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Updated July 30, 2013 - 11:22 PM EDT
Manning NOT GUILTY of Aiding the Enemy
  Manning Convicted of Espionage Act Violations, Faces 130 Years
  Bradley Manning Verdict: What You Need to Know
  Daniel Ellsberg on the Manning Verdict
  What We Know From Manning's Leaked WikiLeaks Documents
Greenwald: NSA Hearing Canceled
  Momentum Builds Against NSA Surveillance
  What the Ashcroft 'Hospital Showdown' on NSA Spying Was All About
Israel, Palestinians Set 9-Month Timeline for Talks
  Same Issues, Same Faces, Same Hopes as Mideast Talks Resume
  Israel's Deputy FM: Netanyahu 'Wrong' to Endorse Palestinian State
Scores Killed as Iraq Death Toll Surges Again
  Iraqi Shi'ites Focus of Attacks That Leave 90 Dead, 266 Wounded
Scores Killed as Afghan Military Touts 'Progress'
  Another Investigation Turns Up Taxpayer Waste in Afghanistan
Egypt: Jihadists Used US-Made Missile to Attack Sinai Base
Eight Tunisian Soldiers Killed in Ambush as Tensions Soar
New Zealand Military Collected Phone Data of Reporter
European Court to Hear New CIA Jail Case Against Poland
Christie vs. Madison: '9/11!' He Thundered  New Hampshire Union Leader
The American Surveillance State Is Here. Can It Be Evaded?  by John W. Whitehead
Major Opinion Shifts, in the US and Congress, on NSA Surveillance and Privacy  by Glenn Greenwald
Obama's Moment – A Deal With Iran!  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Justin Amash's Revolution  by W. James Antle III
The Amash Amendment Failed, but Civil Libertarians Won  by Julie Borowski

More Viewpoints

Don't Force an Irresponsible Vote on Iran Sanctions
by Gen. Joseph Hoar, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, & Trita Parsi
Carter Plans to Visit North Korea
Aide: Paul Egypt Plan Could Get Vote
Ron Paul: House Leadership Voted for 'Police State'
The Army's Hidden Child Abuse Epidemic
Hagel Backs General's Hard Line on Urination Video Case
Syrian Government Forces Take Control of Homs Neighborhood in Blow to Rebels
Syria's Kurds Fight Jihadists Amid Growing Doubts of Their Real Intentions
Assad's Forces Kill 12 Rebels Taking Flour From Mill: Activist
Exploit or Be Exploited: Survival Sex Among Syria's Refugee Women
Syrian Refugees Face Wave of Racism in Host Lands
US Balancing Act With Egypt Grows Trickier
Military Continues Crackdown in Egypt
Morsi Supporters Stage Defiant Marches
Islamists Urge a Million to March in Egypt
Top EU Diplomat in Egypt Meets Rival Sides in Search for a Way Out of Complex Crisis
'My Brother Was Not an Islamist,' Says Brother of Dubai Resident Shot Dead in Egypt
Egypt's Military Chief Attracts Personality Cult After He Ousted Islamist President in Coup
Egypt's Big Struggle Obscures All the Little Battles
Some Flights to Egypt Canceled, Others Half-Empty
Israeli DM: Full Reasons for Freeing Prisoners Will Be Revealed in Future
Israel's Right-Wing Fires Opening Shot in Campaign Against Peace Talks
Deputy FM: 'Netanyahu Wrong to Back Palestinian State, and It's Hurting Him in Likud'
US Commends 'Courage' of PM, Abbas at Start of New Peace Talks
Ex-US Envoy Martin Indyk to Lead Mid-East Peace Talks
Shi'ites Focus of Attacks That Leave 90 Dead, 266 Wounded Across Iraq
July Iraq Toll Tops 780 as Car-Bomb Spree Kills 48
Iraqi Security Forces Claim to Re-Capture 349 Escaped Prisoners
Surging Violence in Iraq
Bomb Attack Halts Oil Flow Through Kirkuk-Ceyhan Pipeline
Dept. of Homeland Security Returns Stolen Saddam Hussein Sword to Iraq
Middle East
Bahrain Enacts New Laws Against 'Terrorism' Before Opposition Protests
Iran's Rohani to Pack Cabinet With Old Hands
The War at Home
Congressman Adam Schiff's Plan to Rein in Out-Of-Control Secret FISA Courts
Ex-Obama Aide (stupidly) Dismisses Greenwald as a Fake Journalist
Senate Backs FBI Chief and Considers Other Picks
US Military
US Military Death Row: More Than 50 Years and No Executions
Penthouse, Playboy Deemed Appropriate for Sale on Military Bases
Top Marine Gen. James Amos Is Accused of Interfering in Sex Assault, Desecration Cases
Power Line Plan Threatens Antimissile Tests, Pentagon Says
Taliban Launch Major Attack on Pakistani Prison, Free 300 Inmates
Karachi: Seven Including Two Policemen Killed
Gunmen Attack Prison in Pakistan
Despite Gains, Leader of US Forces in Afghanistan Says Troops Must Stay
Afghan Women's Rights at Risk in Peace Process: UN Watchdog
Sri Lankan Protesters Urge India Not to Interfere in Sri Lanka's Internal Affairs
Cambodia's Opposition Rejects Election Results, Claims Fraud
Islamist Party Office Attacked in Libya
Libya PM to Reshuffle Ministries
Tunisian PM Defies Demands That He Step Down, Promises Elections by Dec. 17
Mali Election Challenges Loom as Rivals Stake Claims
Nigeria: Multiple Explosions in Christian Area in Kano City, Killing 10, Wounding Scores
Mogadishu Military Court Executes Four Soldiers for Murder
Congolese Refugees in Uganda 'Face Water Shortage'
US Pushes for Global Eye on South Sudan Conflict
In Zimbabwean Diaspora, Only Some Trek Home to Vote
Outside the System, Islamists Test Ground in Ukraine
France Struggles to Separate Islam and the State
Northern Ireland Struggles to Heal Deep Fracture
Mexico Detains 3 Alleged Cartel Members in Killing of Navy Vice Admiral on Back Road
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