Forced by a public outcry to back down from his threat to bomb Syria without congressional authorization, President Obama is calling for a vote of our elected representatives. You can help stop the rush to war, but you've got to act fast. It is urgently necessary for you to call your congressional representatives and tell them to vote no on the authorization of the use of military force – because we don't want to be lied into war again. (Go here for the contact information for your congressional rep.)

The call you make today could stop the disastrous war of tomorrow – so make it asap.
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Updated September 9, 2013 - 11:30 PM EDT
Obama: Hold Strike if Syria Abandons Chemicals
Syria Welcomes Call to Destroy Chemical Arms
  Obama: Congress Needs to OK Syria War Despite Disarmament Plan
  White House: Attacking Syria a 'Message to Iran'
  Iraq Joins Iran in Opposing US-Led Military Strike in Syria
  Kerry Announces Saudi Support for Syrian Strike
Officials: US Plans to Escalate Syria Attacks
  Kerry Gives Syria Week to Hand Over Chemicals or Face Attack
  CNN Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Against Syria Strike Resolution
  Obama Plans Intense Media Campaign to Sell Syria War
  White House 'Confident' Congress Will Approve War
  Military Strikes in Syria: Five Reasons Americans Are Wary
Where's the Proof Assad Was Responsible?
  Lacking Evidence, Doubts Grow Over Syria Gas Attack
  Critics See Contradictions in Obama Administration's Syria Claims
  US: Proven Link of Assad to Gas Attack Lacking
  Obama Administration Denies AP Requests for Syria Evidence
Al-Qaeda Captures Syrian Christian Village
  Growing Syrian Rebel Opposition to US Attack
Ten Afghan Civilians Killed in NATO Airstrike
US Drones Kill 11 in Yemen, Including Civilians
Israeli DM Ridicules Notion of Democracy in Middle East
The Hill to the Rescue on Syria? Don't Hold Your Breath  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Attack Syria? 'Nobody Wants This Except the Military-Industrial Complex'  by John Nichols
We Must Not Be the World's Policeman  by Sheldon Richman
Three Major Flaws in the Case for Bombing Syria  by Christopher David
On the Fence About Syria? Read This!  by Peter Certo
Wacko Birds Vs. Angry Birds: This Time It's War  by Matt Welch

