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Updated July 15, 2013 - 11:17 PM EDT
Obama's Secret Kill List – the Disposition Matrix
Greenwald: Snowden Docs Contain NSA 'Blueprint'
  Greenwald: Snowden Asylum 'Unlikely' to Stop Me Publishing Leaks
  Greenwald Slams Reuters Article on Snowden Comments
Pakistani Taliban Sending 100s to Fight in Syria
  Tensions Soar as Syrian Rebels Battle Each Other for Checkpoint
  Families Trapped by Fighting in Damascus Mosque
US Envoy Spurned by Both Sides on Egypt Visit
  Muslim Brotherhood Negotiating With Egypt Army
  Egypt Junta Freezes Assets of Muslim Brotherhood Leaders
  Media Attacks in Egypt Follow Familiar Pattern
  Pentagon Denies US About to 'Invade' Egypt
Netanyahu Vows to Attack Iran 'Before Too Late'
  US Promises Israel: New Iranian President Will Be Met With Hostility
  Israel Steps Up Information War Against Hezbollah
Iraqi Shoppers Targeted: 77 Killed, 223 Wounded
Obama’s Many Middle East Miseries Multiply
Afghan Insider Attack Soldier Escapes With Guard
Officials 'Cheating' Over Gitmo Hunger Strike Numbers
Obama's Expanding Surveillance Universe  by Alfred W. McCoy & Nick Turse
Secret Intelligence Court a Precursor to Tyranny  by William Pfaff
Lack of Transparency Means Tainted Justice for Bradley Manning  by Alexa O'Brien
Egypt's Coup Conundrum  by Doug Bandow
Egypt: The End of the Arab Spring  by Brendan O'Neill
Conning Americans to Give Up Privacy  by Leonard Pitts Jr.

More Viewpoints

UK Trident Fleet May Be Cut to Two Subs in Lib Dem Plan
Inside Look at Internal Strife Over Al Jazeera America
Harsh Criticism Follows US-German Talks on NSA
NSA Leaks Stir Plans in Russia to Control Net
Let Us Protest, Bahrain's Opposition Says
Napolitano Replacement List Grows for DHS
Morsi Removal Fuels Sinai Islamist Militancy
Egypt's Islamists Refocus Their Protest Message
Egypt Military Chief Says Army Couldn't Stand on Sidelines
Post-Morsi Egypt Forging Government of Technocrats
ElBaradei Sworn-In as Egypt's Vice President
Kuwait Sends $200 Million Worth of Oil to Egypt
Egypt's Real Disaster: Away From Political Turmoil, an Economy in Freefall
No Quick Impact in US Arms Plan for Syria Rebels
Syrian Troops Advance Against Rebels in Damascus
Philippines Wants Its Golan Peacekeepers to Be Better Armed
Syria Weighs Its Tactics as Pillars of Its Economy Continue to Crumble
Egypt, Jordan, Iraq Seek to Stem Syrian Refugee Flood
Israelis Near Egypt Advised to Stay Indoors
Netanyahu Vows to Keep Weapons From Hezbollah
Netanyahu Calls Palestinian Leader Abbas, Urges Peacemaking
Candidate for Israel's Sephardi Chief Rabbi Denies Making Anti-Arab Remarks
Religious Israeli Soldier Attacked in Ultra-Orthodox Neighborhood
Middle East
Iraqi Shoppers Targeted on Revolution Anniversary: 77 Killed, 223 Wounded
Iran Seeks More Tourists, but Will They Come?
Northern Ireland
Belfast Rioters Warned: Be Prepared to Face Special Courts Within Hours
The Heroic Whistleblower
Russian Officials Say They Didn't Receive an Asylum Request From Snowden
US Actions in Snowden Case Threaten Right to Seek Asylum
Swedish Professor Nominates Snowden for Nobel Peace Prize
Officials: 5 Taliban Killed in NATO Airstrike
Anti-Malarial Drug Linked to Afghan Massacre
US Drone, Pakistan Air Force Strikes Kill 19 Suspected Militants
Report: China Naval Fleet Seen Off Northern Japan
Britain to Offer Military Training to Myanmar to Help Ethnic Conflicts
Boko Haram Leader Denies Truce
Mass Graves Found in Anti-Extremist Raids
Sudan's Bashir Arrives in Nigeria to Anger of Rights Groups
Tanzania Wants Stronger Mandate for Darfur Peacekeepers
Body Found in Mali Probably That of French Hostage
Malian Troops to Open Bastille Day
DR Congo
Congo Army Clashes With M23 Rebels Close to Eastern City of Goma
Congolese Fleeing to Uganda Top 60,000: Red Cross
Army Chief Criticises Zeidan for Not Building Libyan Army
UN: Kenyan Peacekeepers Aided Illegal Somalia Charcoal Export
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