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Updated August 4, 2013 - 11:10 PM EDT
US Terror Alert Has Allies, Embassies Scrambling
  Suspected US Drone Kills 3 in Yemen
  Yemen: First Steps Towards Criminalizing Drone Strikes
Congress Denied Access to Basic Info About NSA
  'Oversight'? What 'Oversight'?
  FBI Pressures ISPs to Install Surveillance Software
  XKeyscore a 'God-Terminal' Into Internet
US: No Timetable to End Drone Strikes in Pakistan
  Interpol Issues Global Alert After Prison Breaks in Iraq, Libya, Pakistan
Kerry Backpedals on Support for Egypt Coup
  Morsi Supporters Signal Compromise
  In Rare Interview, Egyptian General Lashes Out at the US
Iraq General Survives Attacks That Leave 58 Dead
  $2 Billion in Arms Sales to Iraq: Is It the Right Stuff?
New US Penalties Will Greet Iran's New Leader
Syrian Rebels Capture Anti-Tank Missiles From Govt Forces
Rand Paul Is Right About Aid to Egypt  by Pat Garofalo
Letter to Obama and Hadi on Yemeni Drones  by Faisal bin Ali Jabar
AIPAC's Push to Scuttle Iran Diplomacy  by Ali Gharib
Do-Gooder Lobby Silent on Egypt  by Brendan O’Neill
Recovering Lost Freedom  Washington Times
The Mideast Gamble  by Alan Berger

More Viewpoints

EU Warrant Opt-Out 'Could Free Julian Assange'
Lawyer: Snowden Has Place to Live in Russia
Wikipedia Takes Stand Against NSA Spying
Soldier's War Zone Murder Conviction Could Ripple Through Ranks
Actress Julie Christie Fasting to Highlight Plight of Gitmoo Hunger Strikers
PJ Harvey Releases Guantánamo Song
The War at Home
Deputy Attorney General: 'Of Course We'd Like Records of People Buying' Pressure Cookers
Oakland's Creepy New Surveillance Program Approved
Federal Officials Issue Strong Warning About Anti-Malaria Drug
Louder, More Military Jets Coming to Key West
Discarded NYC Theater Prop Sparks Bomb Scare
NY WWII Airman's Remains Arrive Home Decades Later
After Lengthy Delays, Fort Hood Trial Set to Open
Years of Appeals Await Fort Hood Suspect if Convicted
Fort Hood and the Rarity of Military Executions
9 Afghans Killed in Suicide Attack on Indian Consulate in Kabul
Six Children Die in Afghan Attack
A Day's Toil in the Suicide Bombers' Graveyard
Scores Killed by Flash Floods in Afghanistan
Balochistan Chief Minister Announces Peace Talks With Militants
Eight, Including Five Policemen, Killed in Karachi Violence
Bara Highways to Reopen After Almost Four Years
Four Suspected Militants Killed in Quetta Operation
Security Beefed Up at Central Prison Hyderabad
'Coward' Police Flayed Over Dera Jailbreak: Our Heads Hang in Shame, Says Minister
Two Oil Tankers, Bus Torched in Pakistan
Infiltrating Militant, Soldier Killed in Kashmir
Canada Shuts Bangladesh Embassy Amid Terror Fears
Tens of Thousands Gather in Taiwan in Continuing Protest Over Soldier's Death
Japan's Troops Long Way From Hitting the Beaches, Experts Say
Russian Authorities: Terrorists Likely Behind Rabbi's Shooting in Dagestan
Russian Warships to Arrive in Cuba on Official Visit
US Bradley Fighting Vehicles Set to Leave Europe by Next Year
Latvia Resists US Call to Extradite 'Virus Maker'
Americans Still Dying
Bartlett (TN) Green Beret Killed by Small-Arms Fire
Decorated Stockbridge (GA) Sergeant Killed in Afghanistan
Friends and Family Remember Cornville (AZ) Soldier Killed by IED
Syrian Airstrike Kills 9 Near Border With Lebanon
Lebanese Suicide Bomber, Brother 'Martyred' in Syria
UN Warns of Plight of Children in Syria
Fleeing Syria, Palestinians Find Little Support From Their Brethren in Lebanon
Iraq General Survives Attacks That Leave 58 Dead
Sadr Bloc: Suspending US Embassy's Activities in Baghdad Gives Green Light for Qaeda
PA's Erekat: 26 Prisoners to Be Released in Mid-August
Members of Congress Seek to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem
Turkish Police Fire Water Cannon, Teargas at Istanbul Protesters
Turkey Appoints New Military Commanders
Middle East
Tanks Guard US Yemen Embassy in Terror Alert
Car Bomb Explodes Near Bahrain Capital
Conciliatory Tones in Egypt as Envoys Seek to Avert Bloodbath
US Envoy in Egypt Holds Talks With Rival Sides
Rare Interview With Egyptian Gen. Abdel Fatah Al-Sissi
Al-Qaeda Chief: Egypt Coup Shows Democracy Corrupt
Quick Guide: Who's Protesting in Egypt? and Why?
Pro-Government Rally Draws Tens of Thousands in Tunisia
Tunisian Interim Prime Minister Refuses to Dissolve Government
Suspected Religious Extremist Dies in Explosion While Making Bomb, Tunisian Authorities Say
Tribal Clashes Kill Nine in Sudan's Darfur
Congolese Troops in Country's Volatile East Disarm Dozens of People
Tsvangirai's MDC to Challenge Zimbabwe Vote in Court
Honduras to Militarize Main Prison After Clash
Weekend Reviews
Act of Killing: I'm OK, You're Dead
Vietnam: A War on Civilians
Chilling the First Amendment
War Photographers: Michael Kamber and Louie Palu on Iraq and Afghanistan
Scooping 'The Boys' of Vietnam Press
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