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Updated August 3, 2013 - 11:09 PM EDT
Bipartisan Campaign Says Clapper Must Resign
  Obama Meets Congressional Leaders in Effort to Calm NSA Outcry
  Congress Eyes Renewed Push for Legislation to Rein in the NSA
  NSA Controversy: Unfamiliar Allies Fight for and Against Reform
XKeyscore a 'God-Terminal' Into Internet
  Germans Revoke US Permission to Spy on Them
Rohani's Quote, Its Distortion, and What It Means
  Senators' Letter Demands More Iran Sanctions, Blasts Diplomacy
  Rohani's Influence Could Mean Major Shift on Talks
US Issues Travel Warning, Shuts Embassies
  Pentagon Studies Plans to Attack Iran, N. Korea Amid Budget Crunch
Syrian Islamists, Kurds Turn On Each Other
  25 Killed, 120 Wounded as Rebels Bomb Homs Weapons Depot
  UN Probes Rebels Over Massacre of Captives in Aleppo Village
With Snowden Free in Russia, US Has Few Options
  Bradley Manning Fallout Complicates Edward Snowden Saga
  Will the Snowden Chill Start a New Cold War?
  Snowden in Russia: Has Job Offer, Awaits Family, Girlfriend
Egypt Protests as US Loudly Backs Coup
Iraqi General Survivor in Attacks That Leave 58 Dead
Fresh Evidence of CIA Drone Strikes on Pakistani Rescuers
22 Afghan Police, 76 Taliban Killed in Major Battle
Report: CIA Polygraphing Operatives to Stop Benghazi Leaks
Rand Paul Is Right About Aid to Egypt  by Pat Garofalo
Letter to Obama and Hadi on Yemeni Drones  by Faisal bin Ali Jabar
AIPAC's Push to Scuttle Iran Diplomacy  by Ali Gharib
Do-Gooder Lobby Silent on Egypt  by Brendan O’Neill
Recovering Lost Freedom  Washington Times
The Mideast Gamble  by Alan Berger

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Rand Paul Kept Out of Obama Meet on Surveillance
Pelosi Faces Liberal Heat for NSA Snooping Support
Senators Spar Over Definition of 'Journalist' in Seeking to Protect Them
Ex-FBI Agent Is Charged in Plot to Sell Documents
Pentagon Downplays Prospects of Canceling F-35, Stealth Bomber
Pentagon Fires 60 Troops After Sex-Assault Review
Spying on Everyone
Major Telecom Companies Passing Details to Britain's GCHQ
GCHQ: Inside the Top Secret World of Britain's Biggest Spy Agency
FBI Taps Hacker Tactics to Spy on Suspects
The NSA's Future: a Tale of Two Committees
Senate Seeks Numbers From NSA on Phone Collection
NSA: Permission to Spy in Germany
Will Rising Tide of Opposition Force Change in NSA Tactics?
Obama 'Open to NSA Surveillance Reform' at Meeting With Lawmakers
Senators Spar Over Definition of 'Journalist' in Seeking to Protect Them
Britain's GCHQ Accused of Selling Its Services After Revelations of Funding by NSA
Germany's Pirates Missing the Boat on PRISM
Postal Service Confirms Photographing All US Mail
What Failed in Pakistan Won't Work in Egypt
Egypt General Has Country Wondering About Aims
Egyptian Police to Blockade Protest Camp, Avoid Showdown
2 Policemen Injured in Clashes With Pro-Morsi Protesters in Cairo
Egypt Army Seeking 'Peaceful' Way to Disperse Sit-Ins: Spokesman
Tunisia Mounts 'Huge' Anti-Militant Operation
Tunisian Army, Militants Clash Near Algerian Border: Sources
Tunisian Forces Dismantle Explosive in Third Bomb Scare of Day
Renewed Protests Keep Libya Oil Exports Below Half of Normal
Mugabe's Zanu-Pf Wins Zimbabwe Parliament Majority
African Missions Say Zimbabwe Vote Was Free but Analysis Still Under Way
Nigeria: Death Toll in Multiple Blasts in Kano's Christian Area at Least 27
Mali Presidential Vote Goes to Run-Off on August 11
Former Head of Guinea's Presidential Guard Charged With Torture
Cameroon Prepares Repatriation of Central African Republic Soldiers
US Diplomat Kills Man in Car Crash, Leaves Kenya
Panama Finds Undeclared Munitions Aboard North Korea-Bound Ship From Cuba
Device Explodes Near Home of Honduran President
Cubans Welcome New US Visa Policy, Government Largely Silent
Weekend Reviews
Act of Killing: I'm OK, You're Dead
Vietnam: A War on Civilians
Chilling the First Amendment
War Photographers: Michael Kamber and Louie Palu on Iraq and Afghanistan
Scooping 'The Boys' of Vietnam Press
Rohani Clout in Iran Corridors of Power May Aid Nuclear Deal
US Sees Hope in Iranian President-Elect, but Still Cautious
Iran: Press TV Account Still Inactive Despite YouTube Claim
Syrian Kurds Take Fragile Steps Towards Autonomy
Tents, Garages, Shops: Syria Refugees Hide in Lebanon Shadows
Lebanon Leader Rejects Intimidation After Attack
Israel to Host Next Round of Talks With Palestinians: Livni
Nasrallah: No One Can Relinquish One Clod of Palestinian Land
Gaza's Hamas Worries as Egypt Turns Cold Shoulder
West Bank Water Shortage Forcing Palestinians to Lease Land From Settlers
Livni: Palestinians Want to Talk Seriously, Not Just Blame Israel
We'll Know Which Way Talks Are Headed in a Month, Livni Says
Obama Calls Netanyahu, Abbas After Peace Talks
IDF Briefly Detains 4 Syrians Near Border
Casualties Mount at Alarming Rate in Iraq
Random Attacks Leave 23 Dead Across Iraq
Maliki After Iraq's Worst Violence: Security Has Not Collapsed!
Justice Minister: Interior Ministry Responsible for Prisoners' Escape
Curfew Imposed on Kirkuk
Gas Pipeline Fire Put Out in Northern Iraq
Yemen Troops in Deadly Clashes in Sanaa
1 Killed in Clashes Among Yemeni Soldiers
Foreign Office Urges Britons to 'Leave Yemen Now'
British Embassy in Yemen to Close as 'Precaution'
Senator Seeking Contingency Plan for Bahrain Base
US: Terror Threat on the Rise in Pakistan
Imran Fights Terror With Cricket
Pakistan Informs Kerry About Importance of Pak-Iran Pipeline
Afghans Yield in Dispute With US Over Stiff Fines for Cargo Shipments
Afghan Middle Class: What Will Happen to Us When US Leaves?
GI Convicted of Murdering Two Afghans Is 'Scapegoat:' Lawyer
India – Deadly Clashes Raise Tensions in Kashmir
Journalist Xiao Shu Held After Calling for Activist's Release
France to Cut Defense Jobs, Hold Line on Spending
Paris Ramps Up Tourist Security Amid Chinese Concerns
US and Russian Envoys Discuss Snowden, Among Other Topics
Russia's Putin Says Sentences in Fraud Case Involving Top Critic Navalny Were 'Strange'
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