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Updated September 29, 2013 - 11:23 PM EDT
NSA Compiles Social Connections of US Citizens
  Senators to 'Change But Preserve' Surveillance
  Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill Team Up for Project on NSA
Syria Opposition Group Shaken by Rebel Rejection
  Poll: Americans Think Putin More Effective Than Obama on Syria
  Rebels Seize Military Post on Syria's Southern Border
Obama, Rouhani Talk on Phone, 'Deal Possible'
  Rouhani Begins Tougher Mission of Selling Hard-Liners at Home
  Israel Was Informed of Obama-Rohani Call in Advance, Briefed After
Pakistan Bazaar Blast Kills 41, Wounds 100
44 Killed as Nigerian Militants Hit College Dorm
Suicide Bomber Kills 40 at Iraq Shi'ite Funeral
Israel Starts Campaign to Boost US Military Aid
Tunisia's Ruling Islamists Accept Plan to Step Down
Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA, and the 'Pathetic' American Media  The Guardian
AIPAC Sets Out to Defeat Obama on Iran  by M.J. Rosenberg
Obama's Post-Humanitarian Interventionism  by John Allen Gay
Help Rouhani – Iran Has Hardliners Too  by Muhammad Sahimi
Obama Sounds Like Darth Vader!  by David Sirota
Ignorance Is Ratification  by Jacob Sullum

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'It Is Time to End the War on Drugs', Says Top UK Police Chief
12 True Tales of Creepy NSA Cyberstalking
No. 2 US Nuke Commander Suspended Amid Probe
MRAP Giveaway – Low Miles, Only Driven in One War
The War at Home
Dems Open to Back Clean GOP Bill to Fund Military in Case of a Shutdown
Feds Targeted Snowden's Email Provider the Day After NSA Whistleblower Went Public
Dianne Feinstein Accidentally Confirms That NSA Tapped the Internet Backbone
Kansas Woman Loses Job Over Facebook Post That Slammed Military
On Eve of Meeting, India Raps Pakistan on Cross-Border Attacks
Aftershock in Quake-Hit Pakistan Province; Aid Hampered by Separatists
Female Polio Workers to Keep Away From Campaign in Pakistan
Nine, Including Three Security Men, Killed in Balochistan
Roadside Bombs Kill Five in Afghanistan
Pentagon Taking a Fresh Look at Stopping Insider Attacks
Philippines Declares End to Rebel Siege
$22 Million Blimp to Fill Gap in Surveillance of North Korea
Pressure Mounts on Government Over Nairobi Attack
Israel Warned Kenya of Nairobi Attack
1 Week Later, a Nervous Time in Nairobi
Al-Shabab on Offense: Muslim Terrorists From Nairobi Mall Vow 'Abundance of Blood'
On the Shifting Frontlines of the Fight Against Al-Shabaab
Nigerian Islamists Kill 27 in Northeast Attacks
Extremists Post Video of French Engineer Taken Hostage in North Nigeria in December
Sudan Protesters March for Sixth Day
Sudanese Security Forces Reportedly Fire on Funeral March
Islamists, Ruling Party Members Chide Bashir Amid Protests
South Sudan's Army Faces Accusations of Civilian Abuse
Khartoum Offices of Al Arabiya and Sky News Arabia Closed Down
Suicide Bombers Target Northern Mali Military Camp
China Wins $2 Billion Oil Deal in Uganda
Americans Still Dying
Colorado Soldier With Ties to Pennsylvania Killed in Insider Attack
Soldier From Ramsey (NJ), Killed in Green-On-Blue Attack
Navy Lt. Cmdr. From Lompoc (CA) Killed in Red Sea Helicopter Crash
US Soldier (OK) Dies of Injuries Suffered in Afghanistan in August
Army Sergeant (NC) Dies in Afghanistan From Non-Combat Cause
A 15-Minute Phone Call Thaws 34 Years of Ice Between US and Iran
Iraq Says Iran's Shift Toward West Is Serious
Rouhani Home With US 'Special Gift' of Silver Griffin
Rouhani Twitter Account Deletes Obama Tweets
Argentina Says Iran Committed to Probing 1994 Bombing
Turkey's Gul Says Syria Strike Must Be 'Last Resort' After Talks
Damascus: A Surface Calm, Punctured by Artillery and Weary Arguments
Inspectors From Obscure Agency Ready to Destroy Syrian Chemical Weapons
23 Killed Across in Attacks Across Iraq
Iraq President's Party Falls to Third in Kurdish Polls
Iraq Kurd Opposition Party Consolidates Position in Regional Vote
Iraqi Minister Doubts New Civil War on Horizon
Iraqi Interpreters Feel Frightened and 'Fooled' as US Visa Program Ends
Medics: 23 Palestinians Injured in Hebron Clashes
EU 'Concerned' by Israel's Separation Wall in Bethlehem
IAF Fighter Jets Scramble Over Northern Israel
Hezbollah Clashes With Gunmen, Four Killed in Lebanon
Egypt's Nour Party Rejects Changes to Constitution
Egypt Reopens Rafah Crossing to Gaza
Egypt Foreign Minister Wants Nuke-Free Middle East
Egypt's FM Says Transitional Govt Phase to End by Spring
UK Soldier's Muslim Murder Suspects Plead Not Guilty to Hacking in London Street
Spain Denies Argentina Claims of Falklands Accord
Colombia FARC Rebels Ask Jesse Jackson to Assist Hostage Release
Former Chilean Intel Chief Commits Suicide in Prison, Officials Say
Weekend Reviews
The Cataclysm of World War II
Empire's Aftermath
Prisoners: The Strongest Anti-Torture Argument That Has Come Out of the Movies in Years
National Insecurity: The Cost of American Militarism
William Arkin's American Coup
No Longer David: The State of Israel as Goliath
Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire
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