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Updated June 13, 2013 - 11:18 PM EDT
US: Syria Crosses 'Red Line' on Chemical Weapons
  Syrian Rebels Massacre 60 in Shi'ite Village
  Lebanese Army Threatens Retaliation After Syria Raid
NSA Played Little Role in Foiling Terror Plots
  Key Anecdote to Defend NSA Data-Gathering Is Full of Holes
  The NSA's Best Defense of Prism Didn't Even Last a Week
Edward Snowden Vows Not to 'Hide From Justice'
  Feds Hunted for Snowden in Days Before NSA Leaks Went Public
  NSA Leaker Snowden: 'I'm Neither Traitor nor Hero. I'm an American.'
  Snowden Wants 'People of Hong Kong to Decide My Fate'
  Snowden Vows More Revelations
Lying Under Oath: Obama Defends Spy Chief
  NSA's Word Games: How They Deceived Congress
Turkey PM: 'Final Warning' to Istanbul Protesters
  Istanbul Police Escalate Violence Against Protesters
Israel Quickly Recalls Statement Supporting Peace Talks
Iraq Loses Over 1,000 Soldiers to Kurdish Peshmerga
Gitmo Doctors Must Refuse to Force-Feed Hunger Strikers: Physicians
The Constitutional Amnesia of the NSA Snooping Scandal  by John Judis
Big Brother Really Is Watching Us  by Sen. Rand Paul
Security Is Not an End in Itself  by Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger
Liberty in Shambles  by Andrew Napolitano
Put the NSA on Trial  by David Sirota
Does Samantha Power Mean War?  by Leon Hadar

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Manning Court-Martial Hears 'Evidence of Online Chats' With Assange
Was a Telecom CEO Sent to Prison for Resisting NSA?
Egypt Frets, Fumes Over Ethiopia's Nile Plan
Clapper Making Alberto Gonzales Look Good
Syria Rebels, Mali Groups on UN List of Child Recruiters
Syria Islamist Rebels Celebrate Shi'ite Deaths
Bill Clinton Sides With McCain Over Obama on Syria
Syrian Rebels Press US and Allies to Send Weapons
Syrian Forces Seen Stepping Up Air Attacks on Rebels
US Eases Trade Restrictions to Syria Rebel-Held Areas
Diplomats Predict Assad Will Soon Launch Campaign to Retake Aleppo
UK Coalition Gives Clegg a Veto on Arming Syria
'Everyone Is Afraid': Erdogan Regime Cows Embattled Media
Turkey PM Floats Referendum to End Protest
Kurds Fear Impact of Istanbul Protests on Peace Process
Mossad Chief Made Secret Visit to Turkey, Asked to Meet Erdogan
Erdogan's Crackdown Pushes Protesters Out of Istanbul Square
Uneasy Calm in Istanbul's Taksim Square
Lawyers Rail at Police Response to Turkey Protests
Protesting Kurds Finding Solidarity in Gezi
Iranians Mixed on Religious Figures in Politics: Poll
Iran Imposes Severe Restrictions on Media Election Coverage
Iran Denies Foreign Minister Called for Talks With US
An Election Rally, Iran Style
Economic Issues Remain Murky as Iranians Go to the Polls
Britain Refused to Send Israel Military Equipment for Fear It Would Add to 'Internal Repression'
Bleak Outlook for West Bank Economy
Dawa Party Official Among Ten Killed in Iraq
Kuwaiti Premier Visits Iraq, Tightening Bonds
Iraq Targets 4.5 Million Barrels a Day for 2014
Middle East
Colombia Worries as Troops Join Arab Mercenary Force Organized by Blackwater Founder
For Lebanon's Sunnis, Growing Rage at Hezbollah Over Role in Syria
Main Tuareg Rebel Group Says Ready to Sign Accord
Kenya Schoolchildren Killed Near Somalia Border
Nigeria: Boko Haram Insurgency Displaces Over 6,000 People, Says UN
Zimbabwe PM Won't Agree to July Elections
Venezuela's Maduro Victory Upheld in Audit – but Opposition Says Fight Not Over
The War at Home
US Probes Sexual Offenses by Envoys Abroad
CIA's Deputy Director to Be Replaced With White House Lawyer
Mafia Planned to Use Drones to Assassinate Its Enemies in 1990s, Says Informant
George W. Bush Back in Favor? His Ratings Make a Surprising Jump
Spying on Everyone
Poll: Americans Disapprove of Government Surveillance Programs
Washington Post Talks to Feds on Publishing More NSA Slides
NSA Director: Contractors May Need More Oversight
NSA Revelations Put Booz Allen Hamilton, Carlyle Group in Uncomfortable Limelight
Politics of Spying
Rep. Peter King Wants Glenn Greenwald Punished
Sen. Merkley Demands NSA Chief Share Grounds for Seizing Data
Senators Request Independent Investigation Into NSA Programs
Clapper's 'Least Untruthful' Statement to the Senate
Justin Amash Calls for James Clapper to Quit
Rand Paul: 'Sue the Government'
Reid: Lawmakers Were Informed About Phone, Internet Snooping
Carney: White House 'Aware' of Letters From Tech Companies on NSA Program
Global NSA Impact
Germans Accuse US of Stasi Tactics Before Obama Visit
Hong Kong Groups Plan Protest to Support Edward Snowden
Pressure on Merkel to Talk 'Prism' With Obama
Snowden Showed Evidence of US Hacking China to Hong Kong Newspaper
Leak of NSA Programs Tests US, China Ties
Obama Administration Convinced EU to Drop Measure That Would Have Blocked NSA Spying
Could Whistleblower Snowden Fly Out of Hong Kong?
Snowden's CIA Drunk Driving Plot Claim Questioned by Switzerland
EU Failed to Protect Citizens From NSA
Sentence Goes on for Foreign Detainees in Bagram
US General Dunford: 'Fight for Afghan Rights Not Over'
Georgia Shuts 2 Bases in Afghanistan After Attacks
Motorcycle Bomb Kills 2, Wounds 15 in Afghanistan
Blasts Kill 8 Afghan Soldiers, 4 Civilians
Pakistan Tries Anew to End Insurgency in Resource-Rich Baluchistan
No Money in Pakistan Budget for Iranian Gas Pipeline That US Opposed
Pakistan Army Officer Killed in IED Blast
India Calls Violation of Pakistan Airspace 'Technical'
North Korea
Crackdown Filling North Korean Prisons With Defectors
Peering Into the North Korean Economy, Via Satellite
Tibetan Nun Survives Self-Immolation
Journalist Held in Beijing, Friends Say
Muslim Jailed for Petrol Attack on Buddhist Woman
Putin Inaugurates New Movement Amid Fresh Protests
Police Find Body of Candidate for Mayor of Remote Northern Mexico Town in Drug-Traffic Area
Paraguayan Investigators Rule Out Foul Play in Copter Crash That Killed Presidential Candidate
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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