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Updated June 16, 2013 - 11:00 PM EDT
Secret to PRISM Success: Bigger Data Seizure
  NSA Admits Listening to US Phone Calls Without Warrants
  Surveillance Includes Collection of Revealing Internet, Phone Metadata
  On PRISM, Partisanship and Propaganda
  Utah: The NSA's Desert Home for Eavesdropping on America
  Yahoo Supplied Data to Prism Only After Losing Scrappy FISA Fight
CIA Didn't Know Who It Was Killing in Drone Strikes
  Attack on Hospital in Pakistan's Southwest Kills 22
Reformist-Backed Moderate Wins Iran Presidency
  Iran Winner Declares 'Victory of Moderation Over Extremism'
Al-Qaeda's Iraq Head Defies Boss Over Syria Fight
  Iraq's Shi'ite South Targeted: 54 Killed, 174 Wounded
Experts Skeptical of US Claim Syria Used Sarin
  CIA Will Lead US Effort to Arm, Train Syrian Rebel Forces
  US to Keep Missiles, Jets in Jordan Amid Syria Crisis
Attacks in Benghazi Kill 6 Libyan Soldiers
Turk Police Storm Protest Camp With Teargas, Rubber Bullets
Obama Decision to Arm Syrian Rebels Has Nothing to Do With Alleged Chemical Weapons Use  by John Glaser
Syria Chemical Weapons – No Questions Asked  by Patty Culhane
3 Reasons the 'Nothing to Hide' Crowd Should Be Worried About Government Surveillance  by Scott Shackford
The Sickening Snowden Backlash  by Kirsten Powers
Snowden Saw What I Saw: Surveillance Criminally Subverting the Constitution  by Thomas Drake
Edward Snowden and the Architecture of Oppression  by Amy Goodman

More Viewpoints

Final House Vote on Renewing NDAA
House Vote on Indefinite Detention of Americans
House Vote on Blocking Detainees' Return to Yemen
Ecuador Minister in UK for Assange Talks
Janet Napolitano Denies Existence of 'Orwellian State'
Ex-Gitmo Prisoner Talks of Forced-Feeding
Spying on Everyone
Retired Federal Judge: Your Faith in Secret Surveillance Court Is Dramatically Misplaced
All the Ways You're Being Watched
Experts: NSA Lawsuits Could Break New Legal Ground
Officials Claim NSA Programs Broke Plots in 20 Nations
US Intelligence Outlines Checks It Says Validate Surveillance
Senators Skip NSA Briefing: Only 47 Meet With Top Officials on Surveillance
Privacy Apps and Services Are the Only Tech Companies Winning the NSA Surveillance Scandal
Social Media Spying
Facebook, Microsoft Reveal US Data Requests
Facebook: 10,000 Requests for Info From Govt in Last 6 Months
Microsoft Said to Give Exploits to US Government Before It Patches Them
The Heroic Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden: Classified US Data Shows Hong Kong Hacking Targets
Hong Kong Rallies in the Rain for Edward Snowden
Hongkongers Don't Want Snowden Handed Over to the US, According to Poll
In Hong Kong, Pressure Mounts on Govt to Protect Snowden
Snowden's Life Surrounded by Spycraft
Whistleblower Edward Snowden a Hero to 40%, UK Poll Finds
Multiple Attacks Shake New Pakistan Government
Pakistan Police Storm Hospital, Ending Standoff
Five People Killed in Karachi Violence
Two Killed, Two Injured in Lahore Court Firing
Militants Blow Up Historic Pakistan House
Suspect Held Over Murder of Pakistan Prosecutor Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali
Taliban Fighters Shrug Off NSA Surveillance Revelations: 'We Knew'
UK Troops Move HQ to Camp Bastion
North Korea Proposes High-Level Talks With US
Camp Humphreys Construction in South Korea – Largest Ever for Military – Slogs On
Protesters Confront Tight Security in Belfast G8 Rally
Bulgaria to Replace New Security Chief After Public Backlash
Americans Still Dying
Father of Two, Lt Col From Evans Mills (NY) Killed in Insider Attack
New York Civilian Contractor Killed by Afghan Soldier Trainee
Dover (DE) Family Looses Army Medic Son in Afghanistan
Arizona Army Ranger Killed by IED While on Afghan Patrol
After Months of Caution, Obama Suddenly More Aggressive on Syria Than Other G-8 Leaders
Egypt's Islamist President Cuts Relations With Syria, Orders Damascus Embassy in Cairo Shut
No Decision on Arming Syrian Rebels, Says David Cameron
Syrian Troops Capture Damascus Suburb Near Airport
US Will Arm Syrian Rebels, but Will Allies Follow?
Thousands of Egypt Islamists Rally for Syria Jihad
Germany Rules Out Arms for Syrian Rebels
US to Start Arming Syrian Rebels, but Will It Make Much Difference?
Russia Says Illegal to Impose Syria No-Fly Zone From Jordan
Everyone Who Enters Taksim Square Will Be Treated as a Terrorist: Turkish EU Minister
29 Injured in Turkish Police Crackdown on Protesters in Istanbul
Police Raid on Istanbul Park Triggers Night of Rioting
Erdogan in New Gezi Park Protest Warning
Gezi Park Protesters Call for Mass Demonstration on Sunday
Iran's Next President, in Speech: 'I Will Try to Improve Peace in the World by Engagement'
Iran Reformists Dance in Streets for New President
Iran's Rowhani Seeks 'Constructive Interaction'
Leaders Say They Hope to Work With New Iranian President
Israeli Analysts See Rowhani Win as a Shock, Not a Revolution, for Iran
Hassan Rohani Is Iran's Next President. What Will Change?
23 Killed Across Iraq
Mortar Attack on Iranian Dissident Camp in Iraq Kills Three
Middle East
Dutch Couple Kidnapped in Yemen's Capital
Report: Gulf States 'Unable to Protect Themselves' Despite Military Spending
Egyptian Army to Deploy Ahead of Protests
Egypt Arrests Man for 'Spying for Israel'
New York-Bound Flight From Egypt Diverted After Threat
Tea Shop Bomb in Somali Town Kills at Least Seven
Charity: South Sudan 'Preventing Aid to Jonglei Victims'
Alleged Mexican Cartel Hit Man Confesses to 30 Murders
Colombian Police Rescue Two Kidnapped Spanish Tourists
Chile to Block Extradition for Carmelo Soria 'Killers'
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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