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Updated April 1, 2013 - 10:19 PM EDT
US Sends Destroyer to Korea as Rhetoric Worsens
  US Ups Ante With Stealth Fighters Near North Korea
  North Korea Lacks Technology to Carry Out War Plans
  What Happens if Kim Jong-Un Acts on His Threats?
Afghan Teenager Fatally Stabs US Soldier
  UK General: Cutting Troops in Afghanistan Would Be 'Unforgivable'
Syria Rebels: Muslim Brotherhood 'Delay Victory'
  Oil Wells Set Ablaze in Eastern Syria: Govt Blames Rebels
  The Texas 'Straight Shooter' Who Wants to Replace Assad
Iraq Tanker Bomb Leaves Dozens Dead
Domestic Drones and Their Unique Dangers
Hagel Warns of Big Squeeze at the Pentagon
UK General: Cutting Troops in Afghanistan 'Unforgivable'
Israeli Gas Field Opens, Setting Stage for Energy Boom
Obama and America's 'Imperial Temptation' in the Middle East  by Hillary Mann Leverett & Flynt Leverett
The Message Sent by America's Invisible Victims  by Glenn Greenwald
The Falklands and Entangling Alliances  by Doug Bandow
Turkey Cracks the Whip  by Philip Giraldi
Obama's Risky Middle East Fantasy  by Ira Chernus & Tom Engelhardt
More Calls for Intervention in Syria  by Christopher Preble

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Pope Francis Delivers Easter Plea for Peace
NATO Eyes Missile Shield Progress With Russia After US Move
Cold War Reset? Russia Getting Irked With US
Philippines Wants US Payment Over Reef Damage
Veterans Fight Changes to Disability Payments
At Least 7 Palestinian Kids Injured From Stone-Throwing Settlers
Palestinian Leader Clamps Down on Critics
Israel's Anti-Missile System 'Likely to Leave Civilians Exposed in Event of War'
Hamas Gaza Ruler Meets Egypt Intelligence Chief
Jordan, Palestinians Sign Agreement to Protect Jerusalem Holy Sites
Eleven Iraqis Killed, 51 Wounded in Fresh Attacks
Iraq's Christians Face Hardship, but Peaceful Easter Highlights Promise
Iraq Officials Say Masked Assailants Kill 3 in Attack on Sunni Imam in Fallujah
North Korea's Sabre-Rattling Fails to Sow Panic on Streets of Seoul
North Korea Calls Nukes Country's 'Life' at Big Meeting
North Korea Vows to Keep Nuclear Arms and Fix Economy
North Korean Secrecy on Bomb Test Fuels Speculation on Nuclear Advances
Afghan Equipment Removal to Cost US $5-6 Billion
Afghan Debt's Painful Payment - a Daughter, 6
Attack on Major Water Dam Foiled in Herat Province of Afghanistan
Bomb in Pakistan Hits Politician's Convoy, Kills 2
4 Injured in Quetta Blast
Pakistan Girl's School Blown Up in Bannu
Attacks on Pylons Leave Balochistan's 17 Districts Without Power
Three Abductors Killed in Pakistan Police Encounter
Iran Sanctions Spur Boom for Pakistani Diesel Smugglers
Iraqi Kurdistan Groups Deny Sending Fighters to Syria
Shells From Syria Strike Lebanese Border Village, No Casualties
Report: Israel Spied on Russian Fleet in Syria
Israeli Commandos Planted Secret Cameras That Looked Like Rocks in Syria
Historic Damascus Synagogue Looted and Burned
UAE's Syria Aid Effort Is 'Truly Humanitarian': UN Commissioner
Iran Slams Arab League Support of Syria Rebels
Body of Syrian Found Floating in Mount Lebanon River
3 Wounded in Chouf Shooting, Suspect Handed In
Satirist Bassem Youssef Is Given Bail, Still Poking Fun at Morsi
Egypt Satirist's Arrest a Sign of His Growing Influence
Moroccan Blogger Champions Freedom in Swiss Exile
Timbuktu Clashes Between Mali Army and Islamists
Fighting Erupts After Car Bombing in Mali
15 Dead in Nigerian Easter Military Raid
We Need to Separate Criminal Boko Haram From Political and Religious Ones, Says Presidential Advisor
Central Africa
Kenya Sees Some Violence After Vote Is Upheld
Gold and Poaching Bring Murder and Misery to Congolese Wildlife Reserve
Labour Urged Not to Back Downgrading of Trident
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Nebojsa Malic
Lawless: An Oddly Exceptional Empire

Philip Giraldi
Obama Beats Bibi on TKO

Ivan Eland
United States Plays Into the Hands of Despotic Dictators

Kelley B. Vlahos
Gitmo Hunger Strike: Bigger Than You Think

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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