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Updated October 10, 2013 - 11:24 PM EDT
Lawyers: No Legal Basis to Keep Detainee at Sea
  Armed Rebels Kidnap, Later Free Libyan Prime Minister
  US Assumed Libya's 'Tacit' Approval of Saturday Raid
  Western Interest May Keep Kenya's Leader Out of ICC
  What Kind of Intel Does the HIG Expect to Get From Anas Al-Libi?
  How the US Raid on Al-Shabaab in Somalia Went Wrong
Watchdog Praises Syria on Disarmament
  Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Helps Overrun Damascus Suburb
  Poll Finds Westerners Opposed to Military Intervention in Syria
  Iran Rejects US Conditions for Syria Peace Talks
Israel Rejects Iran's Nuclear Offer
  Mixed Reports of 'Uranium Surplus' in Iran
  Iran FM Hospitalized: Blames Hardline Paper Misquotes for Back Spasms
  Republican Pushes New Bill to Authorize War With Iran
  Saudis Brace for 'Nightmare' of US-Iran Rapprochement
Hours After Denial, US Cuts Egypt Military Aid
  US Sends a Muddled Message With Cut to Egypt Aid
Judge Won't Delay NSA Surveillance Lawsuit
  Intel Chief: 'Peace of Mind' Trumps Effectiveness in NSA Surveillance
Pakistani Taliban Invites Govt to 'Serious Talks'
Wednesday: 41 Killed Across Iraq
Beware the Business-as-Usual Brigade's Efforts to Sabotage New NSA Oversight  by Sen. Ron Wyden
Libya: America's New Playground  by Scott McPherson
Afghanistan War Must End Immediately  by Jayel Aheram
Before You Rejoice...  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Stop Demonizing Iran  by Sheldon Richman
The Messianic, Apocalyptic Bibi Netanyahu  by Jim Lobe & Daniel Luban

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Marines Readied in Case of Libya Security Problem
Interrogations at Sea a Bush-Era Strategy
Virginia Police Surveilled and Recorded License Plates at Routine Political Gatherings
Chelsea Manning Rejects 'Pacifist' Label in First Statement Since Sentencing
Chelsea Manning Statement Full Statement
Negotiators Beat Back Disinfo Ahead of Iran Nuclear Talks
Iran Studies Proposal to Lift House Arrest on Opposition Leaders
Israeli DM to Hagel: Iran Sanctions Will Completely Collapse if Eased at All
John Bolton Knocks Iran Nuclear Deal as 'Pure Propaganda'
Chemical Weapons Watchdog Urges Truce
Small Amount of Aid Getting Into Syria, Charities Say
France Reveals Two More Journalists Held in Syria
Lapid: No Need for Palestinian Recognition of Jewish State
American Rabbis Fearful of Expressing Dovish Views on Israel, Study Finds
How an Israeli Missile Test Triggered Alarm in Russia
Attack on Jerusalem Graves Unnerves Christians
Cutbacks in UN Food Assistance Set Off Outcry in Gaza
Palestinians Held Over Girl Shot in West Bank Settlement
Four Arrested After Settlers Rampage in West Bank Village
Fears Over Self-Censorship as Pressure Mounts on Turkish Media
Turkish Court Upholds Convictions of Coup Plotters
Turkey Sees Hope for Revival of Cyprus Peace Talks
Middle East
41 Killed Across Iraq
Southerners, Zaidis Allege 'Injustice' in Yemen Talks
Israel Expresses Dismay at Cutback of US Aid to Egypt
Egypt's Mohammed Morsi to Stand Trial in November
Divided Over Military, Egyptian Demonstrators Mark Killing of Christians in Army Crackdown
Liberal Leader Urges Egyptian Army Chief Not to Run for President
Extremist Group Gains Foothold Among Kenyans
Nairobi Airport Fire: FBI Blames Electrical Fault
Around 60 Dead in Clashes in Central African Republic
Gambia Accuses UK and US of 'Relentless Efforts' to Arrange a Coup
Ex-Mali Coup Leader Sanogo Moving Out of Barracks
Nigeria Troops Raid Kano Suicide Vest Factory
Greenwald to Brazil: Give Asylum to Snowden
Panama Hopes US Will Clean Up Chemical Weapons It Left on Island
Police and Gang Gunmen Engage in 3 Gunbattles in Mexico, Leaving 3 Officers, 11 Others Dead
Spying on Everyone
Judge Refuses FOIA Request for NSA Safeguard Guidelines
Too Many Secret Government Documents, Former DoJ Official Says
In Speech to Telecom Industry, NSA's Alexander Criticizes Coverage of Surveillance
Wyden: NSA Eavesdropping Is Hurting US Economy
Guardian to Publish More Snowden Intelligence Revelations
Post Reporter: Here's Why We Refused the NSA's Demand to Censor the Names of Prism Firms
Lavabit Founder Offered to Log Users' Metadata if FBI Paid Him $3,500
Gov Shutdown May Delay Release of Yahoo's Disputed FISA Docs
The Government Shutdown Is Great News for Those Who Don't Want NSA Accountability
UK Spy Chief Defends Need for Secrets, Warns of Syria Energizing Jihadists
Canadian Spies Met With Energy Firms, Documents Reveal
Inside Canada's Top-Secret Billion-Dollar Spy Palace
Brazil Spying Report Gives Canada Black Eye: Opposition Leader
The War at Home
Anti-Muslim Group Trying to Shut Down Max Blumenthal Talk on Islamophobia
Shutdown Blocks Payments to Slain Troops' Families
Silk Road: Suspicions Grow That Server Was Hacked Ahead of Arrests
Feds Close Famous San Francisco Restaurant Over Govt Shutdown
Drone Pilot Fights for Right to Profit in the Unmanned Skies
Commando Super Suit Will Feature an Exoskeleton and 'Liquid Body Armor'
Taliban Mock US Over Government Shutdown
Suicide Attack in Afghanistan Kills Four People
Mullah Baradar Still in Jail: Afghan Taliban
Afghans Take Delivery of US Transport Planes
Afghanistan Risks Becoming 'Narco-State': UN Official
Taliban and Pakistan Argue Over Fate of Islamist Detainee
Musharraf Granted Bail, Free to Leave Pakistan
China Arrests 139 in Xinjiang for Urging Jihad
3 Arrested in Death of Tibetan Religious Leader in China
Azerbaijan Releases Election Results – Before the Polls Open
US Says Myanmar Reforms 'Incomplete'
False Bomb Alert Snarls Traffic in Philippine Capital
'Hard Drugs Found' on Greenpeace Ship Seized by Russia
Dutch Sorry on Russia Diplomat Case
Bosnia to Retry Three War Crimes Convicts After Euro Court Ruling
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