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Updated January 21, 2013 - 11:15 PM EST
British PM: N. Africa War Could Last 'Decades'
  Over 80 Confirmed Slain in Algeria Hostage Siege
  Algerian Hostage-Takers' Arms Came From Libyan Govt.
  Branding the African War: The 'al-Qaeda' That Wasn't
French DM Vows 'Total Reconquest' of Mali
  Report: French-Backed Mali Army Torturing, Executing Civilians
  African Troops Flock to Mali, Light on Training and Gear
UN Report Slams Afghan Torture, Secret Prisons
  Afghan Forces Reluctant to Patrol Where Insurgents May Have Support
  Army Paid Millions on Repair Contracts for Already-Destroyed Vehicles
Legal and Ethical Questions on US Drone Strikes
  US Drone Strike Kills Nine in Yemen
MLK: ‘A Time Comes When Silence Is Betrayal’
How the Gaza Strip Blockade Came About
The Moral Torment of Leon Panetta  by Ray McGovern
France in Mali: The Longue Durée of Imperial Blowback  by Mark LeVine
Algeria, Mali, and Why This Week Looked Like an Obscene Remake of Earlier Western Interventions  by Robert Fisk
The Algeria Incident and Counterterrorist Strategy  by Paul Pillar
Torture and Zero Dark Thirty  by David Bromwich
The Iraq War 'Surge' Myth Returns  by Robert Parry

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Is PTSD Contagious?
Pakistan Anger at Video Games That Depict Country as Terrorist Haven
Austria Vote Retains Status Quo Conscript Army
German and French 'Lovefest' Far Removed From Reality
New Clashes Between Army and Rebels in Myanmar
Airstrike Kills at Least 7 Near Syrian Capital
Syria Opposition Seeks Deal on PM-in-Exile
Syrian Town Takes Strife in Stride
Poll: Likud Beiteinu Down to 32 Knesset Seats
Netanyahu Rejects Calls for Palestinian State With 1967 Lines
Iran, Palestinians Low on List of Issues in Israel Election
Netanyahu Names Popular Likud Minister as New Lands Chief
Arab League Tries to Turn Out the Arab-Israeli Vote
Israel Election Suspense Centers on Likud's Coalition Partners
Israeli Vote Greeted by a 'Yawning' Electorate
Palestinian-Israeli Turnout to Hit Record Low
Israel Considers Ban for Far-Right Candidate Over Mosque Gaffe
Ultra-Orthodox Jews May See Clout Ebb After Election
Jewish Home Candidate: Re-Settle Gaza
Malaysian PM's Rare Gaza Visit Shrouded in Secrecy
Jewish Home Blames Likud for Leaking Gimpel Video
Ramallah: 18 Palestinians Injured in Riot
Three Killed in Iraq; Protester Sets Himself on Fire
Iraq's Kurds Reject Baghdad's Kirkuk Oil Deal
Iraq Protester Sets Himself Ablaze in Anti-Government Rally
At Least 13 Suspected al-Qaeda Militants Killed in Yemen House Explosion
Yemen Halts Funding for Its Last 100 Jews, NGO Says
Triple Suicide Bomb Attack Targets Afghan Govt. Building
China Criticizes Clinton's Remarks About Dispute With Japan Over Islands
Middle East
1 Dead, 5 Injured in South Lebanon Explosion
Iran Hangs Two in Public for Machete Assault: Report
The War at Home
Federal Judge Throws Out Taliban Terror Case Against Margate Imam
Military Bases Losing Their Movies
After Algerian Standoff, Debate Emerges Over Hostage-Takers' Intent
Algeria Crisis: 5 Hostage-Takers Taken Alive at Gas Plant
Islamists Behind Algeria Attack Vow More Strikes
Veteran Jihadist Claims Bloody Algeria Siege for al-Qaeda
Algeria Terror Leader Preferred Money to Death
Islamists Ansaru Claim Attack on Mali-Bound Nigeria Troops: Paper
After French Criticism, Washington Drops Payment Demand for Mali Conflict
French, Mali Troops Cautiously Advance Against Islamists
France Calls for Military Help as Rebels Flee to Mountains
Fate of Strategic Malian Town Remains Unclear
Canada Relocates Staff in Mali, Urges Canadians to Get Out
Mali Islamist Leader Helped Berlin in 2003: Magazine
Ethnic Conflict Escalates in Mali
More Logistic Pledges for Mali Deployments
Canada Offers to Fly African Troops to Mali: French Foreign Minister
Mali Incursion Raises Risk to French Jews, Community Says
Libyan Defense Minister Caught in Gunfight
Libya Will Not Be a Terrorist Haven, Says Prime Minister
Egypt Police, Protesters Clash Over Uprising Court Case
Part of Courthouse Burnt in Egypt Clashes
Egypt: Ton of Explosives Seized on Way to Sinai
Bomb Attacks in Greece Raise Fear of Revived Radicalism
Georgian Protesters Want President Saakashvili Out
Colombia 'Prepared for End of FARC Rebel Ceasefire'
Analysts Say Colombian Rebels' Unilateral Ceasefire Showed Discipline in FARC Ranks
Retired General Who Led Coup Seeks Presidency in Honduras
Envoy Says Venezuela Open to Better Ties With US
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