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Updated January 17, 2013 - 11:18 PM EST
30 Hostages Reported Killed in Algeria Assault
  White House: We Don't Know if Americans Algeria Are Dead or Alive
  Mali Junta Accused of Detentions, Summary Executions
  French Troops in Close-Quarter Combat in Southern Mali
  France Digs in for Long, Uncertain Stay in Mali
Syrian Rebels: 106 Killed in New Homs Massacre
  US: We Don't Believe Syria Used Chemical Arms
Massive Khyber Protest After Military Massacre
  Pakistani Govt Rejects All Demands, Orders End to Protests
New US Push for War Threats Against Iran
  US Attack Could Only Set Iran's Nuclear Program Back Slightly
Israel Undermining Palestinian State, Peace Deal
  Israeli Army 'Provoked Palestinian Teenager and Then Shot Him'
Iraq Slaughter: 55 Killed 288 Wounded
Hagel Confirmation Hearing Set for Jan. 31
Afghanistan's Forgotten Refugees
Brutal Regimes Use US Tech for Surveillance, Censorship
Judge Limits Motive Evidence in Manning WikiLeaks Case
Officials Scramble to Limit Domestic Drone Surveillance
King: I Have a Dream. Obama: I Have a Drone.  by Normon Solomon
Rebranding the War on Terror for the Age of Obama  by Deepa Kumar
Don't Forget the Critical Role of China in Mali  by Joe Glenton
The Hagel Brouhaha  by Sheldon Richman
The Neocons Overreach on Hagel  by Scott McConnell
US Pivot Sparks Asian Arms Race  by Richard Heydarian

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McChrystal: Bin Laden Death a Result of Iraq War
Kosovo's Thaci Rules Out Serb Autonomy
The Anti-Hagelverse
Conservative Group in Anti-Hagel Ad Campaign
Poll: 42 Percent Back Chuck Hagel Nomination
5 New Ways for Police to Intrude on Your Rights
Washington Scrambles to Respond to US Hostage Situation
American Kidnappings in Algeria a 'Terrorist Attack,' Says Panetta
Algeria Attackers Reportedly Led by One-Eyed Militant
The Interests Behind France's Intervention in Mali
Chad President Says Troops Heading to Mali
Egypt: Morsi Comments on Jews Taken Out of Context
Tahrir, the Saddest Square in the World?
Mubarak Pays Back $3 Million for Gifts
Somali Militants Say They Will Kill French Hostage
US to Recognize Somali Government, Opening Door to New Aid
Kenya Police: Suspected Militants Kill 5 People
Israel Dismantles E1 Palestinian Outpost, Activists Say
Obama, Netanyahu Seem Headed for US-Israel Clash
Netanyahu Hits Back at Obama: I Know What's Best for Israel
American Jewish Settler Convicted of Killing 2 Palestinians
Israel Publishes Tenders for 198 New Settler Homes
Jerusalem Barrier Spurs Illicit Building Boom
Israeli Push to Fulfil Desert Dream Unsettles Negev Bedouin
Netanyahu: Israel Is Preparing for Dramatic Changes in Syria
Habayit Hayehudi Eyes Conversion Authority
Poll Finds Likud Lost Seats in Wake of Dispute With US
Bennett to US Envoy: No Chance of Peace Deal Under Netanyahu
Arab Media: Israeli Right Will Win, Peace Will Lose
Middle East
Car Bomb Kills Policeman in Benghazi as Libya Violence Escalates
Jordan Says 7-Member Syrian Family Killed in Fire at Refugee Processing Center
Agency: Son of Iran Opposition Leader Sentenced
Colombian President Opens Door to Popular Vote on FARC Peace Deal
Aboriginal Groups Protest at Border Crossing, Highways Across Canada in Treaty Rights Dispute
Bodies Displayed in Pakistan Extra-Judicial Killings Protest
Pakistan Cleric Will Not End Protest Until Government Backs Down
Pakistan Paralyzed After Court Demands PM Arrest
Seven Pakistan Soldiers, Four Militants Killed in Bara; 13 Bodies Found
Arrest Order Piles Pressure on Zardari
Britain Denies Supporting Qadri, Others
Pakistan Accuses India of 'Warmongering' on Kashmir
Kashmir Crisis: India and Pakistan Agree 'De-Escalation'
Attack on Afghan Intelligence Agency Kills 1 Employee
Taliban Claim Attack on Spy Agency HQ
US Military Stops Sending Detainees to Some Afghan Prisons on Rights Fears
UK Soldier Injured in Afghanistan Succumbs to Wounds in English Hospital
US Seeking Extension of Kyrgyzstan Air Base Lease
Seven Tibetans Arrested for Inciting Self-Immolation
Clinton Highlights Concern Over Missing Lao Activist
Iraq Slaughter: 55 Killed, 288 Wounded
Suicide Bomber Kills 21 in al-Qaeda Attack on Kirkuk
Turkish Jets Pound Over 50 Kurd Rebel Targets in Iraq
Police Officer Killed West of Mosul
Iraqis Hold Anti-Maliki Demo In Yemen
Iraqi Officials Apologize for Prison System 'Injustice'
Russia Court Turns Down Pussy Riot Jail Plea Over Child
The War at Home
Top Senate Democrat Warns Against Police Use of Drones
Laws Urged to Curb Snooping by Drones
Florida Senate Panel Votes to Ban Police Spying With Drones
White House Quadruples Petition Requirements to 100,000 Signatures for Official Response
US Plants Hit by USB Stick Malware Attack
Panetta, at Vatican, Says Pope Thanks Him for Service
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