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Updated August 18, 2013 - 11:28 PM EDT
Brits Detain Greenwald's Partner for Nine Hours
  Greenwald: Detaining My Partner, a Failed Attempt at Intimidation
  Poll: Concern Over NSA Violations Unites Democrats, Republicans
  NSA Broke Privacy Rules Thousands of Times, Contrary to Officials
Mosque Stormed as Egypt to Outlaw Brotherhood
  Egypt Turmoil Continues: Three-Day Toll at 800
  Egyptian Forces Arrest Brother of al-Qaeda's Leader Al-Zawahri
  Egypt Military Fights for Macaroni, as Well as Security
  Egyptian Media Silences Protests
US Military Needs Egypt Access to Critical Area
  US Credibility 'in Tatters' Over Egypt Crisis
  What Does the American Public Want in Egypt? Not Much.
Syria Rebels Kill 11 Christians at Checkpoint
  IDF Strikes Syrian Army Post After Mortar Shells Fall on Golan
  As Islamist Rebels Rise in Syria, Liberal Activists Take a Step Back
  Maliki: Arms and Fighters Sent to Syria Are Heading to Iraq
Obama's Egypt Address: A License to Kill  by Jacob Heilbrunn
Think Again: Neoconservatism on the Decline  by Eric Alterman
Let's Give Every NSA Employee an Anonymous Whistleblowing Opportunity  by Conor Friedersdorf
What We Lose if We Give Up Privacy  by Peggy Noonan
How al-Qaeda Succeeded Last Week  by Philip Giraldi
Total Hawk, Total Tosh  by Will Wilkinson

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17 Killed in Afghan Militant Attacks
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10 Killed in Pakistan Search Operation After Train Attack
Pakistan Railways Minister Warns of Harsh Response to Terrorists
Female ANP Leader Gunned Down in Peshawar
Pakistan: 'Mohmand Agency Cleared of Militants'
Deputy Superintendent Among Three Policemen Killed in Karachi Encounter
Pakistan Drops Charges in Rimsha 'Blasphemy' Cleric Case
Guessing Game as Pakistan's Powerful Army Chief Prepares to Retire
1.6m Registered Afghan Refugees Residing in Pakistan
Six Buddhists to Face Trial Over Muslim Bus Killings: Myanmar
Vietnamese Appeals Court Overturns Dissident's Sentence
PA Officials Accuse US of 'Deception and Misinformation' in Peace Talks
Polls: 79% of Israeli Jews Don't Believe Peace Will Come
Israel's Outbrain Was Weak Link Behind Syrian Hacking of US Media Sites
Reprisals Threatened for Beirut Bombing in Resurgently Violent Lebanon
Beirut Car Bombing Death Toll at 27
Lebanon Arrests 3 People in Connection With Kidnapping of 2 Turkish Airlines Pilots
Hezbollah Ambushed Intruding Israeli Soldiers, Group's Chief Says
Sunni Leader: Hezbollah Dragging Lebanon Into War
US Delivers 79 Humvees to Lebanese Military
Lebanon Seizes Car Rigged With 250 Kg of Explosives
Iraq Security Raids Boost Tally to 35 Killed
Sectarian Attacks Return With a Roar to Iraq, Rattling a Capital Already on Edge
Bomb Hits Iraq's Main Commodity Port, Traffic Unaffected
Middle East
Turkey's Erdogan Says Kurds Have Not Withdrawn as Agreed
Bomb Explosion Wounds 5 Policemen in Bahrain; Authorities Call It 'Act of Terror'
Iran Has 18,000 Uranium Centrifuges, Says Outgoing Nuclear Chief
The War at Home
Rep. Gowdy Doubts Lawmakers Were Briefed on Years of NSA Privacy Breaches
Crews Rush to Clean Up Contaminated Nuclear Lab, Rocket Site Outside of Los Angeles by 2017
Egypt Turmoil
Muslim Brotherhood Leader's Son Among 173 Killed in Egypt Clashes
Islamists Cleared From Cairo Mosque That Served as Field Hospital and Morgue
Egypt Government Says Ending Protests Was Necessary
Panic and Fear as Stun Grenades Shake Cairo's Besieged Mosque
Egypt's Islamists Target Christian Churches, Schools in Backlash as Chaos Spreads
Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Face Murder, Terrorism Probe: State Media
Guns in the Hands of Civilians Compounds Egypt's Crisis
Mubarak Trial in Egypt Adjourned
The Moment a Female Protester Is Shot by Snipers in Rabaa
Egypt and the World
Though Silent, Israel Remains Worried by Egypt Upheaval
Americans Staying Put in Egypt Despite Violence
Thousands of Pro-Morsi Protesters Take to Turkey Streets
Bomb Injures Guard at Egypt's Mission in Benghazi, Libya
Thousands Rally for Morsi in Israel
Toronto Man Killed in Egypt Protests
Ayatollah Khamenei Blames Israel and US for Egypt Turmoil
Nigeria Vigilantes Take on Islamist Extremists Boko Haram
Four Thais Released in Nigeria After Kidnapping
Kenya Violence: 'Al-Shabab Attack' Kills Four Police
Somalia Executes Man Guilty of Killing Journalist
Uganda: Rigged Elections and Mysterious Killings
23 Bodies Found in Conflictive States in Western Mexico Where Drug Cartels Battle for Control
Nine Men Killed in Mexican Drug War Hotspot
Mexico Captures Leader of Cocaine-Trafficking Gulf Cartel: Reports
Americans Still Dying
Friends Remember Fallen Little Rock (Ark) Soldier
Caldwell (ID) Soldier Killed in Afghan Attack
Texas Soldier Who Survived Numerous Childhood Hardships Killed in Afghanistan
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