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Updated July 25, 2013 - 11:18 PM EDT
Narrow Defeat for Amash Bid to Curb NSA
  With Little Argument, House Limits US Involvement in Syria, Egypt
  House Passes $595 Billion Military Spending Bill
  How the Justin Amash NSA Amendment Got a Vote
  House Vote 412: Rejects Limits on NSA Data Collection
Snowden Still Stuck in Moscow Airport
  Snowden Fate Threatens to Be Long-Term Thorn in US-Russia Relations
Syrian Sectarianism Fuels Concern of 'Cleansing'
  15 Civilians Killed in Damascus Refugee Camp Clashes
14 Iraqi Shi'ites Killed at Militant 'Roadblock'
  Infographic: Why Is Iraq's Violence Surging?
  66 Iraqis Killed, 84 Wounded in Fresh Attacks
Bagram: The Other Guantanamo
  Zero Troops in Afghanistan? It's a Serious Option, Pentagon Says
  Gitmo Costs Continue to Soar: $454 Million for 2013
Confrontation Looms as Egypt Pro-, Anti-Coup Demos Set
Hawkish Japanese PM Wants 'Preemptive Strike' Capability
Obama Upset as Yemen Frees Wrongly-Imprisoned Journalist
War on Whistleblowers: Has Obama Scrapped 1st Amendment?  by Marc Pitzke
Against Linkage  by Stephen M. Walt
The Deceptive Appeal of the Responsibility to Protect  by John Allen Gay
My 21st Century Counterpart  Interview with Daniel Ellsberg
The Betrayal of Dr David Kelly, 10 Years On  by Andrew Gilligan
The Sky Darkens for American Journalism  by Chase Madar

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Bradley Manning Trial Transcripts
Guardian Guide to NSA Files
US Urges Russia to Hand Over Snowden
Germany's Famous Ex-Gitmo Inmate Speaks Out
Bush Presidential Library Misleads Visitors on WMDs in Iraq
House Roll-Call on Pentagon Funding
The War at Home
5 Senators at Guantanamo Hearing Easily Outnumbered by Protesters
Army Admits Thousands of War Records Are Missing
Army's Giant Surveillance Blimp to Track Objects in DC Region
Congress to Probe Crash That Killed SEAL Team 6 Members
Iraq War Vet Indicted in Death of Former US Military Sniper
Attack on Pakistan Complex Kills Five
Pakistan Bomb Blasts Hit Intelligence Agency in Sukkur
Pakistan's Security Tied With Afghanistan, Says US
Biden Seeks to Assure India on Afghanistan, Presses on Trade
US, Vietnam to Intensify Talks Despite Protests
Repairing the Damage Caused by Agent Orange
Families Still Separated 60 Years After Korean War
China Charges Disgraced Politician Bo Xilai With Corruption
Sudan Darfur Rebels Attack North Kordofan Military
Fears for South Sudan as President Sacks Entire Govt
Eastern Congo Rebel Group Charges That Civilians Were Killed in Army Strikes on Military Camp
Mauritania Court Frees Canadian Jailed for 'Terror Ties'
Togo Voters Head to the Polls in Long-Delayed Elections
Abidjan's Maca Prison Riot Kills Three in Ivory Coast
Israel Pushing Ahead With Grandiose West Bank Railway Plan, Ignoring Political Borders
Nasrallah to EU: Why Not Brand Israeli Army as Terror Group?
Former Fatah Leader Sues 'Tyrannical' Abbas for Corruption, Intimidation
China Tried to Cover Up Counterterrorism Meetings With Israeli Officials
Gaza's Economy Suffers From Egyptian Military's Crackdown
Does the EU Pick on Israel More Than Syria, as Netanyahu Claims?
Fake Iraq Checkpoints Signal Return to Old Tactic; 66 Killed in Fresh Attacks
Army Forces Cut Off the Highway Between Baghdad and Anbar Since Jailbreak
Sadr: Maliki Should Release Prisoners Who Didn't Escape
Pentagon Delays Delivery of F-16s to Egypt
Egypt Army Call Signals Possible Crackdown
Middle East
UN Chemical Weapons Team Arrives in Syria
Nasrallah: No Cabinet Without Hezbollah
NY Regulators Query 20 Reinsurers About Iran Ties
No Parole for Pussy Riot Woman Maria Alyokhina
61 Tons of Silver From WWII Shipwreck Recovered Off Ireland
Mexico's Drug War Boils Over Again in Michoacan as Gang Gunmen Stage Attacks on Federal Police
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