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Updated January 20, 2013 - 11:06 PM EST
Algeria Hostage Death Toll Climbs Past 80
  5 Hostage-Takers Taken Alive at Gas Plant
  Algeria Takes Hard Line in Militant Battle
Mali Army Accused of Abuses, Unlawful Killings
  Mali Islamists Tougher Than France Anticipated: Envoys
  A Town on Mali's Frontline Switches Back and Forth
Kurd-Jihadist Firefights Rage in Syria
  Syrian Pilot Defects, Uses Jet to Bomb Army Positions
UK Troops Face Charges of Iraq Torture, Killings
  Is Britain Guilty of Systemic Torture in Iraq?
  Torture Accusations Against UK Troops Echo Abu Ghraib Scandal
IED Casualties Up 124% Among Afghan Troops
CIA Gets Exception in Upcoming Drone Strike 'Playbook'
US Drone Kills 8 in Yemen Including 2 Suspects
Algeria's Bloody Slaughter Was Utterly Predictable  by Robert Fisk
David Albright & Co. Call for Intensifying War on the Iranian People  by Muhammad Sahimi
Burn, Burn – Africa's Afghanistan  by Pepe Escobar
Another Word for Propaganda  by Robert Scheer
Maladroit in Mali?  by Stephen Walt
America's Drone Wars Are Not Creating a Safer World  by Mark Shea

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WikiLeaks Claims Aaron Swartz Was an Ally and Possible Source
Guatemala Leader to West: Call Off War on Drugs
Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko Suspected in Murder Case
'Grave Fears' for Energy Industry in North Africa
In Chaos in North Africa, a Grim Side of Arab Spring
Republicans Confront Obama on Terrorism After Algerian Hostage Stand-Off
Algeria Hostage Crisis Highlights Islamist Threat Across North Africa
Questions Left in Wake of Deadly Raid to End Algeria Hostage Crisis
Algerian PM Confirms in Phone Call to Cameron End of Hostage Crisis
US, UK Defense Chiefs Bemoan Deaths in Algeria
France Says No More of Its Nationals Held
Japan Gets 'Severe' Info on Hostage Crisis
Algeria Siege: Hostage Nations Concerned Over Situation
Hollande Says Mali Action Will Last as Long as Necessary
Making Sense of Mali's Armed Groups
France Says Africans Need to Take Lead in Mali
African Leaders Call for More Global Involvement in Mali
Malian Forces Abusing, Killing Civilians: Human Rights Watch
West African Leaders Gather for Mali Summit
US Orders Evacuation of Mali Embassy
State Dept. Issues Mali Travel Warning
French Mission in Mali Puts Germany in a Tight Spot
Egypt Clashes at Trial of Security Officers
Egypt Court Drops Hundreds of Charges Over Post-Mubarak Violence
Mother of US-Born Militant Confronts Al-Shabaab Threat: 'It's in God's Hands'
Somali President Mohamud's Plea to Diaspora in Minnesota
Attack Aimed at Religious Leader in Nigeria's Northwest Kills at Least 3, Emir Not Hurt
Officials: South Sudan, Sudan Fail to Agree in Talks
Fugitive Ivorian Youth Leader Ble Goude Arrested in Ghana
Zimbabwe Groups Condemn Crackdown on Mugabe Critics
Ex-President Taylor, Appealing 50-Year Sentence for War Crimes, Seeks Pension From Liberia
UK Man Charged With Terror Offenses Jailed for 5 Years for Posting Beheading Videos Online
Northern Irish Protests Peaceful as 'Flag' Riots Subside
Gas Pistol Pointed at Bulgaria Party Leader
US Military
Marine Corps F-35b Flights Suspended After Propulsion Part Fails
Secret Nuclear Redesign Will Keep US Subs Running Silently for 50 Years
Weekend Reviews
Why Are We Still Reading About Vietnam?
And the Academy Award for the Promotion of Torture Goes to …
Why We Hate Them: Arabs in Western Eyes
Israel Confronts Its 'Image Problem'
Another Word for Propaganda
Syria's Kurds Urge Opposition to Stop Islamist Rebels
Syrian FM Calls on Rebels to Disarm and Negotiate
Over 212,000 Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: UN
Syria Says Talk of Assad's Removal Unacceptable
Syrian Troops Clash With Rebels Near 2 Besieged Army Compounds in Northeast
Israeli Army Blocks Aid Delivery to West Bank Residents
Palestinians Warn of 'Apartheid State' if Netanyahu Wins Israeli Election
Israeli PM Faces Tough Choice if Re-Elected
Netanyahu Says He Will Run for Fourth Term
Deri Slams Israel PM for Jeopardizing Ties With US
Israel's Center-Left Slams Right-Winger's Talk of 'Blowing Up' Muslim Shrine
Netanyahu Says Israel Needs Strong Ruling Party
Yachimovich: New Centrist Parties Designed to Help Israel PM
Olmert: Israeli Government Rejecting Peace
Dayan: The Two-State Solution Is a Mirage
West Bank Teen Injured in Israeli Fire: Medics
Middle East
Nine Killed in Fresh Iraq Attacks
Iran IAEA Envoy: We Won't Stop Enrichment 'For a Second'
Oil Pipeline Bombed by Gunmen in Southeast Yemen
Turkey: Anti-Terror Arrests Target Prominent Human Rights Lawyers
Suicide Bombers Die in Botched Attack in Afghanistan
Karzai Caves In, Returns Empty-Handed From Washington
Eight People Killed in Karachi Violence
Pakistan Drone Hits to Continue for Now: US Envoy
Calls for Inquiry Into Pakistan PM Corruption Official's Death
Girls School Blown Up in Pakistan
Constables Shot Dead in Pakistan
Pakistan Judge Wounded in Shooting
Imran Vows Huge 'Tsunami' if Caretaker PM Not Neutral
Abe's Nanjing Stance Threatens Peace
US Position on Japan Island Dispute a 'Betrayal'
In China, Discontent Among the Normally Faithful
Myanmar's Kachin Rebels Say Fighting Continues Despite Govt. Declaration of Cease-Fire
Malaysia Heading Towards Closest Ever Poll
Villagers Living Near Line of Control in Kashmir Gratfeul for Ceasefire
US Navy: Faulty Navigation Map May Have Caused Minesweeper to Run Aground in Philippines
Americans Still Dying
Army Sergeant From Hampton (VA) Killed by Afghan IED
Brother Remembers Chester (VA) Sergeant Killed in Afghanistan
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