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Updated February 20, 2013 - 11:26 PM EST
Syrian Rebels Threaten to Attack Lebanon
  31 Killed in Missile Strike on Syria's Aleppo, Including 14 Children
  Humanitarian Aid Not Reaching Rebel-Held Syrian North
Afghan Civilian Deaths on the Rise
  UN: Drones Killed More Afghan Civilians in 2012
  Afghan Govt Workers Deaths Increased Tenfold in 2012
Netanyahu to Bloc With Livni, Religious Parties
  Likud Members Blast Deal to Include Livni in Govt
  'Sharon Was About to Leave Two-Thirds of the West Bank'
  Pictures Speak Volumes in Oscar-Nominated Israeli Films
Without Evidence, Cyber-Attacks Pinned on China
Iran Pushes Nuclear-Free Mideast Plans
Impatience Grows Among Iraq's Sunni Protesters
Army Plows Ahead With Troubled War-Zone Program
MSNBC Makes Mission Clear; Hires Gibbs and Axelrod
Reporter: It Seems I Created 'Friends of Hamas' Hagel Rumor
Did John Brennan's End Run Lead to the Benghazi Consulate Attack?  by Russ Wellen
NDAA: Pre-Emptive Prosecution Coming to a Town Near You  by Charlotte Silver
The Lonely Soldier and the Moral Scars of War  by James Jeffrey
Does the War Party Have a Peace Caucus?  by W. James Antle III
Hubris Isn't the Half of It  by David Swanson
The Arrogance of Universal Democracy  by Leon Hadar

More Viewpoints

Hubris: MSNBC Reexamines Bush’s Iraq War Lies
Americans Push Back Against Domestic Drones
General Allen to Retire, Not Take NATO Nomination
2 Sunni Groups Halt Roles in Bahrain Crisis Talks
Secretary Kerry to Skip Israel in First Trip
Tunisia Islamist Leader Says New Govt Coming
Pelosi: Obama Can Execute Americans in Secret
The War at Home
Gen. Stanley McChrystal Says the US Should Reinstitute the Draft
Madeleine Albright: Drones 'Very Effective' at Getting Rid of People
Apple, Mac Computers Hit by Hackers Who Targeted Facebook
Parents of Decorated Navy SEAL Speak Out About His 2012 Suicide
Pentagon Reworks PTSD Strategy
US Troop Suicides Rare in Some Foreign Outposts
Strike, Protests Hit Egypt's Port Said for 3rd Day
Hamas Accuses Egypt of Flooding Gaza Tunnels
More Than 20 Islamists Killed in Mali
Mali Probes Claims of Atrocities
French Soldier Killed in Northern Mali: Hollande
German Government Agrees 330 Troops for Mali Support
Nigeria Hostage Crisis Differs From Algerian Drama
Nigeria Charges Russian 'Gun Dealers'
Sudan: Clashes With Army in South Kill 60 Rebels
Minnesota Congressman Arrives in Mogadishu
Ivory Coast's Gbagbo in Hague Court Over Poll Violence
Guinea Police Disperse Anti-Government Rioters
Kenya: Rustlers Displace 570 Residents in Kuria Raids
Militants Kidnap French Family in North Cameroon
Zimbabwe Police Raid Election Support Group
Armenian President Promises Security After Election Victory
8 Arrested in Slaying of Russian Councilman
Belarus Border Guard Jailed Over Teddy Bear Air Drop
Violence Flares in Lead Up to New Round of FARC Peace Talks
Questions About Political Succession Whirl in Venezuela After Chavez Comes Home
US Lawmakers Meet With Cuba's Raul Castro, Granted Access to Imprisoned American in Cuba
After Being Hounded by Protesters, Cuban Dissident Praises Brazil's Freedom of Expression
Activist Says 9 People Killed This Year in Honduras Land Dispute; at Least 89 Dead in 3 Years
Peru Returns Bodies of Victims of Internal War to Families 3 Decades Later
Fatah Official Warns of Violence if Prisoners Aren't Freed
Palestinian Prisoner's Hunger Strike Reaches 211th Day
Israeli 'Prisoner X' Investigation: Gag Order Lifted
Israel Says Prisoner X 'Ben Zygier' Hanged Himself
Netanyahu: Zygier Had No Connection to Australian Agencies
Pro-Assad Militia Now Key to Syrian Government's War Strategy
Mortars Land Near Syrian Presidential Palace
Iran to Establish Naval Base Near Gwadar
Madeleine Albright: Iran Sanctions Working
Violence Claims 19 Lives Across Iraq
Iraq Panel Clears Senior Judge Over Saddam Ties
The New Iraqi Air Force: F-16IQ Block 52 Fighters
Ocalan Goes From Enemy No 1 to Potential Peacemaker in Turkey
Turkey: 'World's Biggest Prison' for Journalists
Turkey and Libya Draw Closer Over Police Training
Middle East
Tunisia's PM Announces Resignation After Rejection of His Technocratic Government
Yemeni Warplane Crashes into Home in Sanaa, 12 Dead
Women Sit on Saudi Council for First Time
Pakistan Targets Militants, Shi'ites End Protest
Report Reveals 10 Kg Explosive Used in Quetta Blast
Jet Strikes Kill 6 Militants in Orakzai
Quetta Anti-Shi'ite Bombing: Pakistan Police Detain '170'
Military Intelligence Under Fire for Failing to Prevent Quetta Bombing
Afghan Forces Arrest Pakistan Taliban Commander
Maoists Block Deal to Break Nepal's Long Political Deadlock
More Protests Announced in Nepal
India: State Mulls Special Force to Counter Maoist Threat
Berlin: North Korea Warns South of 'Final Destruction'
Off-Base Okinawa Marine Arrested After Allegedly Jumping Roof to Roof
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