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Frontline Ad Opposes Syria Strike
US Threats Widen Fault Lines Among Syria's Rebels
AFL-CIO Chief Hints at Support for Syria War
German Spy Software Is Popular Abroad
Military Sex Assault Bill Stalled by Syria
Target Syria
In Interview With Charlie Rose, Assad Says He Had Nothing to Do With Attack
Obama's Full-Court Press on Syria: Confidence or Desperation?
Syria Chemical Weapons Attack Not Ordered by Assad, Says German Press
German Islamists Increasingly Going to Syria
As Syria's War Rages, Region's Christians Hold Their Breath
White House Defends Syria Strike: 'We Learned Our Lesson' in Iraq
Kerry Careful Not to Rule Out Return to UN for Syria Resolution
Obama Aide: Resistance to Syria Strike 'Understandable'
Syria and Congress
Sen. Ted Cruz: 'Amorphous International Norms' Not Our Problem
Rep. McGovern Urges Obama to Withdraw Authorization Request
Rep. Tom Udall 'Disappointed' in Obama's Diplomacy Failures
Rep. Becerra: Obama Could Lose High Ground
Rep. Rogers: White House Syria Strategy 'a Confusing Mess'
Homeland Security Panel Chief Claims Obama Trying to Save Face on Syria
Syria's Neighbors
US Would Notify Israel 'Hours' Before Syria Attack: Israeli Official
In Run-Up to Congressional Vote, Likelihood of Assad Strike on Israel Still Deemed 'Low'
Iranian Minister Raps Prospect of US Strike on Syria
Political Quarrels and the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Kurdistan
Former Turkish FM: Turkey Moving Away From Solution Without Assad
Arab League Says Assad Crossed 'Global Red Line' With Chemical Attack
Syria and the World
Latin America, Unanimous Against a US Attack Against Syria
Syria: British FM Says Lack of War Would Be 'Alarming'
MPs Meet to Discuss Why Britain Allowed Nerve Gas Ingredients to Be Exported to Syria
Italian and Belgian Freed After Being Kidnapped in Syria
Protests Against US Intervention in Syria in Belgrade
Enforcer of West Bank Building Laws Promoting Development in His Settlement
Smoke and Mirrors: The 'New' Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks
Army Deploys Iron Dome Near Jerusalem
Critics Charge That Israeli Labor Bill for Female Settlers Is a Cover for Creeping Annexation
Qatar Raps Israel as Kerry Seeks Arab Support for Talks
Iraqi Family Shot to Death in Home Invasion; 19 Killed in Attacks
Iraqi Militant Group Threatens Kuwait Over Border Agreement
Iraq Parliament Bloc Rejects Arbitrary Arrests
Iraqi Hip-Hop Group Touring, Training in US
A PKK Founder Says Peace Process With Turkey Is Not Over
Turkish Officials Blame Protesters for Failed Olympics Bid
Middle East
Car Blast Injures One Person in Lebanon
Yemen South Separatists to Return to National Dialogue
Visiting Republicans Laud Egypt's Force
Sinai Islamists Claim Responsibility for Attack on Egypt Minister
Army Keeps Upper Hand as Egypt Eyes Transition
Egyptian Authorities Close Main Crossing to Gaza Strip
Egypt Fighting First-Ever Serious Battle Against Sinai Terror, Says Israeli Official
Chile Recalls Coup With Flurry of Events and New Openness
Americans Protest Syria Attack
Protest at White House Against Syria Strikes
Looming Syria Vote Prompts Protests and Prayers
People Gather in Gulfport (MS) to Protest Possible US Military Strike in Syria
Erie (PA) Locals Protest Involvement in Syria
300-Plus Join Minneapolis Protest Telling Congress to 'Vote No on War'
Hoosiers Protest Possible US Action in Syria
South Dakota Protesters Against US Intervention in Syria
University of Florida Protesters: 'Congress Vote No on US War in Syria!'
Protests in Las Vegas Continue Against Action in Syria
Syrians in Indiana Protest Against Possible Strike
Springfield (MO) Protest Urges Against Attack on Syria
Protesters in Tampa (FL) Say No to a Strike on Syria
Tucsonans (AZ) Protest Possible Military Strike on Syria
Reno (NV) Residents Protest Against US Involvement in Syria
Litchfield (UT) Residents Protest Action Against Syria on Town Green
Hundreds in Chicago Protest Military Action in Syria
More Than 100 in Westchester (NY) Protest Possible Military Strike on Syria
Protesters in San Francisco Rally for and Against Strike on Syria
Dayton (OH) Locals Protest US Military Action in Syria
Conflict in Syria Leads Some in North Carolina to Protest, Others to Prayer
Austin Protesters Demonstrate at Texas Capitol
Locals Protest in Cincinnati (OH) Against Military Intervention in Syria
Vietnam War Protesters Join Las Vegas Rally Against Syria Attack
Tennessee Citizens Protest US Involvement in Syrian Civil War
Lincoln (NE) Residents Protest Possible US Intervention in Syria
Atlantans (GA) Protest US Military Involvement in Syrian Crisis
East Texans Vocalize for Peace in Syria Through Protest
Demonstration Held in Boston to Protest US Military Strikes

Georgia Resident From Syria Joins Local Protest

Protesters in Biloxi (MS) Say No to US Strike in Syria
Toronto Rally Protests Proposed Military Strikes
Regina (Canada) Protesters Advocate for Peaceful Resolution to Syrian Conflict
Protesters in Grand Rapids (MI) Dare Public to 'Get Angry' About Military Action Against Syria
Taliban Bombers Hit Afghanistan Wardak Intelligence HQ
Taliban Attack Kills 4 Afghan Soldiers
As Elections Approach, a Move to Reaffirm a Shaky Afghan Alliance
At Least One Killed in Protest at Iranian Consulate in Afghanistan
Quetta: Two Dead, Scores Injured in Pakistan Road Blast
Making History in Pakistan Simply by Serving a Full Term
Army Summoned to Quell Hindu-Muslim Violence That Kills 15 in North Indian State
Muslim Rebels Clash With Troops, Take Hostages in Southern Philippines; 1 Killed, 10 Wounded
Chinese Activist Jailed Over Yahoo Email Is Freed
Russia's Opposition Gains Ground
Attacks by Islamic Sect in Ne Nigeria Set Off Clashes That Kill 13 Vigilantes, 5 Boko Haram
Congo's M23 Rebels Say They're Ready to Disband, Set Conditions Including Return of Refugees
New Mali Cabinet Includes Reconciliation Post
Libya Ex-Spy Chief's Daughter Anoud Al-Senussi Released
The Vatican
Pope Denounces Arms Proliferation and Illegal Weapons Trade as Possibly Fueling Wars
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