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Updated May 3, 2013 - 11:27 PM EDT
US Believes Israel Has Made Airstrike Into Syria
  Hagel: US Considering Arming Syria Rebels
  Syria Rebels Claim at Least 50 Killed in Village Raid
  A Terrible Idea: Arming the Syrian Rebels
  Israel Warns US: Don't Arm Syrian Rebels Without Proper Vetting
Drones In Yemen Spur Anti-American Sentiment
  Drone Policy Author: US Prefers Killing Suspects Than Gitmo
US Watchdog: Afghan Military Shrinking
  Afghan Border Policeman Killed in Shootout With Pakistan Troops
  Taliban Capture 33 Police in Northern Afghanistan
'The Civil War in Iraq Has Already Begun'
Netanyahu Fears US Supports Arab League Plan
Bhutto Murder: Musharraf Chief Prosecutor Shot Dead
US Counter-Terrorism Database Jumps to 875,000 Names
Bolivia Expels USAID, Claiming Conspiracy Against Govt
Pentagon: N. Korea Working on Nuclear Missile to Reach US
The Iranian Nuclear Issue and the Future of International Order  by Flynt Leverett & Hillary Mann Leverett
How to Close Guantanamo  by Laura Pitter
Boston Was the Kind of Terrorism the US Inflicts Abroad Every Day  by Noam Chomsky
The Torture Memo Obama Never Rescinded  by Jeffrey Kaye
Stay Out of Syria  by Steve Chapman
Myths and Realities of 21st Century Global Policing  by James A. Russell

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Navy Readies Its First Drone Squadron
Special Ops Called for Military Backup During Libya Attack, Sources Say
India, China at Odds Over Alleged Border Incursion
Dutch Govt Considers Giving Police the Right to Hack
Al Jazeera America to Open Detroit Bureau
Tiny Device Will Detect Domestic Drones
UN-Arab League Envoy for Syria Plans to Resign, Diplomats Say
Turkish Guard Killed in Clashes on Syrian Border
Syria's Air Defenses, Among Mideast's Strongest, Pose Challenge to Outside Intervention
Rights Group Says Syrian Regime and Rebels Are Both Targeting Journalists Covering Civil War
Syria Chemical Weapons Evidence 'Too Degraded' for Proof
Syria Opposition Denounces Hezbollah 'Threats'
UK's Defense Secretary Echoes US Caution Over Syria Response
Netanyahu Backs Referendum for a Peace Agreement With Palestinians
High Court Orders Defense Ministry to Halt Construction of Part of West Bank Barrier
Israel Army Doubts Third Intifada but on Alert
In a First, a Russian Warship Docks in Israel
Livni Flies to US for Talks With Kerry on Arab League Proposal for Palestinian State
Liberman-Ayalon Court Clash Shows No Love Lost Between Former Allies
'Price Tag': Car Torched, Owner Stuck With Bill
Twelve Iraqis Killed in Fresh Attacks
UN: April Deadliest Month in Iraq Since June 2008
Iraq's Kurds at the Eye of Regional Storm
Iraq War Leaves Lasting Impact on Healthcare
Iraq to Buy 18 More Lockheed F-16 Fighters
Middle East
Iran Detains Senior Diplomat for Unknown Reasons
Bahrain First Arab Country to Designate Hezbollah a Terrorist Organization
Somalia Famine 'Killed 260,000 People'
Quarter of Somalis Still Rely on Aid Despite Weakening of Shabaab
Chad: Deaths in Capital as 'Coup' Foiled
Two Iranians Found Guilty of Kenya Terror Plot
Zimbabwe Generals: We Won't Meet Prime Minister
In Other News
UN Report Proposes Moratorium on Killer Robots
Fake Bomb Detector Conman Jailed for 10 Years
War Reporting: Shot At, Seized by a Murderous Mob and Chased by Kidnappers
The War at Home
Boston Suspect Says Bombings Were Initially Planned for 4th of July
Boston Suspect Month Before Attack: I Know How to Build a Bomb
Tamerlan Tsarnaev Called Wife After FBI Released Photos
Veterans at Risk for Suicide Not Getting Follow-Ups
NJ Trooper's Killer Named a Most Wanted Terrorist
Death of Three Soldiers in Afghanistan a 'Hammer-Blow'
Incident on Pakistan Border Stirs Afghan Emotions
Helmand Has Become Almost Dull for Marines, With Afghans Now Leading Combat
Karzai Urges Closure of Guantanamo
Afghan Spy Chief Asadullah Khalid Back in US for Medical Care
70,000 Soldiers to Guard Pakistan's Election Day
Blast Near MQM Office Leaves 8 Wounded
Two Polling Stations in Balochistan Blown Up
Imran Khan Served Notice on Violation of Election Code
Pakistan's Rulers Accused of Turning to Underworld in Battle to Stay in Power
Japan's Nuclear Plan Unsettles US
Spirits of Japan Shrine Haunt Asian Relations
US Demands Release of American Sentenced to 15 Years of Hard Labor in North Korea
Why Are Buddhist Monks Attacking Muslims?
Gun Attack in Thailand's South Leaves Six Dead
Indonesia: 2 Arrested, Planning to Attack Myanmar Embassy Over Treatment of Muslims
India Demands Justice Over 'Spy' Sarabjit Singh's Death
Irish Parliament to Drop Magnitsky List Plan After Warning
Video: Ghost Pueblos of Mexico
Attack on Train in Mexico Injures at Least 10 Honduran Migrants; Activists Put Toll Higher
Australia Plans to Buy 12 Growler Fighter Aircraft From US to Add to 24 Super Hornets
Jamaica Public Defender Says 2010 Raid by Security Forces Killed at Least 76 Civilians
Top Colombian Investigative Journalist Unscathed in Nighttime Shooting
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