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Updated October 8, 2013 - 11:21 PM EDT
US to Cut Some Military Aid to Egypt
  Egypt Rules Brotherhood 'Outlaws' as Attacks Kill 9 Troops
US Raid Fuels Growing Instability in Libya
  Kerry Insists Libya Raid Was 'Legal,' Warns Against Criticism
  US Troops Interrogate Captured Libyan on Navy Ship
  Al-Liby Was Disillusioned With Jihadism, Says Ex-Colleague
How the SEAL Raid on Somalia Went Bad
  Raids Show the Limits of US Military Strikes
Karzai Nixes Pact: NATO Causes 'Great Suffering'
  Forgotten War: Afghan Occupation Enters 13th Year
  Report: Karzai Offered Jamiat-E-Islami $100m to Support His Candidate
No New Offers: Kerry Offers Iran Old Proposal
  Billions at Stake for Economic Winners and Losers of Iran Thaw
Bombers Return to Baghdad; 71 Killed, 164 Hurt
Pledge to Speed Talks, But Israeli PM's Speech Raises Doubts
Fatal Spy Plane Crash in Colombia Was Part of US Intel Op
Why Many Americans Are Averse to Unironic Expressions of Patriotism  by Conor Friedersdorf
West Bank Road 443: More Evidence of a Long Deception  by Gershom Gorenberg
Obama's Rendition Operation: It's Like GW Bush Got a Fourth Term  by Kevin Gosztola
An Opening to Iran?  by Ron Paul
Kill Capture Missions and the Privileges of the World’s Policeman  by John Glaser
Scandal of Lying About 'Thwarted' 'Plots' Started 4 Years Ago  by Marcy Wheeler

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Is Iran the Next China?
by Stephen M. Walt
Edward Snowden 'Pictured Out Shopping in Russia'
Every Nuclear-Tipped Missile Is an 'Accident Waiting to Happen'
US Raids on Terror Suspects Present Test for Obama: To Capture or to Kill?
ATF Tries to Block Whistleblowing Agent's Fast and Furious Book
Did a WWI Recruiting Poster Inspire the Most Iconic Shot in Dr. Strangelove?
Jihadists Threaten Revenge for US Libya Snatch Operation
Libyans Rail Against American Raid on Facebook and IRL
Captured al-Qaeda Leader 'To Be Treated Like Anyone Else,' Says Top Democrat
Graham Tells Obama to Send Terror Suspect to Gitmo
Capture of Bombing Suspect in Libya Represents Rare 'Rendition' by US Military
After Years on Run, Libyan Was Found With Family
Son Describes US Capture of Al-Qaeda Suspect in Libya
UK Home Secretary Faces Quiz Over Asylum for Terror Suspect Anas Al-Liby
US Raid on Somalia: Al-Shabab Bolsters Presence in Barawe
Target of SEAL Raid Planned Attacks in Kenya
Kenya Intelligence Report Shows Detailed Information About Expected Planned Attacks
Islamists Shell Gao in Northern Mali
Algerian Diplomats Taken Hostage in Mali Are Still Alive, FM Says
Suspected Islamic Militants Lure Muslims to Mosque, Gun Down 7 in Northeast Nigerian Uprising
Rwanda, Uganda Tell UN Envoys Peace in Congo Is Not Their Problem
Attackers Burn TV Station in Maldives That Backs Ousted Leader
Guinea Opposition Pulls Out of Un-Mediated Talks as Tension Over Legislative Vote Rises
UN Diplomats Hope for UN Action to Help Restore Security to Chaotic Central African Republic
Interview With Bashar Assad: 'In the End, a Lie Is a Lie'
Kerry Praises Early Work Destroying Syria's Chemical Arms. State Dept. Walks It Back a Bit
UN Chief Says 100 People From UN and Chemical Weapons Watchdog to Destroy Stockpile
UN Sees 4 Million More Syrians Fleeing Homes or Country in 2014
