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Updated March 1, 2013 - 11:25 PM EST
Senators Push Vote for US to Help Israel Attack Iran
  Western Diplomats: Iran Talks Made Progress
AIPAC Lobbyists: Don’t Touch Israel Aid
  Israel: No Evidence Palestinian Detainee Was Tortured
  Obama Will Cancel Visit if No New Israeli Coalition by March 16
  Turkish PM Sparks Israeli Fury With UN Comments
Baghdad Bloodbath: 34 Killed, 70 Hurt in Attacks
  Don't Mention the Iraq War, William Hague Tells Cabinet
At Least 30 Afghan Police Killed in 48 Hours
  British Troops Face Extended Tours in Afghanistan
Manning Pleads Not Guilty to Aiding the Enemy
  Transcript: Bradley Manning's Court Statement
The War to Come in Syria
French Troops to Stay in Mali Past July
China DM: US Hacking Attacks Target Military Websites
UK Suspects Stripped of Citizenship – Then Killed by Drones
Bradley Manning: The Face of Heroism  by Glenn Greenwald
The Shadowy Boondoggle That Is 'Homeland Security'  by Mattea Kramer & Chris Hellman
Why the Israel Lobby Didn't Lose the Hagel Fight  by Stephen M. Walt
From War to Welfare  by Ivan Eland
Progress in Iran Talks: Can We Stop the War-Whooping Now?  by Robert Dreyfuss
US Press Failed Bradley Manning  by Kevin Gosztola

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Fort Bragg Soldiers Prepare to Deploy to Kosovo
Kabul Demands Control of Afghan Militia
Somali President Offers Amnesty to Pirates
India Reins in Defense Spending Growth
Va. Governor Restores Scooter Libby's Voting Rights
Dennis Rodman: Kim Jong UN Is a 'Friend for Life'
Ex-CIA Officer 'Made Peace' With Leak Decision
Lieberman: West 'Stands Down' as Iran 'Races' Toward Bomb
Likud: Yair Lapid Refuses to Sit in Coalition With Ultra-Orthodox
Netanyahu Blasts Erdogan's 'Dark and Libelous' Criticism of Zionism
Jerusalem's Scenic Marathon Becomes Another Political Battle Between Israelis and Palestinians
Tens of Thousands of Yemenis Demand Saleh Trial
Swiss Woman Held in Yemen Freed: Qatar
More Turkish Generals Detained Over 1997 Coup
11 al-Qaeda Suspects Detained in Turkey
North Africa
Port City's Strikes Inspire Egypt's Opposition
Libya PM Denies Gadhafi Premier in Critical Condition
Chad Calls for Urgent African Help to Fight Islamists in Mali
German Military Has Long Experience in Mali
Fighting Threatens Islamic Artifacts in Troubled Timbuktu
Sudan Sends More Troops to Volatile Border State
Christians Grow Anxious in '100 Percent' Islamic Sudan
DR Congo
Militia in Deadly Kitchanga Battle
DR Congo Rebels Replace Leader
Bombs Hit Nigerian City During Opposition Meeting
Guinea: 1 Dead, More Than 100 Injured in Protests
Kenya Election: Musicians Sing for Peace
Zimbabwean Judge Dismisses Referendum Postponement
$1.5bn Pledged in Aid to Syria Fails to Materialize
Syria Protests Israel's Approval for Oil Drilling
Syrian Civilians Take Reins in Test of Self-Government
Croatia Pulling Troops From Israel-Syria Frontier
Syrians Find Makeshift Homes in Underground Ancient Structures to Shield Themselves From Bombs
Syrian Clashes Reach 12th Century Aleppo Mosque
Baghdad Bloodbath: 34 Killed, 70 Hurt in Attacks
Iraqi Police Seize Thousands of Books Inciting Violence in Anbar
Iraqi Doctor Was Complicit in Torture, UK Tribunal Finds
Pakistani Taliban Bomb Four Schools
Pakistan Supreme Court Rules Out Delaying Elections
South Korea's President Urges North to Give Up Nukes or Face Isolation
South Korea's Highest Court Upholds US Soldier's Conviction
Roadside Bomb Kills 9 People in Afghanistan
Bangladesh Verdict Sparks Deadly Protests
Myanmar Protesters Remain in Hospital After Land Clashes
Filipino Clan Leader Who Occupied Malaysian Village Says Police Opened Fire to Make Them Leave
Ex-Yugoslav Army Leader Acquitted of War Crimes
Azerbaijanis Injured in French Parliament Building Fight With Armenia Supporters
Haiti's Ex-Ruler 'Baby Doc' Duvalier Attends Court
Argentine Congress Approves Deal With Iran to Jointly Probe Jewish Center Bombing
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Hold US Policymakers to Their Abysmal Record on Foreign Meddling

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Boots on Campus

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Israel Between Eritrea and Iran

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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Is Iran a Threat?

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