Forced by a public outcry to back down from his threat to bomb Syria without congressional authorization, President Obama is calling for a vote of our elected representatives. You can help stop the rush to war, but you've got to act fast. It is urgently necessary for you to call your congressional representatives and tell them to vote no on the authorization of the use of military force – because we don't want to be lied into war again. (Go here for the contact information for your congressional rep.)

The call you make today could stop the disastrous war of tomorrow – so make it asap.

P.S. Yes, our fund drive is still ongoing – we really need to finish this up so we can get $30,000 in matching funds. We aren't there yet: please help us reach our goal so we can get back to the job of keeping this country out of war.
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Updated September 7, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
Obama May Defy Congress on Syria Attack
  Syria Vote May Be Delayed in House as Leaders Fear Major Defeat
  Obama Confident Americans Will Want to Attack Syria
  Poll: Americans Remain Opposed to Syria War
  Congressional Black Caucus Instructed to Hold Tongue on Syria
Syria Video Turns the Debate on US Intervention
  Not One of 'Bad Guys,' but Syria Rebel Group Is 'Anti-American'
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  What Would a Syria Strike Cost?
EU Says Wait Until After UN Report to Attack Syria
  Direct Link Between Assad and Gas Attack Elusive for US
  World Leaders Uncertain About Who Launched Chemical Attack
  NATO Will Protect Turkey, but Not Broaden Syria Role: Official
  US Accuses Iran of Planning to Retaliate for Syrian War
Legislation Would Ban NSA 'Back Doors'
  Microsoft, Yahoo Alarmed Over NSA's Assault on Internet Encryption
  Latest Snowden Revelation: NSA Sabotaged Electronic Locks
  Ex-FBI Lawyer Linked to Surveillance Abuse Set for Federal Judge Post
Putin: US Refused Extradition Deal for Snowden
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PA Minister: Next Prisoners' Release in October
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Israel Police Arrest 15 Palestinians in Jerusalem Clashes
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In South Egypt, Islamists Take Over a Town
Morsi Supporters Hold New Protests in Egypt
Egypt to Dissolve Muslim Brotherhood NGO: Reports
Health Ministry: Two Egyptians Killed at Pro-Morsi Rallies
Journalist, Lawyer Arrested in Egypt, Raising Concerns Over Extent of Crackdown
1 Egyptian Died of Wounds in Thursday Explosion Against Interior Minister
New Rights Worries Over Arrests in Egypt
Senussi's Daughter: Libya 'Security Forces' Behind Kidnap
Moscow Says Libya Ready to Release Two Russian Engineers
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Mali's New Premier Picks First Post-War Government
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Target Syria
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Obama to Address Nation About Syria on Tuesday
Syria Offers Bounty for Foreign 'Terrorists'
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US Rules Out Hitting Syrian Chemical Sites
Western Activists Volunteer to Become 'Human Shields'
Congress and Syria
Obama May Have to Wait Two Weeks for Congress Vote on Syria
Senators Remain Unconvinced on Syria Plan
John McCain: 'Boots on the Ground' Would Mean 'Impeachment'
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Obama Faces a Tough Sell With House GOP Freshmen
Rand Paul to John Kerry: 'You're Making a Joke of Us'
Americans and Syria
Opposition Grows From Left Pundits
Obama Cancels Los Angeles Trip as 'No' Votes on Syria Resolution Pile Up
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So Far, President Obama's Political Arm Sits Out Syria Push
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Sharp Rise in British Drone Use in Afghanistan
Last UK Troops Leave Nad-E Ali Base
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Wanted in US and India, Islamist Leads Mass Rally in Pakistan
At Least Six Killed in Peshawar Shooting
5 Cops Among 7 Injured in Peshawar Blast
Pakistan: No Military Operation Anywhere in Balochistan
Homesick Militants Are Offered a Way Back to Kashmir
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