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Updated June 7, 2013 - 11:08 PM EDT
NSA: Surveillance Giant With Eyes on America
US Spy Chief: NSA Spying Leak 'Reprehensible'
  Report: NSA Targets Credit Card Transactions
  Broad NSA Surveillance of Major US Internet Firms
  'No Such Agency' Spies on the Communications of the World
  America's Surveillance State: Anger Swells After Data Revelations
  Senate Leaders Say NSA Data Gathering on Everyone Is 'Routine'
Golan: Dangerous Escalation in S. Syria Hotspot
  Israel Prepares as Syria War Nears Border
  White House: Unacceptable for Syria to Retake Qusayr From Rebels
  Al-Qaeda Leader Urges Sunnis to Fight Secular Rebels in Syria
US Drone Strike Kills Three Afghan Children
  Afghan Survivors Outraged at US Massacre Soldier Deal
  Afghan Suicide Bombing Kills Seven Georgian Troops
Turkish PM: Protesters Just 'Burn and Destroy'
  Istanbul Gezi Park Plan to Proceed: Turkish PM Erdogan
Quarter of Gitmo Population Now Being Force-Fed
Obama's Surveillance Reveals Massive Erosion of Civil Liberties  by Jonathan Turley
Thomas Jefferson vs. John McCain  by Laurence M. Vance
Confirmed: NSA Spying on Millions of Americans  by Cindy Cohn/Mark Rumold
Outside Agitators  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Would Bradley Manning Be Better Off in a Civilian Court?  by Chase Madar
Hungry for Justice at Guantanamo  by Ramzi Kassem

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Gitmo Commander: Hunger-Strikers Just Want to Go Home
Putin Seeks Permanent Russian Navy Presence in Mediterranean
PATRIOT Act Author: FBI's FISA Order Is Abuse of Act
Eric Holder: Justice Dept Will Not Prosecute Reporters Doing Their Job
Jordan Threatens to Expel Syrian Envoy for Criticizing US Deployments
Golan Heats Up
Syria Retakes Golan Border Post from Rebels
Israeli Tanks Move to Golan Heights' Border
Two UN Troops Injured in Golan Shelling
Israel Hit by Missiles From Syria as Civil War Flares in Golan Heights
Austria to Pull Its 380 Troops From 1,100-Member UN Force on Syria-Israel Border
After Austrian Retreat, UN Says Reinforcements Needed for Golan
Israel to UN: Replace Austrian Troops Withdrawn From Golan
With Golan Fence, Israel Closer to Surrounding Itself With Barriers
Israeli Military Expels Attempted Syrian Refugees, Ruling Warzone Is 'Safe'
Russia: 'Red Line' Not Crossed in Syria Over Arms
Syrian Forces Pursue Insurgents Who Fled Fallen Town
Arab League Condemns Hezbollah's Role in Syria
EU Commits Another 400 Million Euros of Aid to Syria
Italian Journalist for La Stampa Daily Missing in Syria for 2 Months Contacts Family
Israeli Military Plans Social Media Clampdown
Abbas Swears in Academic, Political Newbie as PM
Palestinians Unite Behind Gaza Refugee on Course to Become Arab Idol
Israel Prods Ultra-Orthodox to 'Share Burden'
IDF Apologizes for Book Claiming Non-Jews Do Not Have Equal Rights in Israel
Irked Over 'Strike-Breaking,' Diplomats Quit Working With IDF, Shin Bet
Lieberman Bans MPs From Hearing Classified Information
Tens of Thousands Cheer Turkish PM's Return After Protests
Erdogan Calls for Immediate End to Turkey Protests
Erdogan Faces Growing Criticism
Turks Angry Over Dearth of Protest Coverage by Established Media
Heavy Security in Tunisia to Protect Erdogan
Erdogan to Face Calls for Protest Apology on Return to Turkey
US Lawmakers in New Drive to Slash Iran's Oil Sales to a Trickle
Small-Town Iran: Voters' Worries Ahead of Election
Arabs Press Iran on Atomic Reactor Safety
Middle East
Baghdad Bombings Resume; 20 Killed, 68 Wounded Across Iraq
Al-Qaeda Holding South African Couple in Yemen
GCC Warns Against Traveling to Lebanon as Bloodshed Escalates
Anti-EDL Bomb Could Have Sparked 'Spiral of Terror'
Britain to Pay for Colonial-Era Torture, Denies Liability
UK to Expect More Colonial-Era Compensation Claims

Anti-Putin Protesters Face Trial Over Bolotnaya Clashes

Europe Criticizes Azeri Leader Over Internet Defamation Law
NSA Spying on Americans
Internet Companies Deny Offering Government Access to Customer Data
Verizon Court Order: Telephone-Call Metadata and What It Can Show
Obama Administration Defends Phone Record Seizure, Does Not Confirm Verizon Report
NSA Got Court Order for All Verizon Calls in US, Every Day
What the NSA Can and Can't Learn About Your Calls From Its Verizon Court Order
Senator Feinstein: NSA Phone Call Data Collection in Place 'Since 2006'
Administration, Lawmakers Defend NSA Program to Collect Phone Records
White House: Obama 'Welcomes' Surveillance Debate
Dianne Feinstein on NSA: It's Called Protecting America
Sen. Graham Says He's 'Glad' NSA Is Spying on Him
NSA Snooping Pits Obama vs. Left
Security Expert: All Occupiers' Phones Were Logged
NSA Building $860 Million Data Center in Maryland
FISA Chief Judge Defends Integrity of Court Over Verizon Records Collection
Eric Holder Faces Hill Skeptics on Surveillance, Leak Probes
The War at Home
Rep. Grayson to DHS: Just Say 'No!' to Armed Drones in the US
Army's New Robotic Bird Drone Is So Realistic It Gets Attacked by Hawks
LAPD Holds Downtown Counterterrorism Drill
In Bales, Hasan Cases: What's the Deal?
Senator Continues to Block Promotion of Air Force General
Remains of Korean War MIA Are Identified
House Votes to Delay Bulk Ammunition Purchase by DHS
Roadside Bomb Kills 3 Policemen in Pakistan
Three Militants, Two Women Killed in Quetta: Officials
Hand Grenade Attack Near Karachi Marble Factory
Pakistan PM: Economy Tops Foreign Policy Agenda
Koreas Agree to Hold Talks on Reopening Complex
Aung San Suu Kyi Wants to Run for President of Myanmar
Idaho Family Says It Received Letter From POW Held Captive for 4 Years in Afghanistan
North Africa
Chad's President Warns of Islamist Threat in Libya
Tunisian Soldiers Killed in Blast Near Algerian Border
Civil War Memories, Oil Wealth Smooth Algeria Politics
Libya Must Hand Former Spy Chief to Hague Court: Lawyer
Army Helicopter Crash in Sudan Kills 2 Crew
Sudan Says Iraq Offers to Deliver Oil and Be Paid Later

Malian Army Takes Village From Tuareg Rebels

Madagascar Postpones Presidential Election Again
Mexican Army Rescues 165 Abductees at Border
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