Patriot Missiles in Turkey
Israel Preparing for Fall of Syrian Regime
IDF Denies Reports of Two Palestinians Wounded by Its Fire at Gaza Border
Israeli Arab Poll Turnout Set to Be the Lowest Ever
State to Re-Question Lieberman on More Serious Allegations
Likud Declares War on Rivals in Center-Right Bloc
Turkey Retracts Veto on NATO Cooperation With Israel
West Bank Barrier Plan Threatens Roman-Era Irrigation Channels
Yemen Army Starts Offensive Against Armed Tribesmen With Links to Oil Pipeline Blasts
Yemen General May Head New Unit After Army Overhaul
Middle East
Referendum Reflects Egypt's Divisions
Germany Considers a Shift in Middle East Policy
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