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Updated April 23, 2013 - 11:26 PM EDT
Jordan: Israel Can Use Airspace to Attack Syria
  Rebels Claim 500 Killed as Syria Troops Retake Damascus Suburb
  EU Lifts Sanctions, Will Buy Oil From Syrian Rebels
  200 US Troops in Jordan Could Become 20,000 for Syria Invasion
Bombing Suspect Cites US Wars as Motivation
  Bombing Suspect Charged in Civilian Court
  Officials: Bombing Suspect Says He and Brother Acted Alone
  Tamerlan Tsarnaev May Have Met Dagestan Rebels
  Turn to Religion Split Bomb Suspects Tsarnaev's Home
  Bombings Suspect 'Wanted to Stay in Russia Reading the Quran'
38 Killed as Iraqi Forces Raid Sunni Camp
  Iraq's Sunni Provinces Shut Down as Protests Turn to General Strike
US: Iran the Greatest Threat to Nuclear NPT
  Hagel: Israel Has Right to Decide to Attack Iran
Turkey PM Spurns US, Will Visit Gaza
  Israel's Ill-Treatment of Detained Palestinian Children 'Widespread'
Ricin Letter Suspect Released Without Charges
Brennan: 2011 US Killing of Teen Deliberate?
Canadian Police Foil Train Plot, Claim Iran Connection
Taliban Seize Foreign Hostages in Helicopter Downing
'Boston Strong': Marching in Lockstep with the Police State  by John W. Whitehead
Drone Strikes and the Boston Marathon Bombing  by Robert Wright
5 of the Worst Reactions to the Boston Manhunt  by Adam Serwer
Spellbound by Terrorism  by Paul Pillar
Report on Torture Reveals Moral Stain  Tampa Bay Times
Keeping Secrets, Telling Lies  by Charlotte Silver

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EU Opens to Serbia After Kosovo Deal
Anti-Gitmo Activists Arrested in NYC Die-In
Europe's Shrinking Military Budgets Scrutinized
Army Sgt Pleads Guilty to Killing 5 GIs in Iraq in 2009
Friends, Family Say Former Marine Who Died After Tasing Battled PTSD
Boston Bombing Aftermath
Officials Say They Didn't Have Authority to Monitor Tamerlan Tsarnaev
US Attorney: Bombing Suspect Charged With Conspiring to Use Weapon of Mass Destruction
Criminal Complaint Document Against Bombing Suspect
Boston Police: Facial Recognition Software Didn't Help
Now Charged, Boston Suspect Was Longest Held Without Miranda Rights
FBI Missed Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Russia Trip Because of Misspelling, Sen. Graham Says
In Campaign Mode: Imran Vows to Pull Out Troops From Waziristan
Musharraf Avoids Treason Charge by Caretaker Government
Afghanistan, Pakistan, US to Meet for Talks in Brussels
Malik Habib Hints at Security Threats in Karachi
PTI to Rid Country of US Influence: Imran
EU Lifts Sanctions Against Myanmar
Human Rights Watch Says Anti-Rohingya Unrest in Myanmar Was Organized 'Ethnic Cleansing'
Iranian on Fake Israeli Passport Held in Nepal for Possible Terror Plot
West Ramps Up Accusations of Systemic Repression in Turkmenistan
Merkel Says Germany Not Seeking 'Hegemony'
UK Says No Clear Reason to Let Independent Scotland Use Sterling
Honduras Reports Plot by Drug Gangs to Kill Congressman, Journalist, Police Chief
Press Group Demands Probe Into 3-Month Disappearance of Mexican Crime Beat Reporter
Israeli Military Chief Warns Syrian Front Could Become Unstable, Undermining 40 Years of Quiet
Syria Rebels Demand Intervention Against Hezbollah
State of Syria's Oil Industry in Midst of Conflict and Sanctions
In Jordan, Tensions Rise Between Syrian Refugees and Host Community
Russia Warns EU Not to Lift Syria Arms Ban as UK Keeps Pushing
Preacher Urges Nusra Front to Abandon Al-Qaeda Pledge
Two Syrian Archbishops Abducted in Northern Syria
Palestinian Prisoner in Deal With Israel to End Fast
No Bunker-Buster Bomb in Israel's US Arms Deal
Lapid to Haredi MPs: Israel Doesn't Belong to You
Soldier Killed in a Clash in Northern Iraq
5 Shells Hit Military Checkpoint in Western Anbar
Iraq Inquiry: Inject Urgency to Complete Report, Peers Urge
Could Iraq Become an Eco-Tourism Destination?
Bahrain Activist Nabeel Rajab 'Denied Medical Treatment'
Bahrain Ambitious for Next Year After Keeping Pro-Democracy Campaigners Away From Track
Middle East
Egypt's Opposition Calls Protests, Charges Islamists Attempting to Take Over Judiciary
Turkey Finds Kerry Comments Diplomatically Wrong
Three Saudis Jailed for Plot to Kill Americans

Female Eritrean Pilot Goes to Saudi Arabia to Recover Jet Stolen by Defectors – and Defects Herself

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