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Updated August 7, 2013 - 11:09 PM EDT
Obama Cancels Moscow Summit With Putin
Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Praises Snowden
US Drone Strikes Kill 11, Yemen Says Plot 'Foiled'
  US Intervention Could Fuel Yemeni Conflicts
  Officials: Conference Call With 20 Al-Qaeda Leaders Sparked Alerts
  Yemen on 'High Alert' Over Warning of Imminent al-Qaeda Attack
  Yemen's Capital Militarizes as US Attention Focuses on AQAP
Embassy Closures Used to Bolster Case for NSA
  White House Says Threat 'Ongoing,' Still Light on Details
  Officials: Al-Qaeda Can Turn Ordinary Clothes Into Bombs
TSA Eagerly Expands Beyond Airports
  DEA Surveillance Unit to Be Investigated by Dept. of Justice
  Judge Cuts Maximum Sentence for Manning From 136 Years to 90 Years
  Feds Are Suspects in New Malware That Attacks Tor Anonymity
After Bloody July, Iraq Bombings Usher in August
  57 Killed, 161 Wounded in Spate of Iraq Bombings
Taliban Reject Afghan Vote, Vow to Fight Until Troops Leave
  Killing of Indian Soldiers on Pak Border May Fuel Regional Instability
Israel May Forgo Millions in US Missile Defense Budget Aid
18 Die as Syrian Rebels Bomb Christian Suburb of Damascus
In Egypt, Sen. McCain Calls Morsi Ouster a 'Coup'
Ft. Hood Suspect Says He 'Switched Sides' in America's War
Obama's Secrecy Agenda  by John Glaser
The More Nefarious US Foreign Policy, the More It Relies on Media Complicity  by Mark Weisbrot
Will Media Raise Questions About Hiroshima This Year?  by Greg Mitchell
The Real Days of Infamy  by Sheldon Richman
The Crime of the Century  by Tom Engelhardt
Why Do We Have an Espionage Act?  by Ira Chernus

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First Criminal Charges Filed in Benghazi Attack Probe
Obama Authorized Recent Drone Strikes in Yemen
McClatchy Editor Defends Publishing al-Qaeda Detail CNN, NY Times Held Back
Snowden Wikipedia Page Edited From a Senate Computer to Say 'Traitor'
Kerry, Hagel, and Russians Will Meet on Issues Imperiling Obama-Putin Visit
Spying on Everyone
Unknown GOP Senator Blocks Bill Requiring Email Search Warrants
Uproar Over New Details on German NSA Ties
NSA Aftermath: German Firms Scramble to Boost Data Protection
Greenwald Testifies to Brazil Senate Panel; Says He Has Huge Cache of Snowden Files
Militants Shoot Down Army Helicopter in Yemen; 8 Killed
Westerners Evacuated Amid Terror Fears in Yemen
Yemeni Government Chides US Embassy Evacuation
Yemen Security Crackdown as UK and US Withdraw Staff
Latakia Offensive Inflames Syria's Sectarian Wounds
Crackling Over Radio, Spotter's Voice Guides Syrian Rebels
Syria Seeks to Tap Frozen Bank Accounts for Food Supplies
Italian Priest 'Apparently Kidnapped' in Syria
Israeli Scientists: Cutting Ties With EU Would Seriously Damage Research
Poll: Most Israelis Shun Deal on 1967 Borders
Israel Grants Arab Idol Winner Residency in West Bank
'Talks Not Threats': Iran to Watch US Actions Rather Than Words on Nuclear Negotiations
US Awaits 'Credible Steps' on Iran as Netanyahu Calls for Increased Pressure
57 Killed, 161 Wounded in Spate of Iraq Bombings
Pentagon Proposes $2.7 Billion in Iraq Arms Sales
Biden Assures Maliki al-Qaeda Is Common Enemy
UN Criticizes Bahrain Over Toughened 'Anti-Protest' Laws
Firebomb Attack Injures Policeman in Bahrain
Middle East
Hezbollah Suspects in Nigeria Terror Plot Claim Abusive Interrogation by Mossad Agents
No 'Tangible Moves' on Turkish-Kurdish Peace
US Consulate in Milan Evacuated After Bomb Threat
Lawyer: Snowden's Father Invited to Visit Russia
Play About Bradley Manning Wins UK Drama Prize
Gunman Kills Leader of Small Venezuela Opposition Party in Chavez's Home State
Radio Journalist Shot to Death in Guatemala
Study: UN Should Be Accountable for Haiti Cholera
United Nations
Argentine President Presides Over UN Security Council and Takes Aim at Veto Power of 5 Members
Atomic Bombing Anniversaries
Hiroshima 68th Anniversary: The World Remembers Victims of Atomic Bombing
Japan Marks 68th Anniversary of Hiroshima Bombing
The Details of Hiroshima
Video: Archive Footage of Hiroshima as Japan Marks 68th Anniversary of Atomic Bomb
Daniel Ellsberg Among 31 Arrested at Livermore Lab During Hiroshima Day Protests
Pakistan Militants Gun Down 14 Abducted Bus Passengers
Bomb at Soccer Field Kills 7 in Southern Pakistan
11 Children Killed in Pakistan Blast at Football Match
Pakistan Violence Puts Government on Defensive
Taliban Claim Holding Gilani's Son
Taliban Kill Officers Probing Massacre of Foreign Climbers
India-Pakistan Talks in Jeopardy as Indian Soldiers Killed
Tension Along India Border May Affect US-Taliban Talks
India Summons Pakistan Envoy Over Poonch Army Killings
Head of German Army Wants Combat Troops to Stay in Afghanistan
Japan Urges Suspension After US Okinawa Helicopter Crash
US Criticizes Vietnam Internet Control Law
Egypt's Leader to Declare Crisis Resolution Has Failed, Says Report
Gunmen Kill Soldier in Egypt's Sinai
Egypt Army Chief Shows Political Agility in Crisis
Tens of Thousands Rally to Oust Tunisian Government
Tunisia Constituent Assembly Suspended Pending Talks
Sudan Ejects UN Refugee Agency Staff From North Darfur
Protesters in Northern Mali Demand Release of Imprisoned Tuareg Rebels as Election Looms
Uganda Public Order Bill Is 'Blow to Political Debate'
Violent and Chaotic, Central African Republic Lurches Toward a Crisis
Trial Begins for Suspects in Republic of Congo Arms Depot Explosion That Killed Nearly 300
Agathon Rwasa: Burundi Ex-Rebel Leaves Hiding
The War at Home
Veterans Group, Flying a Flag With a Message, Ruffles a City
Pentagon Reduces Defense Furloughs From 11 to 6 Days
Lawyers for US Soldier Convicted in Afghanistan Massacre Want Prosecutors Off Case
Imprisoned Innocence of Muslims Producer Nakoula Nakoula: 'I Want the World to See the Truth'
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