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Updated October 2, 2013 - 10:00 PM EDT

Calif. Governor Signs Ban on NDAA Detentions

Monitor: 115,000 Killed in Syria’s Civil War
  Gen. Dempsey: US Will Create Moderate Syrian Security Forces
  Syria the Newest Magnet for Self-Styled Jihadists
  Al-Qaeda Spokesman Slams Rival Syrian Rebels
  Rebel Mortar Fire Hits China's Embassy in Damascus
Iran: US Flip-Flop on Diplomacy Undermines Trust
  Netanyahu: Iranian President Just Like All the Rest
  Tehran's Tone Sparks Interest at Home and Abroad
Congress Split on NSA, Intel Heads Oppose Reform
  White House Defends 'Social Mapping' of Americans
1,271 Killed: Iraq's Sept. Toll: Violence Still Rising
Sequester Defense Cuts Look Locked In
Obama Lifts Ban on Military Aid to Nations With Child Soldiers
America's Empty Gestures Toward Iran  by Stephen M. Walt
'No Place to Hide' From NSA, Then or Now  by Gene Healy
The Government Leakers Who Truly Endanger America Will Never Face Prosecution  by Robert Scheer
The Coming Love Affair With Iran  by Scott McConnell
The Forgotten War  by Ann Jones & Tom Engelhardt
Nairobi Mall Rampage Tied to US Meddling in Somalia  by Jeremy Scahill

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'War' on Illegal Drugs Is Failing: Study
Virginia Starting to Develop a Master Identity Database
Marine Whistleblower Faces Vengeance From Superiors
Bosnia's First Census Revives Ethnic Rifts
Ex-Guatemala Soldier Guilty in US Immigration Case
France May Pardon Executed WWI 'Cowards'
John McAfee Claims He Can Protect You From the NSA for $100
German Author and NSA Critic Denied Entry Into US
NSA Leaker Snowden Among Finalists for Europe's Prestigious Sakharov Prize
US Military
'Cleanup' in Arlington National Cemetery's Section 60 Upsets Families of War Dead
Army Releases August 2013 Suicide Information
Navy-Air Force Game May Fall Victim to Federal Shutdown
German Air Force Leaves Texas Army Post After 60 Years
Sneaker Makers Want Pentagon to Buy American
Afghan Opposition Leader to Run for President
Afghan Intelligence Foil Coordinated Blasts Near UN Compound
Pakistani Taliban Spokesman Says if Govt Ceasefires First, They Will Follow Suit
Pakistan Grandfather Mourns 15 Relatives Killed by Bomb
North Korea
North Korea Blames 'Hostile' US Policy for Tensions
North Korea Spurns South Korea Nuke Disarmament Deal
US Worried About North Korea's Cyber, Missile Threats
Northern Spy Lifts Cloak on Koreas' Deadly Rivalry
South Korea Stages Largest Military Display in Decade
Buddhist Mobs Kill 1, Torch 70 Homes in Myanmar
Myanmar Security Forces Battle to Quell Deadly Sectarian Unrest
Fresh Violence in Rakhine State as Myanmar Leader Visits
Tajikistan Ratifies Deal Allowing Russian Troops to Remain in Country on Afghanistan's Border
Bangladesh MP to Hang for War Crimes
Greenpeace Crew in 'Shock' in Russian Jails
Jailed Pussy Riot Punk Ends 8-Day Hunger Strike
Muammar's Moscow Mother Lode? Russian Tabloid Says $27 Billion Hidden in Airport
UN Presses Spain Over Franco-Era Crimes and Mass Graves
Romania Mass Grave Bolsters Communist-Era Probe
US Defends Diplomats Expelled From Venezuela
Maduro: No Cordial Talks With US Until It Stops Alleged Conspiracy Against Venezuela
Netanyahu Thanks US Lawmakers for Opposition to Iran Diplomacy
Iran Top Diplomat Calls Israel's Netanyahu a Liar
Transcript of Netanyahu's UN General Assembly Speech
Iran Rejects Israel Spy Arrest as 'Repetitive Scenario'
When Rouhani Told an Israeli Agent How to Deal With Iran
Foreign Extremists Dominate Syria Fight
Syria Disarmament Team Launches Mission
Russia: Armed Syrian Rebels Could Join Peace Talks
Syria's Assad Will Remain in Office: Minister
Mother Agnes: Syria's Detective Nun Who Denies Gas Attack
Iraq Executes 23 Prisoners; UN Releases Higher Casualty Toll for September
20 Iraqi Policemen Resign Due to Terrorist Threats
15 Mayors Resign From Their Posts in Mosul, Iraq Over Threats
Iraqi Prisoners Say Treatment Harsher After Mass Breakout
Suicide Bomber Kills Five Iraq Police
Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Wave of Car Bombs Across Baghdad Which Killed 55
Over 700 Men Arrested in Majority Sunni Province This Year
Kurdish Militants Say Turkey's Rights Reforms Not Aimed at Peace
Al-Qaeda Group Threatens Erdogan With Suicide Bombings in Ankara, Istanbul
Lebanese Passport Among 'Worst' in World for Travel
Egyptian Army Chief Calls for Quick Political Transition
Canada's FM Says Detention of 2 Canadians Without Charge in Egypt Poses a Threat to Relations
Egypt Halts Tourism With Iran, Cites Security Concerns
UN Finds Torture Widespread in Libya
Libya Protesters Shut Wafa Oil Field, Reducing Supply for Export
Kenya Tells Somalia 'Put House in Order' After Mall Attack
Barclays' Reprieve for Somali Money-Transfer Operator Welcomed by Oxfam
Nigerian Students Living in Fear
Nigeria President Moves Towards National Dialogue
Discontent Simmers in Sudan After Protest Deaths
Auditors Criticize EU Aid to DR Congo
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