Forced by a public outcry to back down from his threat to bomb Syria without congressional authorization, President Obama is calling for a vote of our elected representatives. You can help stop the rush to war, but you've got to act fast. It is urgently necessary for you to call your congressional representatives and tell them to vote no on the authorization of the use of military force – because we don't want to be lied into war again. (Go here for the contact information for your congressional rep.)

The call you make today could stop the disastrous war of tomorrow – so make it asap.

P.S. Yes, our fund drive is still ongoing – we really need to finish this up so we can get $30,000 in matching funds. We aren't there yet: please help us reach our goal so we can get back to the job of keeping this country out of war.
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Updated September 1, 2013 - 11:16 PM EDT
Obama to Seek Congressional Approval on Syria
  Congress Not Rushing Back for Syria Vote
  Battle Looms in Congress as Obama Makes Syria a Political Gamble
  France's Hollande Facing Pressure for Syria Vote
  Syrian Opposition Unready for Fall of Assad
War-Weary Public Leery of Another Entanglement
  Missing in Syria Debate: Weighing the Ethics of War
  Syria War Costs Could Escalate Quickly
  Possible US-Led Attack on Syria Sparks Antiwar Rallies
Intel Experts Decry Weak Case for Syria Strike
  Chemical Weapons Experts Weigh in on Syria Intelligence Report
  Shadow of False Iraq Intelligence Hangs Over Syria Strike Plans
  Difference Aside, Iraq War Haunts Obama on Syria
Budget Docs Detail Extent of US Cyberoperations
  NSA Spied on Al Jazeera Communications: Snowden Document
Pakistan Condemns US Drone Attack That Kills 4
  400 Civilians Died in Drone Attacks, Pak Govt Tells National Assembly
Iraqi Troops Attack Iranian Exile Camp, Kill 52
Court Says White House Can Keep Visitor Logs Secret
Obama Should Listen to US and UK Public: Don't Strike Syria  by Mark Weisbrot
Barack W. Bush: Unilateral War in Syria  by Jacob Heilbrunn
Iran, Not Syria, Is the West's Real Target  by Robert Fisk
Syria Dossier: Another Failed Argument  by Virginia Tilley
The Crossroads on Syria  by David Bromwich
Heading to War With Syria and the US Media  by Peter Hart

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Snowden Wins German Whistleblower Award
Who Has More Info: Guantanamo Lawyers or Hollywood?
Israeli Soldiers Mass on Lebanese Border
Al-Qaeda Affiliate Urges Egyptians to Take Up Arms Against Army
Leader of Brotherhood Suffers Heart Attack in Jail: State Paper
Suez Canal Authority Says Attack Attempted on Container Ship
Police Officer Shot Dead in Egypt's Restive Sinai
Egypt Shortens Curfew as Violence Eases
A Case of Ruffled Feathers: Egypt Authorities Examine 'Spy' Swan Found With Suspicious Device
In Egypt, the Press Turns Yellow as It Takes on Opponents of Military Takeover
Egypt Security Forces Arrest Top Sinai Militant
Egypt Accuses Hamas of Arresting Egyptians in Gaza
DR Congo
Congo Army Fights on Despite Rebel Ceasefire Offer
DR Congo Rebels Warn Will Retake Positions Unless Govt Negotiates
Suspected Sect Members in Nigeria Kill at Least 24
Hezbollah Stops Saudis and Kuwaitis at Improvised Checkpoints
Lebanon Arrests 2 Suspected in Rocket Attacks on Israel
IDF Bolsters Troops; IAF Circles Lebanon Sky
Palestinians Reach Out to Israel
Israeli Interior Minister: We Won't Return to 1967 Lines
Palestinian Shot by IDF Soldiers in Jenin Clash Dies
29 Iraqis Killed in Bombings, Mosque Shootings
Car Bomb West of Baghdad Kills 12
Hundreds of Iraqis Protest Against Lawmaker Privileges
'Cancel Your Pensions, or We Will Cancel You' Cry Protesters in Iraq
Middle East
Yemen Premier Unharmed After Attack by Gunmen
Oman Sultan's Visit Reportedly a Mediation Bid Between Iran, US
Attacks in Southern Afghanistan Kill at Least 18
Deadly Blast Outside Kandahar Bank Claims Police, Civilians
Pakistani Taliban Deny Secret Peace Talks With Govt
Child Killed in Quetta Blast
Two Killed in Peshawar Clash
Intelligence Agency Warns of Attack on Pervez Musharraf
N. Korea Says Called Off Envoy Visit Because of US Military Drills
UN Rights Chief: Sri Lanka Turning Authoritarian
US Targeting Syria
Surprise Syria Decision Sparks DC Confusion
Boehner: House to Consider Syrian Action Week of Sept. 9
House Gets Classified Syria Report, Briefing
Congress' Concern About Syria Not Just About Checking Executive Power
Across US, Fears, Ambivalence, Anguish Over Syria
Sens. Graham, McCain: We Won't Support Military Strikes Without 'Overall Strategy' to Remove Assad
Some See Syria as Edge for Obama in Fiscal Showdown
Barack Obama Statement on US Intervention in Syria ' Full Text'
Bracing for Attack
Free Syrian Army Leader Says Disappointed US Strike Won't Be Immediate
Syrian Rebels Plan Raids to Exploit Western Strikes: Commander
5 Possible Repercussions of a US Military Strike on Syria
US Claims It Had Intel on Chemical Strike Before It Was Launched
Wide Range of Death Tolls in Alleged Syria Gassing
Syria and the World
UN: Syria Attack Timing Idea 'Grotesque'
Britain Will Play Active Role in Military Action Despite Vote Defeat
Poll Finds 60% of British Public Oppose UK Military Action Against Syria
France to Await US Congressional Decision on Syria
Poll: Most French Oppose Attack on Syria and Don't Trust Hollande to Do It
German Experts Say Berlin to Play Small or No Role in Syria Strike
Threatened Strike on Syria Stokes Lebanon Tensions
Fearing US Missiles, Syrians Escape to Lebanon
US Strike Will Trigger Reactions 'Beyond' Syria: Iran
Russia Sharply Steps Up Criticism of US Over Syria
Top Iranian Security Official Arrives in Syria
Femen Founders Leave Ukraine 'Fearing for Their Lives'
2 Canadian Warships Collide En Route to Hawaii
Americans Still Dying
Missouri Soldier Killed in the Line of Duty in Afghanistan Was a Newlywed
Soldier From American Samoa, Married Just a Few Months, Killed by Afghan IED
Soldier From Santa Maria (CA) Killed in Afghanistan Mourned
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