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Updated June 12, 2013 - 11:28 PM EDT
Sign the White House Petition to Pardon Snowden
Edward Snowden Vows Not to 'Hide From Justice'
  US: No Plans to End Broad Surveillance Program
  Obama Under Pressure as US Senators Demand End to Secrecy
  As Edward Snowden Speaks Out, President Obama Goes Silent
  Snowden Turned Over 'Thousands' of Documents to Greenwald
Syrian Rebels Massacre 60 in Shi'ite Village
  Rebels Bring War Back to Damascus with Double Suicide Bombing
  Syrian Rebel Rockets Hit Lebanon Neighborhood, Killing One
Violence Soars in Istanbul as Police Crack Down
  Twitter Deadlier than Car Bombs, Turkish Officials Insist
  Turkish PM: No Tolerance for Protests
  White House Careful to Avoid Direct Criticism of Turkey Crackdown
Car Bombing Kills 17 at Afghan Supreme Court
  Taliban Surge: Afghan Violence Continues to Grow
US: Fewer Than 1 in 8 Gitmo Detainees Will Ever Be Tried
Manning's WikiLeaks Trial to Focus on 2009 Farah Massacre
Israel: Terror Charges Against West Bank Palestinians Grow
Positive Spin? Some Messages From Military Not Accurate
NSA Furor Shows We're Ready for War on Terror to Be Over  by Peter Beinart
Bradley Manning vs. SEAL Team 6  by Chase Madar & Tom Engelhardt
Why Is Everyone Totally OK With the Govt. Spying on Foreigners?  by Henry Blodget
Surveillance: The God That Failed  by Jason Ditz
Massive Spying on Americans Is Outrageous  by Coleen Rowley
Another Truth-Teller Steps Forward  by Ray McGovern

More Viewpoints

Rep. Schiff to Introduce Bill Ending War Authorization
Parents of Navy SEAL Killed in Afghan Crash File the First Suit on NSA Spying
Congressional Military Panels Reject DoD Request for Base Closings
US Marines' Role in Australia to Expand Next Year, General Says
1984 Sales Skyrocket in Wake of US Spy Scandal
The Heroic Edward Snowden
Is Edward Snowden a Traitor? if He Is, So Was Daniel Ellsberg
'Pardon Edward Snowden' Petition Seeks White House Response
Ron Paul Warns That US Government May Assassinate Snowden
Boehner: Snowden Is 'A Traitor'
Contractor Fires Snowden
Leaker Faces Hard Choices While in Hiding
Russia Foreign Minister Says His Govt Hasn't Received Asylum Request From Snowden
Edward Snowden: Who Is He, and What Kind of Life Is He Leaving Behind?
Edward Snowden's Girlfriend: At the Moment I Feel Alone
Spying on Everyone
NSA Disclosures Put Awkward Light on Previous Denials
Senators Push Bill to Declassify Secret FISA Surveillance Rulings
Congress Briefed on US Surveillance Programs
Google, Facebook to DoJ: Let Us Publish the Number of FISA Requests You Make
Homeland Security Member Susan Collins Not Briefed on PRISM
Leak Risk: So Many Security Clearances
ACLU Sues to Bar 'Dragnet' Collection of Phone Records
Prism Spying 'Attacks Basic Civil Rights'
Rep. Hoyer: No Comparison Between Obama, Bush Secret Surveillance
Poll Finds Disapproval of Record Collection, but Little Personal Concern
Global NSA Impact
Germans Accuse US of Stasi Tactics Before Obama Visit
EU Demands Privacy Assurances From US Amid Prism Reveal
Prism Exposed: Data Surveillance With Implications for the World
Putin on NSA Leak: Government Surveillance Shouldn't Break Law
New Zealand PM: We Don't Use NSA to Illegally Spy
Pakistan May Seek World Support to End Drone Attacks
Pakistani Army Makes Key Gains Against Taliban Militants
Pakistan Says Indian Planes Violated Its Airspace
Pakistan Denies Receiving Military Equipment From Israel