Erdogan: Syria's Assad Is 'Terrorist'
Life Goes on in Damascus Despite Civil War
Iran Insists on Right to Enrich Uranium
Official Says Iran Won't Unblock Facebook, Twitter, Denies Comments Later
Netanyahu: Occupation Is Not Cause of Conflict
Labor Pans Netanyahu Speech: PM Leaves No Hope for Peace
Israel Police Arrest 14 Minors Over Anti-Arab Crimes
Bombers Return to Baghdad; 71 Killed, 164 Wounded
Al-Qaeda Claims Rare Attacks in Iraqi Kurdistan
Syrian Kurdish Refugees Fear Harsh Winter in Northern Iraq
US Strongly Condemns Attacking Schools, Expresses Concern Over the Killing of Journalists
Kurdistan Election Results Mean Closer Ties With Ankara
Turkey Builds Wall on Syrian Border to Stem Illegal Migration
NATO Head Expresses Concern About Turkey's Chinese Missile Deal
Bahrain Jails 9 Shi'ite Bombers for Life
Bahraini Newspaper Fabricates Quotes From Former Joint Chiefs Chairman
Spying on Everyone
Meltdowns Hobble NSA Data Center
Govt Seeks Delay in NSA Case Over US Shutdown
Canadian Spies Targeted Brazil's Mines and Energy Ministry: Report
Polls Continue to Show Majority of Americans Against NSA Spying
1000% Increase: NSA Inundated by FOIA Requests After Snowden Leaks
Shutdown Helps NSA Shed Even Pretense of Surveillance Oversight Efforts
47 Prominent Technologists to NSA Review Panel: We Need Better Technical Oversight
Brazil Demands Explanation From Canada Over Spying Report
The Must-Read 2013 Secrecy Report Is Out
Russia to Monitor 'All Communications' at Winter Olympics in Sochi
6 Years Later, Are Internet Firms Trying to Expose Telecoms Stealing Their Data, Again?
Human Rights Groups Say Obama Has Failed on Guantanamo
Judge Rejects Gitmo Warden's al-Qaeda Fears
The War at Home
FBI Struggles to Seize 600,000 Bitcoins From Silk Road Founder
FBI Pranked by Furious Bitcoin Users
The F-35 Fighter Jet Program Has Precisely 719 Problems
State Arrest Warrant Issued for Marathon Suspect
Meet the Army's Tricked-Out, Super-Fast Stealth 2030 Copters
Roof Failure at Calif. Base Damages Airship
Attacks Surge in Egypt, a Day After Deadly Clashes
Egyptian Soldiers Killed in Ismailiya and Sinai Attacks
Post-Coup Egypt Swept by Nationalist Fervor Centered Around the Military, Its Chief
Freed From Jail, 2 Canadians Barred From Leaving Egypt
Taliban Blast Outside Pakistan Polio Vaccination Clinic Kills Two
Pakistan Bomb Blast: Why Health Workers Keep Getting Attacked
Malala: We Must Talk to the Taliban to Get Peace
India Says It Has Killed 7 in Clashes Along Pakistan Border
Life in a Refugee Camp Near Muzaffarnagar
US Still Expects to Sign Pact With Afghanistan
Interior Ministry Claims 107 Militants Killed, 52 Detained in Weeklong Afghan Operations
China Warns US, Japan, Australia Not to Gang Up in Sea Disputes
Uighurs in China Say Bias Is Growing
Get Your Fiscal House in Order: China Warns US as Superpower Expresses Concern for $1.3 Trillion of Investments
US, Japan Agree to Expand Security, Defense Cooperation
Canada Reviews Commonwealth Support in Sri Lanka Protest
Serbia, Kosovo Settle Row Over Election Campaign
Britain Launches Its Latest Answer to the FBI
Colombia's No. 2 Oil Pipeline Shut After Bomb Attacks
Cuba Once More Seeks UN Condemnation of US Embargo
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