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Updated March 13, 2013 - 11:26 PM EDT
CIA Boosts Support for Iraqi Militias
  Ten Years After Invasion, Iraq Remains Dangerously Divided
Domestic Spying Targets Americans Nationwide
  US Secrecy, Classification Procedures Increase Under Obama
  Intelligence Officials Evade Questions on Domestic Surveillance
  Spy Chiefs Point to a Much, Much Weaker al-Qaeda
  Obama Administration Conceals Data on Wars
Iran To Promise Never To Seek Nuclear Weapons
  Intel Chief: Iran Cannot Secretly Divert Nuclear Material for a Bomb
US Spy Chief: Syria Rebels Remain Disorganized
  Syrian Troops Kill 30 Defectors in Damascus
  Britain to Scrap, Or Simply Circumvent, Syria Arms Embargo
Netanyahu Finally Strikes Coalition Govt Deal
  MIT: Israel's 'Iron Dome' Success Likely a Myth
Obama Chastises China for Alleged Cyber Attacks
Audio of Bradley Manning Statement Leaked
Rights Panel Warned of 'Dire' Gitmo Conditions
North Korean Leader Threatens to Attack S. Korean Island
Israel's Lawyers at Work  by Scott McConnell
Toward a Libertarian Foreign Policy  by Matt Welch
How the US Exported Its 'Dirty War' Policy to Iraq – With Fatal Consequences  by Murtaza Hussain
Rand’s Stand  by David R. Henderson
The Crucifixion of Tomas Young  by Chris Hedges
The War Against Bradley Manning  by John W. Whitehead

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Desperate Tunisian Vendor Sets Self Ablaze
Turkey Is Economic Winner of Iraq War
Bill Would Strip Clemency Power From US Commanders
Pentagon Re-Thinks New Drone Warfare Medal
Republicans Demand Access to Americans Wounded in Benghazi Attack
Venezuela to Probe Chavez Cancer 'Poisoning' Charge
Troops Shell Areas on Edge of Syrian Capital
Syria Rebels, Army Locked in Homs Combat
Battle Over Syria's Aleppo Airport Intensifies
Signs of Strain on Syria's Army Build
Hezbollah Predicts Assad Will Win Reelection Over Fear of Rebels
Political Candidate and Policeman Killed in Iraq
Iraq Recruits Border Residents to Security Forces Near Syria
Kurdistan Rules Out Withdrawal From Federal Govt, Confirms Return of Ministers to Baghdad
Iraq War: The Day the Conflict Changed
Soldier Said to Have Used Comrade's Rifle in Iraq Shootings
Saddam Nostalgia Lives on in Iraq
11 Wounded in Clashes at Palestinian Refugee Camp
Egypt Blames Media for Plot to Topple Morsi
Egypt Activist Who Rallied for Iconic Torture Victim Gets 2 Years for Slapping Prosecutor
Egypt Declines $750 Million IMF Rescue Loan
Egypt Branded More Dangerous for Tourists Than Yemen
FBI: Benghazi Probe Slowed in Lawless Area of Libya
US State Department Advises Against Travel in Libya
Libya's Sovereign Wealth Fund 'in Limbo' After Sacking
France, Allies Want Rapid-Response Force for Mali UN Mission
Mali Defends Rights Record Against UN
Mali Media Strike Over Editor Boukary Daou's Arrest
Sudan Rivals 'To Resume Pumping Oil'
Sudanese in Chad Camps – Some Food Items Have 'Disappeared'
Burundi: Catholic Sect Clashes With Police Kill Six
Central African Republic Seleka Rebels Seize Bangassou
Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters in Togo
Kenyan Reaction to Disputed Election Is Far Calmer Than Last Time
Is Ivory Coast Zeal to Prosecute Former Bad Guys Setting Up War in West Africa?
EU Anti-Terror Chief Warns of Continued Threat
Indian Anger Over Italy Decision on Marines
Falklands, Argentina Trade Barbs After Referendum Shows 99.8% Want to Be British
Argentina's Last Dictator Gets Another Life Sentence
In Manifesto, Mexican Eco-Terrorists Declare War on Nanotechnology
Hamas: 'Declaration of War' if Obama Visits Temple Mount
New Obama Schedule: Bethlehem Yes, Iron Dome No
Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Suddenly Are Outsiders
'Knesset Threshold to Be Raised to 4% From Next Elections'
Yesh Atid No. 2 in 2002: Don't Sell Houses to Arabs
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian, Wound Two in West Bank Clash
Palestinian Youth Killed by Israeli Fire in Clashes Near Hebron
PA Arrests Palestinian Over Ties to Al Jazeera
Yesh Atid Insists on Getting Education Portfolio
Bayit Yehudi: Finance Fuels Fire in Coalition Crisis
Shalit: 'Thanks for Saving Me, Now It's Pollard's Turn'
Israeli Curbs Harm Palestinian Economy Long-Term: World Bank
Israeli Army Helicopter Crash Kills 2 Pilots
Israel President Tells Europe to Do More to Pressure Iran
Ahmadinejad Seeks to Influence Upcoming Iran Election
Iran Navy Commander Visits Iraq's Naval Facilities
Yemen to Compensate Abyan Terrorism Victims
PKK to Release Kidnapped Turkish Officials on Wednesday
Fear and Loathing in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Moves to Salvage Ancient Buddhist City – and Its Economy
Pakistan Overturns Polls Rule Brought in by Musharraf
Ex-President Musharraf to Return to Pakistan on March 24: Aide
South Korea Says North Korea Can't End Armistice
No 'Smoking Gun' From North Korean Nuclear Test
China Under Increasing Threat From Hackers
China May End Long-Hated Labor Re-Education Camps
China's Non-Communist Parties Lend an Air of Pluralism
On Borneo, Malaysian-Philippines Conflict Deepens
Malaysian Forces, Filipino Militants Resume Fighting, 4 Dead
Veteran Myanmar Activist Win Tin Says Democracy Icon Suu Kyi Is Too Conciliatory
The War at Home
Republicans Demand Access to Americans Wounded in Benghazi Attack
Lawmakers to TSA: No Knives on Planes
Ex-Army Corps of Engineers Employee Sentenced Over Bribes, Kickbacks on Iraq Contracts
Navy Wants You to Write Algorithms That Automatically ID Threats
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