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Updated January 6, 2013 - 11:21 PM EST
Obama to Nominate Hagel for Defense Secretary
  Hagel at Israeli USO: Smears Debunked
US Drones Attack South Waziristan: 17 Killed
Slimmer US Force Set for Afghanistan Post-2014
  Taliban Vow War if US Remain in Afghanistan After 2014
Netanyahu Delays E1 Construction Plans
  Netanyahu Fights Surge From Rightwing Opponent Before Poll
  PA Officially Changes Name to State of Palestine
Obama New Year Resolution: More Drone Strikes
  Emerging From the Shadows: US Covert Drone Strikes in 2012
  Yemen Drone War: New Model for US Intervention, With Saudi Help
  Pakistan Condemns Latest Round of US Drone Strikes
Egyptians Debate Draft Law Limiting Protests
Central African Rebels Seize Another Town Before Talks
Bush-Era Wiretapping Case Killed Before Reaching SCOTUS
The Case Against Kerry  by Stephen Zunes
Endless 'Debate Over Two-State Solution' Is Cover for Annexation of West Bank  by Philip Weiss
Barack Obama's Baleful Continuity With Bush Era Fetters on American Liberties  by Amy Goodman
Iran Should Be Key Topic at Hearings  by Zbigniew Brzezinski
The 'War on Terror' – by Design – Can Never End  by Glenn Greenwald
The Secrecy Veiling Obama's Drone War  by Daphne Eviatar

More Viewpoints

Conservative Group Absurdly Claims Awlaki Involved in 9/11
Defying State Dept., Richardson and Google Chief to Visit NK
Ex-Officer Is First in CIA to Face Prison for a Leak
Missile Threats Prompt More Nations to Eye Patriot Interceptors
The War at Home
CIA Official Who Destroyed Torture Tapes Squirms at Zero Dark Thirty Abuse
McChrystal Book Details Tensions With Obama
McChrystal Takes Responsibility for Career-Ending Article
Grand Jury Indicts NY 'Terrorist Encyclopedia' Bomb Suspect
Pentagon Mulls Whether to Open More Battle Zone Jobs to Women, but How Many Really Want Them?
Pentagon to Test Massive New Airship
Do War-Weary Troops Have Drinking Problem? Marines Launch Get-Tough Policy
Libyan Policeman Shot Dead in Latest Benghazi Attack
Saif, Senussi to Be Tried in One Month in Libya
Libya Authorities Search for Key Security Official
The Slums of Tripoli Cry Out for Attention
Morsi Faces Diplomatic Test Over UAE Arrests
Smugglers Reportedly Shoot, Wound Egyptian Guard Near Israeli Border
Egypt's Morsi to Meet IMF Aide on $4.8bln Loan Request
Algeria Newspaper: Senior al-Qaeda in North Africa Member Killed
Former Algerian PM Resigns as Head of Party Amid Divisions
Leaders Plan Buffer Zone at Sudan Border
Sudan, South Sudan Agree to Implement Oil Deal
Militants Attack Train in Pakistan, Military Official Among Four Killed
Two Pakistan Charity Workers Shot Dead: Police
Man, Son Shot Dead in Panjgur; Daughter Wounded
Karachi Violence Claims Four Lives
Pakistan Most Unsafe Place for Newsmen in South Asia
US Pushes to Finish Afghan Dam as Challenges Mount
Indonesia Police Kill 5 Alleged Terrorists
German Paper Reports N. Korea Preparing Economic Opening
Satellites Spot China's Mysterious New Warplane
Bangladesh: Police Says Crude Bombs Explode Ahead of Strike
Arson Deaths in Chile Spark Anti-Terror Measures
Duvalier Attorney: Haiti Officials Renew Diplomatic Passport for 'Baby Doc'
Americans Still Dying
New York Soldier Killed by IED Is Laid to Rest
Family Remembers Citra (FL) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Abbas to Visit Cairo Amid Positive Signs of Reconciliation With Hamas
Majority of Israelis Support Palestinian State: Survey
Israel's Gaza Bantustan
PA Nabs Members of Terror Group That Declared Third Intifada
Settlers, Palestinians Clash; Woman Injured
Amid Talks of a Center-Left Union, Lapid Calls Livni and Yacimovich to Join Netanyahu Government
Syrian President to Give Speech Sunday
Shell Hits Damascus Christian Neighborhood: Activists
Journalist for Pro-Government TV Station Dies of Wounds From Rebel Attack
Syrian Lawyers Collect War-Crimes Testimony
Kurdish Leader: Turkey Will Impede Kurdish Aspirations in Post-Assad Syria
Israeli Fighting Assad 'Can't Go Home'
Battlezones Offer Japanese War Tourist Escape From Lonely Life
12 Killed, 53 Wounded in Iraq Attacks
Iraqi President's Office Says Leader Is Recovering From Stroke Suffered Last Month
Sectarianism Will Prolong Instability in Iraq: Saudi Arabia
Fugitive Saddam-Era VP Backs Iraq Demos in Video
Middle East
Army Official Kidnapped by Gunmen in Southeast Yemen
Iran Says It Is Developing Software to Control Social Networking Sites
Germany, for Decades a Pacifist Power, Faces the Need to Play a Military Role
As Putin's Grip Gets Tighter, a Time of Protest Fades in Russia
9 Police Hurt, 18 Rioters Arrested in Second Night of Violent Northern Ireland Flag Protests
Hugo Chavez Mentor Says He Doubts Ailing President Will Rule Venezuela Again
Venezuela VP: Chavez Could Be Sworn in by Court
Chavez Ally Reelected to Head Venezuela Assembly
Weekend Reviews
The US War Machine
Why We Hate Them: Arabs in Western Eyes
Shelf Life: Israeli Soldiers' Testimonies From the Occupied Territories
Few Heroes in Central Europe's Post-War Chaos
Wars and Democracy
A Brutal Peace: On the Postwar Expulsions of Germans
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