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Updated September 26, 2013 - 11:28 PM EDT
Deal Reached on UN Syria Disarmament Measure
  Syrian Christian Nuns, Orphans Trapped by Rebels
  Syrian Rebels Spurn Coalition, Call for Islamist Leadership
  Al-Qaeda Clashes With Syrian Kurds Along Turkey Border
Iran Ready for 'Serious' Nuclear Talks, Wants Deal
  Iran's Diplomatic Push Sheds Uncomfortable Light on Israel's Nukes
  Iranian President Rouhani Recognizes 'Reprehensible' Holocaust
  CNN's Christiane Amanpour Speaks With Iranian President Rouhani
Al-Shabaab: 137 Hostages Still Buried in Rubble
  Kenya Info Blackout? Extraordinary Lack of Detail About Siege
  Kenya Mall Siege Highlights Al Shabab's Wider Global Ambitions
NSA Planted Bugs at Indian Missions in DC, UN
  Glenn Greenwald on NSA's View of Drone Opponents as 'Threats'
  Surveillance Reform Package Ends Bulk Collection of Phone Records
  Scalia Expects NSA Wiretaps to End Up in Court
  Independent NSA Spying Review Not So Independent
61 Killed in Iraq; Gunmen Fail to Storm Govt Buildings
Kerry: Agreement to Intensify Israel-Palestinian Talks
Should Voters Decide if We Go to War?: An Idea's Fascinating History  by Richard Kreitner
US Government to Blame for Somalia's Misery  by Scott Horton
Is Al-Shabab Trying to Pull the US Into a Military Quagmire in Africa?  by John Glaser
Sanctions: Cruel and Counterproductive  by Jason Ditz
Is the FISA Court Constitutional?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
The Terrifying and Surreal World of US Nuclear Weapons  by Ed Pilkington

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NSA Chief Defends Collecting Americans' Data
US Renews Global Terror Alert
US Military Still Secretive on Sex Crimes
Rapper Khaled M Tweets TSA Troubles
Theft of US Weapons in Libya Involved Hundreds of Guns, Sources Say
Kerry Signs UN Small Arms Trade Treaty, Says Won't Harm US Rights
Al-Shabab: Foreigners in Kenya Were a 'Legitimate Target'
Al-Shabab Leader's Ambitions Appear to Be as Complex as His Personality
Foreign Experts Join Kenya Forensic Hunt
Arrested Briton 'Not of Significant Interest' to Nairobi Probe
Did Kenya Mall Massacre Terrorists Rent Shop to Hide Weapons in Advance?
North Africa
Egypt Closes Newspaper Linked to Muslim Brotherhood
Morocco Journalist Charged With Inciting 'Terrorism'
Libya's Zawiya Oil Port Exports First Crude Cargo in September
Witness: Woman in Mali Attacked by Chadian Soldier; UN Says It's Investigating the Case
US Command in Afghanistan Gives Army 60 Days to Fix or Replace Intel Network
Former Afghan Warlord Turned Govt Official: 'The West Must Give Weapons Back to Militias'
Pakistan Militant Sunni Group Targets Minorities
Imran Says Taliban Be Allowed to Open Office for Peace Talks
Pakistani Christian Community Continues Protests, Demands Security
Former Navy Chief Slams Australia Government for Policy of Secrets
Senior Israeli Minister Criticizes Israeli Boycott of Iranian Leader's Speech at UN
Israeli Arrested for Getting Car Stereo Installed in West Bank Village
Palestinians, Police Clash at Temple Mount
Israeli Embassy Pokes Fun at New Iranian President Online
61 Killed, 98 Wounded in Iraq; Gunmen Fail to Storm Govt Buildings
Angry Citizens Attack Govt Buildings in Sadr City, Demanding to Execute Suspects of the Recent Bombings
US Lawmakers Unenthused by Drive for Rapprochment With Iran
Ailing Father of Former Marine Held in Iran Pleads for Son's Release in Letter to Rouhani
Syrian Rebels Urge Boycott of Any Conference Involving Iran
Assad Doesn't Rule Out US Attack, Says He Has Given Russia Evidence of Rebel Chemical Arms
Lebanese Army Kills Nusra Front Member Near Arsal
Lebanon President Laments Burden of Syria Refugees
Turkish Protesters Are Still Said to Be Ailing From Tear Gas
EU Inspectors Investigate Gibraltar Dispute
Putin Says Arctic Activists 'Not Pirates' but Broke Law
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