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Updated September 23, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
Pakistan Christian Church Suicide Attack Kills 81
  US Drone Strike Kills Seven in North Waziristan
Six Americans Among Nairobi Mall Attackers
  Kenya Attack Points to Shabaab Hardliners Gaining Influence
  Kenyan Forces Say They Rescued 'Most' Hostages
  Mall Attack Is Product of Brutal Power Struggle Within Al-Shabaab
  Somali Al Shabaab Group Says Kenya Can't Act on Its Threats
Rebels View Leadership Outside Syria as Detached
  US 'Blackmailing' Russia on Syria, Lavrov Says
  Russian Offers Troops to Help Remove Syria Chemical Arms
  Syrian Opposition Willing to Attend Geneva Talks, if Assad Resigns First
  Syrian Rebel Mortar Fire Hits Russian Embassy, Wounding Three
Funeral Bombing, Other Attacks Leave 33 Iraqis Dead
Destroying the Right To Be Left Alone  by Christopher Calabrese & Matthew Harwood
Is the Iranian President Sincere in Wanting a Nuclear Deal?  by Stephen Walt
US-Iran Talks Are an Opportunity for Reconciliation That Must Not Be Wasted  by Hossein Mousavian
Gas Missiles 'Were Not Sold to Syria'  by Robert Fisk
DoJ Watchdog Never Probed Judges' NSA Concerns  by Brad Heath
Shall We Play a Game?: The Rise of the Military-Entertainment Complex  by Corey Mead

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Hard Times for Iran Hawks
Merkel Romps to Victory but Faces Tough Coalition Choices
Swiss Reject Plan to Scrap Military Draft
Chiquita Looking to Block Lawsuits Against Its Funding of Death Squads
Yemen Clash With Qaeda Kills Eight: Tribal Source
Iran's Elite Military Warns of Dangers of Dealing With US
Foreign Minister to Lead Iran's New Nuclear Talks Team: Agency
Iran Parades 30 2,000 Km Range Missiles
Red Cross Pleads for Syria Donations
2 UK Men Charged in Syria-Related Investigation
War Weary Syrians Find New Home in Sweden
Israel Rejects EU Criticism of Palestinian Aid Seizure
IDF Soldier Shot Dead by Palestinian Sniper in Hebron
Israel Allows More Building Material Into Gaza
Is Israel's Military Censorship of the Press Ending?
Funeral Bombing, Other Attacks Leave 33 Iraqis Dead, 131 Wounded
US Denies Visiting Allegedly Missing Iranians
Pakistan Church Attack Sparks Protests and Condemnations
South Korea Separated Families Sad Over Aborted Reunion
Russia Re-Opens Railway Link With North Korea
Cambodia's Opposition Boycotts Opening of Parliament to Protest Alleged Electoral Fraud
US Military
US Navy Helicopter With 5 Aboard Crashes in Red Sea
Military Lags in Push for Robotic Ground Vehicles
Nairobi Siege: Some Hid, Others Played Dead as Gunmen Stalked Mall
With Mall Attack Unresolved, Terrorists' Twitter Accounts Are Targeted
Rep. Peter King: Keep an Eye on Ethnic Somalis
Nairobi Siege: What We Know
The Al-Shabaab Terror Cell That Attacked Westgate
Kenya Mall Carnage Shows Shabab Resilience
A Look at the Victims of the Kenya Shopping Mall Attack
Renowned Ghanaian Poet Killed in Kenya Mall Attack
A Look at Major Terror Attacks in East Africa, Outside Somalia
Secret Recordings Reveal Mubarak's Frank Views on a Range of Subjects
Will Egypt's Strongman Sisi Run for Presidency?
Roadside Bomb Wounds Two Soldiers in Egypt's Sinai
Egyptian Students Detained for Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Protests
North Africa
Libyan Leader Says Conditions Not Favorable for Successful Benghazi Probe Into US Deaths
Tunisia's Powerful Union Calls for Protests to Topple the Govt
Death Toll in Northeast Nigeria Attack Up to at Least 142
New Clashes Erupt in Guinea's Capital Before Hotly-Contested Legislative Vote
16 Killed in Afghanistan Attacks
Suicide Bomber Shot Dead in Capital Kabul
Small Firms Seek to Move in on Afghanistan's Vast Mineral Wealth
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