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Updated August 22, 2013 - 11:08 PM EDT
Caught, White House Reiterates Lies About NSA
  NSA Can Cover 75% of US Internet Traffic
  FISA Court Ruled Major NSA Operation Unconstitutional in 2011
  Ditch Your Passwords – US Govt To Issue Secure Online IDs
  US Doesn't Know What Snowden Took, Sources Say
Miranda Wins Partial Court Victory in Data Seizure
  British PM's Office Told Guardian to Destroy Files for National Security
Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years
  Manning Supporters Vow to Fight 35-Year Sentence
  Manning to Request Pardon From Obama Over 35-Year Jail Sentence
Egypt Court Orders Mubarak Freed From Prison
  EU Halts Some Arms Exports to Egypt, But Continues Funding
  Israel Desperately Trying to Link US Aid to Egypt to Peace Talks
Syria Rebels Claim 100s Killed in Chemical Attack
  White House 'Troubled' by Alleged Syrian Chemical Arms Strike
  Gen. Dempsey: Syrian Rebels Won't Be US Allies If They Seize Power
Israeli Official: Iran Couldn't Do Much If We Attack Them
  How Rotella Reported Another Dubious Iranian Bomb Plot
54 Iraqis Killed as Bombers Attack Security Posts, Wedding
Israel Wants More US Aid, Citing US Sales to Arab Nations
'Sending a Message': What the US and UK Are Attempting To Do  by Glenn Greenwald
Washington and the Egyptian Tragedy  by Stephen Zunes
US on Israeli Settlements: a Policy Without a Policy  by Mitchell Plitnick
Egypt in the Rearview Mirror  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Jeffrey Toobin, Thief  by Kevin Gosztola
Lawbreaking at the NSA: Bring on a New Church Committee  by Conor Friedersdorf

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ACLU: FBI Granted Power to Delay Muslims' Citizenship
Lawyer Says Guards Gave 50 Shades of Grey to Gitmo Prisoner Charged in 9-11 Attacks
Gitmo Lawyers Ask to Restrict CIA's Use of Info in 9/11 Case
Russia Calls Out UK on Human Rights
Spying on Everyone
After NSA and Miranda, Brazil Mulls Anti-US-Spook Law
NSA Files: Why the Guardian in London Destroyed Hard Drives of Leaked Files
FISA Court Opinion Holding NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional
Report: NSA Spied on Salt Lake City Before 2002 Olympics
NSA Collected Non-Terrorism Related Emails
New Zealand Parliament Narrowly Passes Controversial Spying Law
Facial Scanning Is Making Gains in Surveillance
Black Helicopters: Britain's Blind Faith in Intelligence Agencies
Pat Sajak: 'Wheel of Fortune' Host Pokes Fun at Obama, NSA on Twitter
Pro-Morsi Alliance Calls for Another Round of Friday Protests Against Egypt Junta
Opposition to Egypt Coup Isolates Turkey
South Sudan Attacks: US Ups Pressure; General Arrested
Insurgents Dressed as Soldiers Kill 4 in Nigeria
Somali Gunmen Kill Swedish Politician, Wound Swedish Woman in Mogadishu
Red Cross: 12 Dead After Clashes in Central African Republic Capital
Cameroon Shuts Border With Central African Republic
Mali President-Elect Vows to Lead National Reconciliation After Taking Office Next Month
Pakistan Says Army Officer Killed by Indian Troops as Violence Builds
US Places Unprecedented Sanctions on Islamic School in Pakistan Accused of Militant Links
Fewer IED Attacks on US Troops but Still Deadly
Peaceful Soccer Match Ends With an Afghan Win Over Pakistan
Bangkok Court Due to Decide Fate of 2 Iranians Arrested After Botched Bangkok Terror Plot
Sri Lanka Groups Want UN to Inquire About Killings
Growing US Presence in Australia to Include Aircraft
Key WikiLeaks Senate Candidate Quits Due to Lack of 'Democratic Processes'
The War at Home
Nixon Tapes Reveal Secret of Time-Delay Lock on Soviet Leader's Cigarette Box
Ft. Hood's Hasan Rests His Case Without Calling Witnesses
Brother Testifies for Defense in Afghan Massacre
Al Jazeera America Launches, Sues AT&T
Bradley Manning
Bradley Manning: 'I Will Recover From This… This Is Just a Stage in My Life'
In the Matter Of: United States vs. Pfc Bradley E. Manning
Pentagon Papers Leaker Ellsberg Says Manning a 'Casualty'
ACLU Comment on Bradley Manning Sentence
Unconfirmed Reports of Chemical Weapons Use in Syria Complicate US Role
White House 'Deeply Concerned' by Syria Reports
Syria's Moscow Envoy Denies Chemical Weapons Use Near Damascus
UN Security Council Says 'Clarity' Needed After Alleged Syria Attack
US Official: Syria Crisis Donations Insufficient
In Lebanon, Neighbor's War Feels Like Its Own
Salafism Gains Ground in Lebanon Over Syria
Bennett: Oslo Pact, Palestinian Statehood Are 'Dead'
Catholic Monastery Near Jerusalem Defaced in Suspected 'Price Tag' Attack
Released Palestinian Prisoner: 'I Have Changed Completely'
Hamas Calls on Egypt to Reopen Border
Israeli Arab Indicted for Fighting for Rebels in Syria
Lieberman: Turkey's Erdogan Is Ideological Heir to Goebbels
Iraq Pipeline, Shrine Bombed as 16 Are Killed in Other Attacks
Yemeni Government Apologizes for Wars Waged by Former President
Gunmen Kill Aden Intelligence Chief, His Nephew in South Yemen: Agency
Dangerous Friends: Power Struggle Splits Turkish Ruling Party
5 PKK Members Surrender to Turkish Security Forces
Turks Warned Against 'Hot Autumn' of Discontent
Germany Frets Over High Military Dropout Rate
Argentina Says Envoy to UK Meant No Offense to 'Dumb' Cameron
Jamaica: US Suspends Assistance to St. Lucia Police Over Allegations of Unlawful Killings
Chile Former Army Chief Resigns Electorate Post After Admitting Handing Child Over to Nuns
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