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Updated April 6, 2013 - 11:28 PM EDT
Hamas Cuts Ties With Assad, Training Rebels
  Syrian Rebel Seize Jordan Border Garrison, Dozens Killed
Overblown: N. Korea Tensions More of the Same
  North Korea Missile Test Seen Likely
  North Korea Warns: We Can't Protect Embassies if Attacked
6 Americans, Doctor Killed in Afghan Attacks
  US General: Post-2014 Afghan Troops Decision Can Wait
Iran, P5+1 Talks End Without a Deal
30 Killed in Iraq as Election Rally Targeted
UN: Gitmo Detention 'Clear Breach of International Law'
Price Hikes for US Military Gear Dwarf Most Defense Budgets
Obama Recycles 2002 Plan for New Israel-Palestinian Talks
France to Keep Troops in Mali 'Permanently'
AFRICOM to Focus on Combat, Downplay Civilian Activity
WikiLeaks Cable: US Embassy Planned to Destabilize Chavez
Libya Intervention More Questionable in Rear View Mirror
North Korea 'Rattles Sabres' as US Pretends to Nuke Them  by Peter Hart
No More Fuzzy Math: How Many Died in Iraq?  by Muhammad Ahmad
The Soft, Weak Chinese Cite Concerns for International Law and Due Process  by Glenn Greenwald
North Korea Is Someone Else's Problem  by Doug Bandow
The Criminal Iraq War  by Tim Kelly
Chuck Hagel's Speech: Nice, but No Cigar  by Robert Dreyfuss

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Japan and US Reach Deal on Okinawa Land Return, Futenma Base Relocation
Pentagon to Buy Russian Helicopters Despite Ban
US Group Blasts Jewish 'Advice' on Peace Process
Mali: Players Increasingly Thinking Long-Term
Italy Pardons US Pilot in CIA Rendition Case
UN Agency 'Broke' as Syria Refugee Funds Run Out
Rocket Attack in Syrian Capital Kills 5
Putin Urges Peace Talks to End Syria 'Massacre'
As Fighting Rages in Damascus, Kurds Flee Their Neighborhoods
Syria Warns of Regional Disaster Unless Jihadists Reined In
Four Italian Journalists Kidnapped in Syria
Lebanon Proposes UN Camps Inside Syria
Turkey's Door Remains Open to Syrian Refugees: Minister
UN Agency Suspends Food Aid in Gaza After Protesters Break Into Its Compound
Palestinians Scrap With Troops Around West Bank
Lebanon Slams Israel's Military Threats
Hezbollah Bloc, Rivals Back Salam for Lebanon Premier
Relatives of Hostages Shut Down Syrian-Owned Shops in Lebanon
Thirteen Killed and 35 Wounded Across Central and Northern Iraq
Attacks in Iraq Kill 3 Soldiers, 5 Civilians
Iraq PM Softens Tone on Turkey, Says Rapprochement Welcome
Sadr Urges People to Participate in the Elections
Yemen Begins Push to Get Citizens Out of Guantanamo Detention
Yemeni Officials: 'Jihad' in Syria Causes Problems for Yemen
Serbia Must Accept Kosovo Plan or Risk Isolation: Minister
US Helped Czech Republic Remove Nuclear Material
Weekend Reviews
James Carroll's House of War: The Pentagon and the Disasterous Rise of American Power
A True-Life Thriller About America's Covert Wars
Madness in the Method: On 'Homeland'
America's Stolen Narrative From Washington and Madison, to Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes, to Barack Obama
South Koreans at North's Edge Cope With Threat of War
Detecting Shift in Beijing, US Makes Its Case on North Korea
The South Korean Reaction: 'Pyongyang Has Been Crying Wolf for Some Time'
North Korea's Kim Supervises Drone Attack Drill
UK Says North Korea Embassy Query Is Anti-US Rhetoric
Japanese Rock Song So Offensive It Took North Korea's Focus Off US
Pakistan Launches Offensive in Restive Northwest Valley; 4 Soldiers, 14 Militants Killed
Pervez Musharraf Nomination Papers Rejected
Supreme Court to Hear Musharraf Treason Petition on Monday
Pakistan Officials Bar Candidates Using Rarely Used Religious Rule
Bomb Kills Two Top Provincial Officials in Thai South
Afghan Cop Killed in Bombing in Eastern Province
Buddhist-Muslim Tensions Spread as Detainees Die in Indonesia
Vietnam Farmer Jailed for Military-Style Defense of Land
Egypt's TV Satirist Undeterred After Questioning, Still Poking Fun at President, Prosecutor
Cairo Hardline Islamists Protest Iranian Tourists
EU Worried About Egypt's Civil Society Proposals
France Says Mali Elections Feasible, Urges Tuaregs to Disarm
Nigeria Moots Amnesty for Boko Haram Islamist Rebels
Uganda: Suspended Kony Hunt Worries Civilians
Britain Says Believes Terrorists Planning Attacks in Mogadishu
Central Africa Republic Crisis: Refugee Numbers 'Swell'
Gen. Rodriguez, Experienced in Afghanistan, Becomes New AFRICOM Boss
Mexico's Controversial Memorial for Drug War Victims
Colombian Prosecutor's Court Challenge Threatens Peace Talks
Witness at Ex-Dictator's Trial Links Guatemalan President to War Crimes
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