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Updated September 13, 2013 - 11:24 PM EDT
Syria Ratifies Chemical Weapons Ban
  Assad: Syria to Give Up Control of Chemical Arms
  US Total of Syria Gas Deaths May Include Bomb Casualties: Sources
  US Arms to Syria Rebels a 'Message' to Russia, Analysts Say
Syrian Execution: 'I Saw a Scene of Utter Cruelty'
  Nearly 50 Dead as Rebels, Kurds Clash in Syria
  Al-Qaeda Seizes Syria Village, Kills 22 Alawite Civilians
Kerry Slams Syria Deal, Pushes Idea of Attacking
  Lawmakers: White House Syria Briefings a Flop
  Does a US Strike on Syria Have a 'Sell By' Date?
  White House: Syria Deal Either Obama's Achievement or Russia's Fault
  Axed Analyst a Symbol of Syria Woes
Israel: We'd Never Spy on Americans
  Yahoo CEO: We Faced Jail if We Revealed NSA Surveillance Secrets
  Report: NSA Mimics Google to Monitor 'Target' Web Users
Pakistan to Take US Drone Strikes to UN
Slowly, US and Iran Prepare for Direct Talks
Senate Panel Approves Measure Defining a Journalist
Congress Must Recapture Its Lost War Powers  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Secret NSA/Israel Deal to Share Americans' Communications  by Kevin Gosztola
Here's How the US Can Help Rid the World of Chemical Weapons  by Sheldon Richman
The War Party No Longer? Neocon Influence on GOP Declining  by Zaid Jilani
Hitler and Other Syria-Debate Lowpoints  by John R. MacArthur
What If Congress Says No on Syria?  by Peter Van Buren

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Use of US Armed Forces Abroad, 1798-2013
US Navy Sexual Assault Reports Rise 50%
Inside a Guantanamo Bay Prison Tour
Al-Qaeda-Linked Somali Militants Kill US Jihadist
NYC Claims Muslim Surveillance Warranted
US and UK 'Squeezing Life Out Of' Ascension Island
US CIA Agent Convicted in Italy Seeks Pardon
Syria War
Syria Presence Costing the Pentagon About $27 Million a Week
Who's a 'Moderate' Rebel in Syria? Check the Handwritten Receipts
Syrian Rebels: Trickle of US Arms Not Enough
Free Syrian Army Rebels Reject Russian Chemical Arms Plan
How to Help the Refugees in Syria
Syria and America
Congress Privately Thrilled There's No Syria Vote
Obama Allies Cite PR Missteps in Bid for Syria Hit
Congress on Syria: It's 'Fluid'
US Public-Relations Firm Helps Putin Make His Case to America
McCain: Putin Opposition to War an 'Insult' to Americans
Syria and the World
Russia Sends Missile Cruiser to Mediterranean as Syria Tension Mounts
For Turkey's Leader, Syria's War Worsens His Problems at Home
UN Leader Admits Failure to Halt Syrian Atrocities
Italy Seizes 'Mother Ship' Smuggling Syrian Refugees
Jordan Appeals for Aid to Cope With Syrian Refugees
Kurdistan Election Violence Turns Deadly; 18 Killed Across Iraq
Next Door to Syria, Iraq Slowly Boils
As Iraq's Economy Tries to Rebound, Bureaucracy Brings It Down
Reopening of Halabja Mass Grave in Iraq
Red Caps Mob Threat 'Was Ignored': Claim
Tough Traffic Ban Frustrates Baghdadis
Gaza Palestinians Feel Pain of New Egypt Border Restrictions
Palestinian Wounded in Clash With Israeli Troops
Israeli Army Chief's Term Extended for Fourth Year
Jordan and Israel Cooperated During Yom Kippur War, Documents Reveal
Account of King Hussein's 1973 War Warning Still Deemed Too Harmful to Release
Republic of Yemen Could Soon Be No More
Yemen's Hadi Reinstates Generals in South
Yemeni Court Acquits Five Saudis of al-Qaeda Links
UN Agencies Appeal for More Aid for Yemen
Middle East
Bahrain Bans Hezbollah-Linked Books
Turkey PM Condemns Protesters, Insists He Will Die to Defend 'Democracy'
American Says Iran Keeping Him for Prisoner Swap
Catalonia Independence Rally Draws More Than 1 Million
Bulgaria Burgas Bus Bomb Accused Face Trial in Absentia
Prince William Quits Armed Forces
Mexico Arrests 3 More in Bar Kidnap-Killings
Cubans Wear Yellow Ribbons for Agents Jailed in US
Spying on Everyone
Obama's NSA Surveillance Review Panel Did Not Discuss Changes, Attendees Say
Clapper: Snowden Case Brings Healthy Debate; More Disclosures to Come
Mark Zuckerberg: Government 'Blew It' With NSA Response
Lavabit's Owner Appeals Secret Surveillance Order That Led Him to Shutter Site
Brazilian Leader Pushing Internet Bill Requiring Foreign Companies to House Servers in Brazil
Egypt Extends State of Emergency for Two Months
Egypt Tanks Cross Fence Leading to Gaza
North Africa
Algerian Gas Plant Siege: Military's Role Questioned
Libya Faces Looming Crisis as Oil Output Slows to Trickle
20 Gunmen Attack Police Station in Nigeria's North, Kill 2 Policemen
Al-Amriki and Al-Britani: Militants Killed in Somalia
UN Deployment of Surveillance Drone in Congo Delayed to December
Central African Republic Court Convicts 16 Ex-Rebels of Pillage in 1st Case Since Coup
Guinea-Bissau Political Commentator Interrogated After Criticizing Military on Radio
Herat Explosion: Afghanistan Taliban Attack US Consulate
With Pullout Looming, NATO Forces Now Disassembling Larger Bases in Afghanistan
Afghan Air Force Shows Promise Despite Challenges
Afghans Celebrate Soccer Win Over India, a Rare Victory After Years of War
Pakistan, India Spar in Kashmir in Worst Border Violence in Years
Curfew Enforced in Kashmir Districts
Religious Riots Displace 10,000 in Northern India
Pakistan's 'Cyberwar' for Control of the Web
Pakistani's Iron Grip, Wielded in Opulent Exile, Begins to Slip
NATO Vehicle Destroyed in Militant Attack
China Sentences Three Uighurs to Death for 'Violent Terrorism'
China Navy Chief Says Operational Aircraft Carrier a Few Years Away
US Scolds North Korea on Yongbyon Nuclear Reactor
Philippines Government Warns Muslim Rebels It May Use Force to End Four-Day Siege
The War at Home
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Apologizes for Two Decades of Police Torture
US Names Possible East Coast Missile Defense Sites, but Far From Decision
Teenager Punctuates 9/11 Tribute With Plea to Obama for Peace
Senators Push for AFRICOM in Hampton Roads, Va.
Interrupted, 30-Year Peace Vigil Resumes at White House
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