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Updated May 29, 2013 - 11:24 PM EDT
Obama Asks Pentagon for Syria No-Fly Zone Plan
Israel Threatens to Attack Russian Ships
  Syrian Rebels Stole UN Armored Personnel Carriers
  Three Lebanese Soldiers Killed by Gunmen Near Syria Border
7 Killed in 1st US Drone Strike Since Pak Election
  New Pakistan PM Reaches Out to 'Godfather of the Taliban'
  New Pakistan PM to Take on Foreign, Defense Portfolios Himself
Baghdad Wedding Bloodbath; 69 Iraqis Killed
  Iraq PM Vows to Crack Down on 'Outlaws' Amid Growing Violence
2 Afghan Police Kill 7 Sleeping Colleagues
US Drone Shot Down in Southern Somalia
Post-AUMF Executive War Powers Same as the Old Ones
Doubting Obama's Resolve To Do Right  by Ray McGovern
Is 'Cyber War' Just a Scare Tactic?  by Jeb Boone
Obama Rejects Perpetual War, but Questions Remain About Targeted Killings  by John Sifton
The Eternal War?
 by Andrew Bacevich & Tom Engelhardt
Throwing Money at Nukes  New York Times
The Entire Globe Is a Battlefield for Pentagon  by Pepe Escobar

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Ecuador Says UK Violating Human Rights of Assange
Poll Says Assange Could Win Australian Senate Seat
Russia Envoy: Boston Shows Need for More Cooperation
Feds Use PATRIOT Act to Target Virtual Currency Site
Australian FM Refuses to Confirm China Hack Claims
Drone Provides Overview of Vast US Persian Gulf Naval Exercise
Gunmen Kill Female Polio Worker in NW Pakistan, Vaccination Program Suspended
Lawyer, 2 Sons Among 11 Killed in Karachi
Son of Peace Committee Elder Killed in Swat Bomb Attack
Bomb Blast in Peshawar Kills Two, 18 Injured
Afghan Torture Victim Remains Pose Challenge to Pathologists
Violence Against Journalists in Afghanistan Increasing
Thousands Lack Health Services Since Attack on Afghan Red Crescent
Obama, China's Xi to Discuss Cyber Security in June Meeting
In China, US Official Promotes Military Ties
Indian Govt Says No Talks With Maoist Rebels
South Korea Rejects North Korea's Invitation to Talks on Industrial Complex
Myanmar Muslim-Buddhist Clashes Erupt in Shan State
In Thailand's Schools, Vestiges of Military Rule
Tunisia Court Convicts 20 Over US Embassy Attack
70-Year-Old Tunisian Dies During Vendor Crackdown
France Calls for Action Against Islamists in Southern Libya
Head of Libya's Parliament Quits Over Law Banning Gadhafi-Era Officials From Senior Posts
North Africa
Head of Libya's Parliament Quits Over Law Banning Gadhafi-Era Officials From Senior Posts
Al-Qaeda Rips Into Prima Donna Terrorist for Failing to Deliver Big Operations
Ethiopia Diverts Flow of Blue Nile, Fears in Egypt
Somalia: Heavy Bombardments Rock the Kismayu Airport
South Sudan Denies Backing Rebels as Sudan Threatens Pipeline Cut
Ivory Coast Lashes Out at US State Dept Report on Press Freedom
In Boko Haram Country, Nigeria's Crackdown Brings Mixed Feelings
Pirates Kidnap Tanker Crew Off Nigerian Coast
European Move on Syrian Arms Meant to Prod Russia
Russia: Our Missile Sale to Assad Will Deter 'Hotheads' From Intervening
Syrian Rebels Want Arms Post-EU Embargo
No Restrictions on Arming Opposition Forces Says Hague
Liberal Hawks Were Vocal on Involvement in Iraq but Have Been Quiet on Syria
Russia: Iran Must Join Syria Peace Conference
Iran to Host 'International' Conference on Ally Syria
Fear of Worsening Sectarian Fight in Lebanon
Hezbollah Slams Killing of Syrian Journalist in Qusair
Most Israelis Back Arab Peace Initiative
Probe: Soldiers Beat Palestinian, Camera Turned Away
Israeli PM Lashes Out at Critics as 'Anti-Semitic'
Singer From Gaza Wants to Be 'Arab Idol'
Iranian Candidates Clash Over Nuclear Approach
Saeed Jalili Emerges as Establishment Favorite in Iran's Presidential Race
Iranian Candidate: Current Nuke Talks 'Fruitless'
FIFA Says No to Yemen on Lifting Ban
British Prison Warden Stabbed in Attack 'Inspired by Woolwich Murder'
Suspect in UK Killing Out of Hospital, at Police Station
Pussy Riot Star Hospitalized After Seven Days on Hunger Strike
Cuba to Open Public Internet Salons Islandwide
Guatemala's Alfonso Portillo Pleads Not Guilty in US Court
Two US Embassy Personnel Shot at Venezuelan Strip Club
The War at Home
Decorated US Marine Who Killed a Woman and Wounded Five in Random Texas Shooting Spree Stabbed His Wife to Death
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Why John McCain Wants to Aid Syrian Terrorists

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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