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Updated February 8, 2013 - 11:12 PM EST
CIA Nominee Dodges Questions on Torture, Drones
  Pentagon Eyes 'Quick Strike' Forces Across the Planet
  Who Decided Not to Show Congress Drone Memos?
  Media Complicit With Government Requests for Secrecy
Iraqi Market Day: 38 Killed, 106 Wounded
Blowback: France Tries to Find Jihadists at Home
  Looted Libyan Arms in Mali May Have Shifted Conflict's Path
  Mali Islamists' 'Orderly Retreat' Suggests Group Still Intact
Iran's Ayatollah Spurns Bilateral US Talks
  Ahmadinejad: Iran Won't Attack Israel
  Rand Paul Gets It Wrong on Iran Sanctions
Israel: No Change in Settlement Policy
  Top Israeli Official Concedes Settlements Hurting International Standing
  Is Obama's Visit Driving Israel's Coalition Govt Talks?
  Israeli Commander: Invasion of Lebanon Would Mean 'Lasting Calm'
Pentagon Wanted to Arm Syrian Rebels
Afghan Corruption: Bribes Twice as Much as Tax Revenue
Is America Ensnared in an Endless War?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
US Media Yet Again Conceals Newsworthy Government Secrets  by Glenn Greenwald
Questions John Brennan Should Face  by Tom Junod
Now We Know: War Is Murder  by Anthony Gregory
Locking Down the Borders  by Tom Engelhardt
A Critical Look at Rand Paul  by Philip Giraldi

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Levin: Demands on Hagel Unprecedented
Muslim US Air Force Vet Barred From Flight
Iran's Economy After Devaluation
Russian Fighter Jets 'Breach Japan Airspace'
Kony's LRA Killing Fewer Civilians, Group Finds
Assange Has 'Alienated Allies,' Says Ex-Associate
State Dept. Working With Syrian Opposition to Channel Aid
Islamic Summit Urges Syria Dialogue as Opposition Leader's Initiative for Talks Unravels
Syrian Rebels Battle Army for Control of Damascus Districts
Syria Says 'No Truth' Israel Targeted Convoy
Image Indicates Syria Building Unscathed by Israel Strike
Israeli Air Raid on Syria Widens Gulf With Turkey
Iraq Distributes Financial Aid to Syrian Refugees
Aid Doesn't Reach Camp for Displaced Syrians Near Turkey
Hamas and Fatah in Unity Talks, Says Khaled Meshaal
Palestinian Officials: Obama Must Pressure Israel
Tensions Grow Ahead of Netanyahu-Bennett Meet
Iran Airs Images Allegedly Extracted From US Drone
Turkey Will Not Halt Gold Flow to Iran
Ahmadinejad Lauds Iran's Heartfelt 'Love' for Egypt
Fourteen Killed in Iraq, Including a Journalist
Iraqi Kurds Press on With Oil Pipe to Turkey Despite US Fears
Yemen Weapons Depot Blast Kills 10 Civilians
Gunmen Attack Police Center in Southern Yemen, 3 Injured
Yemen Demands Iran Halt Support for Insurgents
Middle East
Turkish Parliament Approves Anti-Terrorism Financing Law
ICC Orders Libya to Hand Over Gadhafi's Former Spy Chief
Former PM: Egypt's Government Nearing End of the Road
After Fatwas, Security Upped for Egypt Opposition
Egyptians Protest at Sexual Violence Against Women
Tunisian Islamists Disown PM Over Move to Defuse Crisis
New Uncertainty Grips Tunisia After Assassination
French Troops Begin Withdrawal From Timbuktu; Ramp Up Security in Other North Mali City
Islamic Summit Backs Mali Government, Omits France
President's Son Leads Chadians Against Islamists in Mali
Suspected Congolese Rebels, Including US Citizen, Charged With Plotting South Africa Coup
Nigeria Opposition Merge to Challenge President's Party

Sudan's Bashir Meets Ahmadinejad, Expects More Iran Investment

The War at Home
Panetta Defends Military Response to Benghazi Attack
Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff 'Bothered' by Lack of Security in Benghazi
Former Target Store Manager to Oversee Nation's Nuclear Security
Seattle PD Ending Drone Program, Returning Drones to Vendor
Bangladeshi Man Admits Trying to Bomb Federal Reserve Bank in NY
Heavier Bunker-Buster Bomb Ready for Combat, General Says
General Allen, Departing Afghan War Commander, Saw as Much Diplomacy as Combat
US Violating Human Rights of Afghan Children, Says UN Committee
NATO Helicopter Crashes in Eastern Afghanistan; Taliban Claims Responsibility
Pakistan Supreme Court Again Considers Military's Secret Detentions
17 More Killed as Karachi Bloodshed Continues
15 Militants Killed in Security Operation in Pakistan
Kerry Warns Against North Korea Nuke Test
What Will North Korea's Nuclear Test Reveal?
US Military Makes Partial Apology for South Korea Subway Incident
Jets Roar Over Pacific Skies as US Military Gathers Allies in Drills, to Keep Ahead of China
Chinese Military Leaders Call for Enhancing Combat Preparedness
China to Conduct 'Solemn' Probe Into Japan Radar Claim
China Cracks Down on Tibetan Burnings, Detains 70
China's New Leader Urges 'Sharp' Party Criticism
After Myanmar Violence, Almost 6,000 Rohingyas Arrive in Thailand
Nepal's Maoists Set Terms to End Political Deadlock
Russian Police Kill Terror Suspect in Caucasus
Back in the USSR? Key Soviet Document Is Missing
Peru's Police Chief Announces Arrest of Alleged Leader of Colombian Drug-Smuggling Gang
Colombia Police Say Kidnapped Germans in Good Health Despite 3 Months in Rebel Captivity
Haiti Court Postpones 'Baby Doc' Duvalier Appeals Hearing After Former Dictator Is No-Show
Venezuela's Penitentiary Authority Says Officials Found 106 Weapons, Ammo Inside Prison
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