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Updated February 18, 2013 - 11:09 PM EST
Bombing at Pakistan Market Kills 84, Wounds 173
  Fury in Pakistan's Quetta as Officials Shift Blame for Bombing
NATO 'Accepts' Karzai Air Strike Order
  Karzai: Video Cameras Could Prevent Torture
Netanyahu: Let Mossad Do Its Work in Secret
  Bulgarian Revelations Explode Hezbollah Bombing 'Hypothesis'
  Hamas Confirms Indirect Talks With Israel
  Bennett: No Palestine in 'God-Given' Land of Israel
  14 Palestinians Released in Gilad Shalit Deal Back in Israeli Jails
Iraq Horror: 52 Killed, 141 Wounded
UK Selling Arms to Sri Lanka's Brutal Regime
CIA's Covert Drone Program May Shift Further to Pentagon
As 'Emergency' Continues, Protests Shut Egypt's Port Said
Libya Militia Linked to US Attack Returns to Benghazi
Privacy Advocates: Cybersecurity Bill Faces Tough Odds
Three Hezbollah, 12 Syrian Rebels Killed in Border Clashes
Most Domestic Terrorist Plots Are Manufactured by the FBI  by Trevor Aaronson
Obama, the US and the Muslim World: The Animosity Deepens  by Glenn Greenwald
Goodbye? We've Lost Who We Are?  by Nat Hentoff
The Myth of Iranian Nuclear Coercion  by Paul R. Pillar
WikiLeaks Is a Rare Truth-Teller – Smearing Assange Is Shameful  by John Pilger
Is Iran a Rogue State?  by Peter Jenkins

More Viewpoints

Kosovo Celebrates 5 Years of Independence
CIA Finds 7 More Photos of Dead Osama bin Laden
Assange Seeking Australian Senate Seat as a Defense Against Criminal Prosecution
Graham, McCain Say They Will End Bid to Block Hagel
Two US Jewish Groups Seek Review of Hagel Statements
Palestinians Struggle to Farm in West Bank
Israel Ex-Foreign Minister Lieberman on Trial for Fraud
Likud: Bennet Will Bring About Leftist Govt
'PM Livid at Lapid-Bennett Conspiracy to Push Haredim Out'
Zygier 'Did Not Commit Treason,' Was Arrested Because He 'Might' Have Leaked Info
Israeli Officials Say Asio Knew All About Ben Zygier Case
IDF Chief: Chance of Syrian Chemical Attack 'Very Low'
Syrian Opposition Accuses Hezbollah of Fighting for Assad
Iraq Horror: 52 Killed, 141 Wounded
After Deadly Rocket Attack in Iraq, Iranian Exile Group Hosts US House Delegation in Paris
Iran's Leader Steps Deeper Into the Political Fray
Iranian Warships to Dock at Chinese Ports: Navy Commander
Middle East
Bahrain Says Arrests Eight on 'Terror-Related' Charges
Saudis, Iraq Cut Oil Exports as Venezuela Shipments Surge
Three Militants Shot Dead in Russia's Dagestan
Ecuador's Correa Cruises to Re-Election Victory
Cuban Dissident Blogger Starts World Tour
Shi'ites Lash Out After Pakistan Bombing Kills 81
Pakistan Blast: Governor Fury at 'Intelligence Failure'
Pakistan Tests 2nd Nuclear-Capable Missile in Just 4 Days
Pressure for Peace With Taliban Is Renewed
To Cut Afghan Red Tape, Bribing Is the Norm
  Afghan Leader: Prison Torturers Must Be Prosecuted
In Kabul's 'Car Guantánamo,' Autos Languish and Trust Dies
Bangladesh Amends War Crimes Law, Mulls Banning Islamists
Bangladesh Protests Trigger Changes to War Crimes Law
Libya's Struggle to Deliver Justice and Reconciliation Fuels Violence and Instability
Libyans Put Aside Woes to Celebrate Uneasy Anniversary
Royal Navy Sends Warship to Libya to Showcase Defence Equipment
French, Malian Troops Secure Rebel Strongpoint Near Gao
8 Arab Civilians Detained by Military in Timbuktu
Citizens From Britain, Italy, Greece, and Lebanon Kidnapped in North Nigeria Attack
24 Convicted in Killing of Moroccan Soldiers
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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Is Iran a Threat?

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