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Our foreign policy of perpetual war has confirmed the Founders’ worst fears: we are losing our liberties to an all-powerful government that spies on its own citizens and wreaks havoc across the globe. This isn’t what Franklin, Washington, and Jefferson envisioned, and you can be sure of one thing: they’re rolling over in their graves.

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Updated May 25, 2013 - 11:23 PM EDT
Obama Speech Suggests Expansion of Drones
  Obama's Drone Limits Welcomed in Pakistan, If They Pan Out
Assad Agrees to Peace Talks, Doubts on Rebels
  Syrian Rebel Unity Talks on Brink of Collapse
  12 Chechen Fighters Killed in Central Syria
  Constant Mortar Fire as Violence Continues in North Lebanon
  Syria: Attacked Israeli Vehicle Was Heading to Rebel Village
Israel Losing UK Support Due to Settlements
  Settlers Demand Israel Ease Rules of Engagement in West Bank
New Embassy Guards to Cost $1.6 Mil. Per Marine
French Soldier Stabbed While on Patrol in Paris
British Court Orders New Inquests Into Iraq Civilian Deaths
Congress, Pentagon Lack Consensus on Sequestration Fix
MI5 Offered Job to Woolwich Machete Attack Suspect
In Drone Speech, Obama Gets Slippery on Killing US Citizens  by Matthew Rothschild
Why Is Eric Holder Investigating Eric Holder's Surveillance of Journalists?  by Trevor Timm
A Foreign Policy of Mission Creep  by Gordon N. Bardos
Iraq: Maliki & Co.'s Path of Folly  by Wayne White
Government Will Decide What We Can Know  by Glenn Greenwald
The Greatness of Peace Activist John Bright  by Sheldon Richman

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2 Men Arrested After Flight From Pakistan Diverted in UK
Guantanamo: Why Are So Many Inmates From Yemen?
At Navy Graduation, Obama Assails Military Sex Assaults
Female Lawmakers Leading Push to Crack Down on Military Sex Crimes
NATO Drone Project Set to Continue
New Zealand to Pay Colonial Compensation
Hezbollah No. 2: Assad Serious About Golan Front
Experts Deny Israel May Directly Intervene in Syria
Tripoli Clashes Deal Further Blow to Tourism
Over 2,500 Refugees From Qusair Arrive in Lebanon
'Miserable' Residents in Hellish Tripoli Want Their Lives Back
Kerry Departs, Urges Palestinians, Israel to 'Make Hard Decisions'
Olmert's Peace Offer to the Palestinians in 2008
Hamas: Israel Poisoned Gaza Patients With Gas
UN Diplomat: Don't Overlook Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
US Plans to Move Iranian Exile Group Out of Iraq Hit Snag
Iraq Abuse Claims: 'Inadequate Response' by UK Government
US Adds 20 Individuals, Firms to Iran Blacklist
Iran Uneasy Over PKK Withdrawal
US Casts Doubts on Iran Election Credibility
3 al-Qaeda Members, 2 Soldiers Dead in Yemen Clash
Yemen's Main Oil Pipeline Attacked, Pumping Stopped
Middle East
Raid on Bahrain Cleric's Home Draws Thousands to Sit-In
As Syrian War Shuts Down Trade Routes, Turkish Business Improvises
Attack in Britain
UK Spies Face Pressure Over Soldier Murder
Exiled Cleric Who Taught UK Knifeman Praises 'Courage'
Stockholm Calmer but Violence Spreads Outside Swedish Capital
Sweden Reinforcing Police in Riot-Hit Stockholm
Venezuela to Create New Workers Militia
Mexico Interior Secretary Says Fewer People Have Disappeared in Drug War Than Once Feared
Guatemalan Ex-President Extradited to US on Money-Laundering Charges
Honduran Gangs Plan to Sign a Truce to Cut Violence in One of World's Most Dangerous Countries
Afghanistan Capital Hit by Deadly, Huge Bombing
Afghan Taliban Battle Police in Central Kabul
Afghan Taliban Attack Aid Group, 2 Guards Killed
Italian UN Official Seriously Injured in Kabul Attack
Taliban Claim Bomb in Southwest Pakistan That Kills 13
Two Gunmen Killed in Kabul Attack: Afghan Government
In Afghanistan, Businesswomen Must Seek a Delicate Balance
Peshawar: 6 Policemen Dead in Gun Battle With Militants
Baloch Rights Activists Protest Against Military Ops, Disappearances
3 Killed in Peshawar Suicide Attack
NATO Driver, Helper Killed in Jamrud
Pakistan Frees 45 Indian Fishermen
4 Indian Soldiers Killed in Kashmir
China Tells North Korea to Return to Nuclear Talks
South Korean 'Comfort Women' Want Japanese Apology
Wartime Sex Slaves Cancel Meeting With Japanese Mayor
North Korea Slams South Korea Leader as 'Confrontation Maniac'
North Africa
France: Libya to Announce New Security Moves in Wake of Terror Attacks in Neighboring Niger
Haniyeh to Egypt: Reconsider Peace Deal With Israel
US Concerned About 'Continuing' Abuses by Nigerian Forces
Nigeria Military Says It Rescued Hostages in North
Nigerian Army 'Destroys' Boko Haram Camps in Northeast
Doctors Without Borders Shuts Clinic in Northern Nigeria
Algerian Militant 'Masterminded' Niger Suicide Bombs
French Help Niger to Kill Last Jihadist Bombers
Uganda President Ousts Army Boss Amid Dispute
Kerry to Meet With AU Officials in Ethiopia
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