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Updated August 15, 2013 - 11:23 PM EDT
Egypt: At Least 638 Die In Raids On Morsi Camps
  Obama Cancels US Military Exercise With Egypt in Wake of Violence
  ElBaradei Resigns, But Others in Egypt Junta Defend Crackdown
  Egypt Massacres Raises Pressure for US to End Military Aid
  As Military Makes Its Move, Forget About Liberal Democracy in Egypt
  Global Outrage in Wake of Egypt Massacres
Car Bomb Kills 21 in Beirut Hezbollah Suburb
House Intel Panel Withheld Crucial NSA Doc
  Did the NSA Think the Public Can't Do Math?
  GOP Rep. Tom McClintock Wants Amnesty for Edward Snowden
  Google Tells Court: Gmail Users Can't Expect Privacy
Al-Qaeda Ousts Free Syrian Army From Key City
  Israeli DM Urges US War in Syria, Announces New 'Axis of Evil'
John Kerry: Internet Making It Much Harder to Govern
US Officials Emphasize Post-2014 Afghan Deployment
Al-Qaeda Fights Unite Maliki, Iraqi Kurds
NSA-Gate: Bring on the Special Prosecutor!  by Jennifer Stisa Granick & Christopher Jon Sprigman
America's Paranoid 'Stop and Frisk' on a Global Scale  by Stephen M. Walt
Any Other 'Statesman' Who Negotiated Peace Like John Kerry Would Be Treated as a Thief  by Robert Fisk
Uncovering Syrian Rebels' Hidden Support  by Gracy Howard
War Games: The Secret History of G.I. Joe  by Tom Engelhardt
The Real Problem With the New Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks  by Daniel Levy

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Manning Takes Stand, Apologizes for Hurting US
Japanese Papers That Pushed for War Revisited
Filipinos Protest Talks on Increased US Military Presence
Obama Turns WWI-Era Spy Law Against Leakers
Kamikaze Drones: Miniature Munitions for Troops
The War at Home
Larry Ellison, NSA Database Supplier, Approves of NSA Surveillance
Another Nuclear Stumble by Air Force Raises Doubts
Drone Industry Gives Journalists Not-So-Subtle Hint – Don't Use the Word 'Drones'
New York Times Website Goes Down Amid Unconfirmed Report of Cyberattack
'Beale 5' Found Guilty of Trespassing at Air Base
Talks Resume as Israel Frees Palestinians, Pursues Settlements
Israel Bombs Gaza After Rocket Fire
Report: Israel to Hand Over Militants' Bodies to Palestinians
Israeli Law Will Strip Many Arab 'Absentees' of Land
Documenting a Warped and Psychotic Society in Israel's Wild West
Hamas Claims Abbas Agreed to Security Fence Border, Forfeited Right of Return
Israel Encouraging Preschool Literacy – Just Not Among Arabs
Jewish Agency Airlifts 17 Yemeni Jews to Israel in Covert Operation
Israeli DM Urges US Action in Syria; Warns of 'Axis of Evil'
UN Chemical Weapons Investigators Departing Imminently for Syria, Agreement Reached
Syrian Rights Group Says Rebels Killed Italian Jesuit Priest
Jordan Asks for Assistance in Securing Syrian Border
Al-Qaeda Faction in Syria Hands Out Teletubbies and Spiderman Dolls
US Journalist Marks Year in Captivity as Risks Increase for War Reporters
Double-Bombing in Baquba Lifts Tally to 35 Killed in Iraq
Roadside Bombs Kill 14 North of Baghdad: Police
Obama Administration Pushes for Apache Helicopter Sale to Iraq
Iraqi Prime Minister Says to Pursue Militants After Bombings
Maliki Holds on to Security Option Despite Its Failure
A Mass Grave Discovered in South of Najaf
Iran's Speaker Tells MPs to Stop 'Creating a Spectacle' and Tone Down Anti-Rohani Rhetoric
Four Iranian Soldiers Killed, Injured in Mine Blast Near Iraqi Kurdistan
Middle East
Tear Gas and Birdshot Fired at Demonstrators as Violence Erupts at Protest Rallies in Bahrain
Nasrallah: Hezbollah Behind Last Week's Blast Near Border
Panama Set to Return Crew of North Korean Arms Ship
Japan Yet to Dispose of Arsenic From Wartime Chemical Weapons in China
Vietnam War Bombs Still Claim Victims
1 Killed, 20 Hurt in Bangladesh Party Protests
Kazakhstan Jails Muslim Radicals for Anti-Government Plot
Sri Lanka Allows Mosque Expansion Despite Buddhist Objections
Lithuania Sends Alleged Russian Arms Dealer to US
Mexico Drug Cartel Launches Rare Publicity Push; Some Residents Complain About Federal Police
Egypt Turmoil
Video: Egypt Protesters Clash in Street Battles
Deadly Clashes Erupt in Egypt Provinces
Egypt Slaps Nighttime Curfew on Cairo, 10 Regions
Three Journalists Killed in Cairo Violence
Egypt Party Chief Sees No Government Resignations
Interactive Map: Morsi Protesters Cleared From Cairo Camps
Rabaa's Second Massacre: Photo Set on Flickr
Shocking Photos, Video Show Egyptian Protesters Pushing Armored Police Vehicle Off Bridge
Last Symbol of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Turned Into Debris After 12-Hour Military Crackdown
Cairo Doctors Struggle to Treat Morsi Supporters During Bloody Crackdown
Morsi Supporters 'Torch Three Churches' in Egypt
Morsi Supporters Shoot Dead Four Egyptian Policemen: State TV
Global Reaction
US Condemns Crackdown but Announces No Policy Shift
McCain Suggests Kerry Is Partly to Blame for Violence in Egypt
Britain's Sky News Cameraman Mick Deane Shot and Killed in Egypt
Ecuador Recalls Ambassador to Egypt After Bloodshed in Cairo
Israeli Arabs Protest in Tel Aviv Over Egypt Violence
North Africa
Echoes of Egypt: Secular-Islamist Tensions Rise in Tunisia
Libya's Oil Industry Is in Trouble
Due to Attacks, Doctors Without Borders Pulls Out of Somalia After 22 Years
Al-Shabaab 2.0: Reorganization Make Terrorist Group a Force to Be Reckoned With Again
Central African Republic
UN: Central African Republic on Brink of Collapse
Central African Republic's Children 'Abused and Recruited'
Nigerian Military Commanders in 2 States Both Claim Killing Senior Islamic Extremist Commander
Vigilantes Take on Nigeria's Islamists With State Support, but Some Fear Abuses Will Follow
Mali's Coup Leader Promoted to Army General in Move Criticized by Activists
Nigeria Military Claims Boko Haram Leader's Death
18 Dead in Indian Submarine Explosion
Pakistani Forces Respond to Indian Firing at LoC
LoC Flare-Up: Pakistan Will Show Restraint, Nawaz Assures UN Chief
Al-Qaeda Threatens More Violence as Pakistan Vows to Execute Terrorists
US Commanders 'Planning for the Worst' as Afghan Fighting Season Winds Down
Ex-NATO Chief: 15,000 Troops Should Stay in Afghanistan After 2014
Afghanistan's Future Depends on Foreign Soldiers: US Commander
Two Koreas Agree to Reopen Shuttered Factory Park
US: No Envoy to North Korea for Jailed American
Korean's War Brothel Diaries Offer New Details
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