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Updated June 15, 2013 - 11:15 PM EDT
Reformist-Backed Moderate Wins Iran Presidency
US Considers Syria No-Fly Zone
  NBC/WSJ Poll: Most Americans Oppose Intervention in Syria
  Syrian Rebels' al-Qaeda Ties Run Deep
Arming Syria Rebels Easier Said Than Done
  Decision to Arm Rebels Was Reached Weeks Ago, US Officials Say
  Turkey's Protests Will Complicate US Intervention in Syria
Senate Bill: Limit Surveillance of US Phone Calls
  US Agencies Said to Swap Data With Thousands of Firms
  Senators: No Evidence NSA Surveillance Prevented 'Dozens of Attacks'
  US Officials Fear NSA Leaker Has More Classified Documents
  57% Fear Govt. Will Use NSA Data to Harass Political Opponents
NATO Denies UN Report Strike Killed Children
  US Commander: Afghan War 'Progress' Not Sustainable
House Votes to Allow Indefinite Detention of Americans
  House Votes to Block Guantánamo Detainee Transfers to Yemen
Obama Decision to Arm Syrian Rebels Has Nothing to Do With Alleged Chemical Weapons Use  by John Glaser
Syria Chemical Weapons – No Questions Asked  by Patty Culhane
3 Reasons the 'Nothing to Hide' Crowd Should Be Worried About Government Surveillance  by Scott Shackford
The Sickening Snowden Backlash  by Kirsten Powers
Snowden Saw What I Saw: Surveillance Criminally Subverting the Constitution  by Thomas Drake
Edward Snowden and the Architecture of Oppression  by Amy Goodman

More Viewpoints

Tea Party Splits on Security, Civil Liberties
Why Are Massive National Security Breaches So Ridiculously Easy?
In Syria, US May Find War Centuries in the Making
Pentagon Brass Has Long Urged Caution on Syria
Head of Libyan Army Brigade Killed in Attack
Syria: US Chemical Weapons Charges 'Full of Lies'
Spying on Everyone
Al Gore: NSA Program 'Violates' Constitution
The Government Is Watching You
White House: Obama Will Defend Internet Spying to Europeans
NSA-Proof Encryption Exists. Why Doesn't Anyone Use It?
The Heroic Edward Snowden
Britain to Airlines: Don't Let Edward Snowden Fly to UK
Snowden's Leaks on China Could Affect Its Role in His Fate
Snowden Posted Comments Attacking Citizen Surveillance While Working for CIA
British Defense Secretary: Afghanistan War Is Our Vietnam
Is Afghanistan Destined to Be Run by a Drug Mafia?
PPP Dares PML-N to Try Musharraf
Afghan President Supports Nawaz Sharif's Stand on Drones
India's Government Faces Backlash Over Anti-Terror Agency
Britain Lobbies for Nuclear Export Group to Admit India
As India's Big Parties Flounder, Minnows Scent Election Chance
UN Convoy Finally Reaches Northernmost Myanmar
A Myanmar in Transition Says Little of Past Abuses
Monks Draft Law to Ban Buddhist Women Marrying Muslim Men
South Korea
South Korea Prosecutors Charge Former Spy Chief
Sudan Accuses South and Darfur Rebels Over Abyei Oil Blast
UN Says Peacekeeper Killed in Shelling in Sudan Oil Region
Mali 'Suicide Vest Workshop Found'
New UN Envoy Hails Somaliland as 'Island of Relative Peace and Stability' in Insecure Region
The War at Home
House Approves National Guard Sponsorship of Wrestling
DoD Omits Details of Secret Disclosures in Zero Dark Thirty Report
House Votes for Military Branches to Share One Camouflage Pattern
Obama to Nominate Campaign Donors as US Ambassadors
West Point Superintendent Misused His Office, IG Says
NY Air Guard Unit Being Probed After Allegedly Promoting Sexual Abusers
Syria Arms
CIA Preparing to Deliver Rebels Arms Through Turkey and Jordan
Transforming Syria's War Could Take More Than Arming
Heavy Pressure Led to Decision by Obama on Syrian Arms
Reaction Cool to US Arms Plan for Syrian Rebels
Russia Says Evidence of Chemical Weapons Is 'Not Convincing'
Britain Holds Off Arming Syrian Rebels Despite US Decision
France Says UN Decision on Syria No-Fly Zone 'Unlikely'
UN Asks Austria to Delay Pullout From Golan
Don't Repeat Iraq Mistake in Syria, Russia Warns America
Syria and Her Neighbors
Jordan Key to Pentagon Plan for No-Fly Zone
Could Protests in Turkey Hurt US Effort to Arm Syrian Rebels?
Egypt Brotherhood Backs Syria Jihad, Denounces Shi'ites
Ya'alon: Israeli Intervention Could Hurt 'Side We Might Support' in Syria
Hezbollah Leader Vows to Keep Fight in Syria
GCC Condemns Hezbollah in Syria
Israeli Defense Minister Claims Arab League Initiative Is Spin
UN Chief Concerned Over Israeli Settlements
Israeli DM: Kerry Peace Move Has Failed So Far
Cars Torched in Likely Attack by Jewish Extremists
Uri Geller Psychic Spy? The Spoon-Bender's Secret Life as a Mossad and CIA Agent Revealed
Turkey PM Wants Istanbul Park Protest Over by Tonight
Turkish PM to Delay Istanbul Park Project
Erdogan Claims Jewish Investors Behind Protests
Video: Drone Shot From the Sky Above Istanbul Protest
Turkish Media: 73 Syrian Military Officers and Their Families Cross Border Seeking Refuge
Middle East
Gunmen Kill Election Candidate in Iraq
Gunshots Follow Hezbollah Celebratory Gunfire Ban
Bahraini Citizen 'Disappears' in UAE Prison System
French Court Orders Twitter to ID Anti-Semites
Norway Is First NATO Country to Draft Women Into Military
Guatemalan Syphilis Victims Lose Hope in Legal Battle Against US
Venezuela Court Grants Freedom for Judge Who Angered Chavez; Charges Against Her Remain
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