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Updated August 12, 2013 - 11:25 PM EDT
Obama Claims Broad Surveillance Powers
  NSA Document: Surveillance Covers 1.6% of All Daily Internet Traffic
  Ex-CIA, NSA Chief: Obama Wants Americans to Accept Surveillance
  Lawmakers Say Obstacles Limited Oversight of Telephone Surveillance
Drones Pound Yemen; Targets Aren't All Militants
  Despite Focus on Terror Plot, Life Goes On as Normal in Yemeni Capital
  Militants Attack Yemen Army Checkpoint, Kill Five Soldiers
Egypt Junta's Cairo Crackdown 'Postponed'
  After Israeli Strike, Egypt Raids Sinai Town, 12 Die
  Sinai Air Strike Shows Hair-Trigger Israel-Egypt Security Ties
State Dept: Iraq Bombers Are 'Enemies of Islam'
As Ramadan Ends, Officials Expect Gitmo 'Misbehavior'
US Embassies in Muslim World Reopen Amid Murky Threat
Talks in Doubt as Israel OKs Major Settlement Expansion
Why Are We at War in Yemen?  by Ron Paul
Forget Transparency: Now Is the Time to End the NSA's Surveillance  by Jason Ditz
The NSA Is Turning the Internet Into a Total Surveillance System  by Alexander Abdo and Patrick Toomey
National Security Run Amok  by Sen. Rand Paul
The Art of Deception: A Necessary Skill for Intel Officials  by David Kasper
What Egypt Tells Us About US Foreign Aid  by Charles V. Peña

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Inside the Decision to Shut Down Silent Mail
Chilly Reception for John Kerry in Brazil, Colombia?
Gunmen Shoot Lebanese Mayor as Syria War Ignites Local Rivalries
Panama Ending Search of N. Korean Ship From Cuba
Did a Drone Fly Through Disney's Calif. Adventure?
Fighting in Sudan's Darfur Kills 100
17 Killed in Fresh Iraq Attacks
Sadrist MP: Maliki Will Open the Door to More Foreign Interference by Calling on EU's Forces
Baghdad: Lives Shattered in Car-Bomb City
Iraq Attacks Display al-Qaeda 'Hallmarks,' State Dept. Says
World Health Organization Continues to Embargo Report on Iraqi Birth Defects
Iraqi Kurdistan Opens Official Crude Oil Trade Route Via Iran: Industry Sources
Syrian Rebels Attack Government Positions in an Attempt to Capture Eastern City
Revealed: What the West Has Given Syria's Rebels
Syria Refugees Swell Christian Community in Turkey
A Rare Welcome for Syria's Kurdish Refugees
Palestinians Say Settlement Plans 'Destroying Talks'
Israeli Ministers Okay List of 26 Palestinian Prisoners to Be Released
Defense Minister on Sinai Drone Strike: Israel Respects Egypt's Sovereignty
Palestinian Foreign Ministry: Israeli Ministers Are the Terrorists, Not the Prisoners
Activist: Lawyer Defending Bahrain Blogger Now Detained Himself by Security Forces
Bahrain Blocks Hezbollah's Al-Manar TV Website
Middle East
Lebanon Security Forces Search for Kidnapped Turks
Iran FM: Moscow, Tehran to Sign Agreement on Building New Nuclear Power Plant
Spain May Seek UN Intervention Over Gibraltar Dispute
Gibraltar: Spain Considers Joint Diplomatic Offensive With Argentina Over Falkland Islands
Fighting for a Nuke-Free Germany
French Serviceman Held in Lyon Over Suspected Mosque Plot
UK Army Cuts: Reservists Slow to Enlist, Leaked Memo Suggests
Spying on Everyone
Former NSA Director Not Expecting Big Changes at Agency
Rep. McCaul Says Obama Now Trying to 'Salvage' NSA Program With 'Window-Dressing'
Obama Cannot 'Have a Blank Check' on NSA Surveillance, Clyburn Says
The Heroic Whistleblower
McCain: Young Americans Admire Snowden, See Him as 'Some Kind of Jason Bourne'
Former NSA Chief Labels Snowden a 'Defector'
Father, Lawyer of Snowden Set to Make Russia Visit
Snowden's Father Urges Son Not to Accept a Deal With US Authorities
Militants Kill Three NATO Soldiers in Afghanistan
Afghanistan's Pioneering Female MP Seeks Asylum as Progress for Women Unravels
India, Pakistan Exchange More Gunfire, Ceasefire Under Strain
Curfews Imposed in Indian-Held Kashmir
One Killed, Three Injured in Jafferabad Landmine Blast
Karachi Police Station Grenade Attack Leaves 2 Cops Injured
Philippines: Increase in US Troops Not Permanent
Mosque Attack Causes Unease in Sri Lanka
North Korea: Detained US Man Kenneth Bae 'Seriously Ill'
Pro-Morsi Encampments Fortify for Battle
Clash Between Christians, Muslims in Southern Egypt Town Leaves 15 Wounded Amid Unrest
Jihad Group Raids Somalia Aid
Nigeria Backlash Against Boko Haram Spurs Risky Vigilante War
In DR Congo, Rising Violence Triggers New UN Unit
Misrata's Strength Raises Libyan Suspicions
Tuareg of N. Mali Say Election Alone Will Not Bring Peace
Deposed Central African Republic President Eyes Return to Power
Churches Feel Vulnerable After Mugabe Reelected in Zimbabwe
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