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Updated August 5, 2013 - 11:26 PM EDT
Speculation Over 'Imminent' Terror Plot Grows
  Surveillance Advocates See 'Terror Threat' as Secret Vindication
Congress Denied Access to Basic Info About NSA
  'Oversight'? What 'Oversight'?
  The NSA Has Your Data: Now Everyone Else Wants In
  Snowden Case Further Sours US-Russian Relations
Three Syrias: Civil War Leading to a Breakup?
  Clashes in Western Syrian Mountains Kill Over 30
As Iran Gets New President, US Position Unclear
  PM: US Threatened Pakistan Over Iran Gas Pipeline
  In Afghanistan, a Second Guantanamo
Gitmo Chief: Detainees Should've Been POWs
  No Breakthrough on Detainees After Obama, Yemen's President Meet
US Gave Taliban Backers $150 Million in Contracts
Amid Threats, Morsi Backers May Scrap Protests
Israel Expands Subsidies to Settlements
Why Won’t They Tell Us the Truth About NSA Spying?  by Ron Paul
On the Selling of the Egyptian Coup to Liberals  by Ken Silverstein
Manning, Snowden and Assange Were the Ones Who Took Risks to Expose Crime  by Amy Goodman
The Manning Trial Began on 9/11  by Peter Van Buren & Tom Engelhardt
Who Can Control Israel's Arms Dealers?  by Philip Giraldi
Resisting the Surveillance State  by Steve Chapman

More Viewpoints

Rep. Amash: Snowden Is Whistleblower, Not Traitor
FBI Allowed Informants to Commit 5,600 Crimes
States Consider Regulation of Drones in US Skies
Mali Tuaregs Threaten Fresh Uprising if No Autonomy Deal
IDF Soldier Filmed Kicking Palestinian Boy
Sen. Schumer: Putin Acting Like 'Schoolyard Bully'
'War on Terror'
Security Tight Near More Than 20 US Missions in Muslim World Closed Over al-Qaeda Attack Fears
US Extends Closure of Some Embassies Through August 10
Peter King Says Talk of Terror-Threat Conspiracy 'Absolutely Crazy'
Threats Against Embassies 'Very Reminiscent' of Pre-9/11 Chatter
Extent of NSA's Use of Military Bases in Germany Remains Murky
Graham: Al-Qaeda 'On Steroids' Since Benghazi Attack
Activists Stage Second National Day of Protest Against NSA's Domestic Spying
The Heroic Whistleblowers
US Senator's Office Edited Edward Snowden's Wikipedia Page to Change His Description From 'Dissident' to 'Traitor'
Americans Offer to Serve Manning's Prison Term for Him
Petition to Serve Bradley Manning's Jail Time Has Hundreds of Signers in Hours
Bradley Manning's Mother: My Son Is 'Superman'
US Grand Jury Probing Contractor That Vetted Snowden
Egyptian Authorities Say Clock Is Ticking on Talks to Find Peaceful End to Pro-Morsi Sit-Ins
Egypt Court Sets Aug. 25 Trial for Brotherhood Leaders
Report: Morsi's Allies Plot to Fly Him Into Exile
Egypt Crisis: Diplomatic Push to Seek Compromise
Egyptian Anti-Obama Video Goes Viral, Blames Him for Siding With Muslim Brotherhood
Bombs Damage Two Shrines in Egypt's Sinai
Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barred From Entering Egypt
North Africa
Tunisian Soldier Killed, Seven Wounded in Landmine Near Algeria Border
Libyan Deputy PM Resigns Citing 'Policy Failure' After String of Assassinations
African Leaders Want Disputed Somali City Annexed
Islamist Militants Attack Somali Capital, Plan More Before Ramadan Ends
Mugabe's Re-Election Results Are Not Credible, Warns John Kerry
South Sudan, Ex-Rebels in Talks to Integrate Over 5,000 Fighters
Iran's New President Takes Oath of Office, Asks West to Abandon 'Language of Sanctions'
Iran's Rouhani Says US Is Seeking an Excuse to Confront Tehran
US Says It Can Be 'Willing Partner' With Iran
What Have We Learnt About Iran's Hassan Rouhani?
New Iranian President Vows Support for Assad
Turkey's Erdogan Cancels Gaza Trip After Running Afoul of Egypt Junta
Israel to Free Arab Prisoners on August 13
Israeli Decree on West Bank Settlements Will Harm Peace Talks, Palestinians Say
In a West Bank Culture of Conflict, Boys Wield the Weapon at Hand
West Turned Blind Eye to Israel's Involvement in Sabra and Shatila 'Slaughter'
Middle East
Judge Among 19 Iraqis Killed
Gunmen Kill Intelligence Official in Yemen
Syria Limits Foreign Currency Use, Threatens Traders With Jail
Hezbollah Must Disarm, Says Former Lebanese Prime Minister
6 Alleged Coup Plotters in United Arab Emirates on Hunger Strike
Attack on Indian Mission in Afghanistan Raises Specter of Regional Struggle
India Blames Pakistan for Afghanistan Suicide Attack
US Plans to Monitor Afghanistan Relief Projects Remotely
16 Injured in Afghanistan Bomb Blast
South Korea Losing Patience With North on Kaesong Talks
Agent Orange's Reach Beyond the Vietnam War
Explosion at Indonesian Buddhist Temple Injures Three
Anti-Government Protesters Gather in Bangkok
Spain Studies Retaliatory Measures Against Gibraltar
UK Says 'Concerned' Over Spanish Minister's Gibraltar Comments
The War at Home
After Kingpin's Capture, New Battlegrounds Emerge Along Texas-Mexico Border
US to Say Accused Fort Hood Shooter Carefully Planned Attack
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