Musharraf Gets Bail in Key Case
Pakistan Threatens to Ban Google Unless It Cleans Up YouTube
US Gives $1 Billion in Ammo to Afghan Army
Afghan Sikhs, Already Marginalized, Pushed to the Brink
Afghan Taliban Release Kyrgyz Hostage
Many Young Afghans Suffering Mental Illness With Nonstop War
Seoul Says Planned Talks With North Korea Scrapped Because of Stalemate Over Negotiators
South Korea Charges Ex-Spy Chief for 'Meddling' in Vote
Top Sri Lanka Police Officer Held Over 'Contract Killing'
Thai Muslims Debate Their Future as Peace Talks Raise Hope
In Kosovo, Ethnic Barriers Linger as a New Accord Is Taking Effect
The War at Home
US Disrupts al-Qaeda's Online Magazine
GOP Lawmaker: US Muslim Leaders 'Complicit' in Terrorist Attacks
Panel Finds Gitmo Detainee Accused in USS Cole Attack Has Mental Illness but Competent for Trial
FBI Visits Oregon Man at Home, Ask Why He Photographed Dam
US State Department Officials in 'Sex and Drugs Scandal'
New Radio System at Ga. Army Base Jammed Garage Doors
Turkey Protests Test Obama's Ties With Erdogan
Riot Police Overwhelm Protesters Occupying Istanbul's Taksim Square and Gezi Park
Erdogan to Drum Up Support in Symbolic Sincan Suburb
Clashes in Istanbul Extend Into Night in Taksim
Taksim Square Eyewitness: Tear Gas and Bulldozers Just Add Fuel to Turkish Protesters' Ire
France Pushes for Talks on Arming Syria Rebels
Austria Pulls Out Golan Heights Troops
Putin: Assad Could Have Avoided War by Enacting Political Reforms
Israel Hasn't Given Up on Persuading Russia Not to Send Air Defense System to Syria
UN Talks to Germany About Resettling 10,000 Syrian Refugees
US Hits Hezbollah With New Sanctions
Defense Chiefs Hagel and Ya'alon to Meet in DC
Palestinian Rights Investigator Says He Will Not Resign, Despite Criticism
American Jews Fund $2.2 Million Gym for Israel's Mossad
How Netanyahu Made the Foreign Ministry Obsolete
1 Reformist Bows Out of Iran Presidential Race in Hopes of Helping Another
Former Presidents Endorse Moderate Hassan Rouhani
Infographic: Choosing Iran's Next President
Why the Reformist-Centrist Alliance in Iran Is Important
Questions Linger Over Ahmadinejad's Legacy
Putin Defends Iran Nuclear Program but Pans Anti-Israel Rhetoric
22 Killed in Attacks, Including 7 Kidnapped Truck Drivers
Attacks, Shuttling Fighters and Spreading Sectarianism Make Iraq New Battlefield in Syrian War
UN Envoy: Resentment in S. Yemen Over Unmet Grievances Reaching 'a Tipping Point'
Yemen Government Says Attacks Behind Power Outage
Egypt's Opposition Rejects Call for Unity Talks
Artists Clash With Islamists at Egyptian Culture Protest
Libya's Porous Borders Worry Its Neighbors
Bomb Found Under Italian Embassy Car in Libya
Libya Army Chief Vows End to Militias by End of Year
Libya and Tunisia Agree to Major Oil and Gas Deal
Mali Government, Tuaregs Reach Ceasefire Deal 'in Principle'
Mali Manual Suggests Al-Qaeda Has Feared Weapon
Timbuktu Damage to Mali Historic Sites 'Underestimated'
Algeria: President Had Full Stroke, but Recovering
In Uganda, Congo's M23 Rebels Eager to Negotiate
Shooting Breaks Out Near Paramilitary Base in Niger; Gunmen Not Known
Sudan: New Evidence of Scorched-Earth Tactics Against Civilians in Blue Nile
Colombia Peace Talks to Resume in Cuba
Effort to Clean Up Honduras' US-Backed Police Force Stalls
Venezuela Vote Council Says Audit Confirms Maduro Victory
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